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  1. Saturday, I went to the San Juan Islands! It's THE vacation destination in this area-lots of big money (Oprah had a house here) but plenty of regular people, too. It's very Pacfic Northwest but without most of the rain-it's all in our 'banana belt'. I've lived in Seattle for 38 years and had never been there once. I have a friend who has a house on Orcas Island and I went to visit her. A wonderful hour-long ferry ride to get there but once I did, it was all girlfriend time and noshing. AND THERE WERE KITTIES. best weekend in a long time.
  2. Please. Talk to me when you forget people's names on the regular
  3. I'm 63 but I act 12. Some days I feel like I'm in my 20s but when someone brings up the 90's I feel like that was just 5-10 years ago.
  4. You have to understand how radio works to get this.
  5. I've never had or remembered a flying dream but I've had plenty of dreams in which I slowly realize I can breathe underwater, then go 'flying' around the reefs
  6. Teeth falling out is usually because you've said something you wish you hadn't. At least that's the classic interpretation. Being chased is also a very common anxiety dream. Radio people have the best anxiety dreams! being on the air with nothing to say or play and you have to avoid dead air... I haven't had one dream-or haven't remembered having one of my Mom since she died. That makes me sad.
  7. I need a good tik tok tutorial. I want to learn how to create videos and use hashtags and I can't figure it all out. All the 'help' I can find is on how to create and select the right words for hashtags to generate interest-I just need to know the mechanics of actual posting because it's not intuitive to me. I've Googled and still can't find appropriate help. Do you know of any?
  8. JacobE do you want me to bring you chicken soup?
  9. I'm just glad I wasn't part of this-it got serious too quickly
  10. I'ma see Jacobe and his Mrs. later on today. Are you celebrating the 4th this year or will you, like me, wear black and boycott the holiday? You gonna blow any shit up?
  11. well, they went ahead and dumped it. GREAT. Women are chattel again.
  12. I would like some drugs to make this whole thing a very pleasurable experience. I need an eyebrow transplant and am just starting to shop for a good doctor. I tweezed the bejeeziz out of my brows when I was a teen because that was the fashion. I look perpetually surprised and wish to look normal. I hope they give the good drugs for eyebrows, too.
  13. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. MTLK Terrace is a maze of streets...because of Candy Cane Park few streets go through to I-5 east-west and there's really only one way to go. I have it all mapped out. I can come watch Eli & Lyra if you and Katie need a break-IF you trust me
  14. Are you watching them? Do you care? I LOVE watching Republicans say bad things about Trump but honestly, I feel like Charlie Brown with the football. This isn't going to end with him being even charged with anything, is it??
  15. Yeah, also like my Mom. When I look back, she should have been in a home for her final year or more. We let her live at home way too long, but she appreciated it. She only had to spend 5 weeks in that home she didn't want to be in. The staff told me what to expect all that week. They told me that she may decide to go when I wasn't in the room and that I shouldn't take it personally. I still did. I wanted to be there when she passed, if only to hold her hand through it. She waited until I went to my BFF's home for dinner
  16. Oh, Spam, I am SO very sorry! I know how much you love your sister. My Mom also decided to die alone....it's a weird thing dying people do , isn't it?
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