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  1. I'll cut you a deal ;-) TODAY, I"m going over to JacobE'S to drink and wrap presents. I"ma get his kids all hopped up on candy.
  2. In all my old-age scenarios in which I get to actually live, this one hadn't occurred to me.
  3. Now they say the issue is Tampa is non union and I'm a union employee. They haven't even floated the notion of paying me a little less, which I may be willing to accept. But I'm not offering that info. They have encouraged me to "apply" in Tampa, which would mean a huge pay cut and me leaving the union, which I don't really want to do. This is the reason the union is helping me-they feel this is the company's reason for calling us all back to our broadcast markets. I can't rent out my place (HOA) so this is the only way to keep it for my retirement-by moving in 5 and 1/2 years before I really expected to. Everyone else's reasons for moving started with COVID and I'm getting caught in this wave. My bosses signed off on me moving long ago. I'm less than thrilled by knowing I'm moving to FLORIDA. It's so red.
  4. After telling me I CAN, now my company has decided NO< I cannot move to Florida. I've already started selling my things and put a deposit down with a moving company. My union is going to fight for me but I don't see a good outcome
  5. At last this time most people understand Trump's a fucking joke. DeSantis can run and dilute the GOP votes and I'd LOVE to see him ignored outside Florida. I'm part of a few Florida Facebook groups and those people there LOVE him.
  6. I like that idea...guess a double and win the year! Anyone have Gallagher?
  7. I finally talked to my boss about HIS boss allowing me to move to Florida and do Seattle traffic from there. But now they're telling me as post-COVID rules go into effect, I'm going to have to transition to working from the office once I get there. It's SO stupid. My boss uses stability as an excuse when, in reality, all my tech problems have been on my affiliates' ends. Then he cites staff comraderie, which I'm all about but MY co-workers aren't in Florida so what point is it for me to go in there? I'm pissed. I have no leg to stand on-they hired me to work from their studios, so I really can't do anything about it, I'm just mad they can't see the light. I only need this job just under another 6 years. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE COOL ABOUT THIS? I want to continue to work from home. Home is where my kitties are. I've only had 2 MINOR panic attacks during work since I've been working from home. I wonder if I can get a note from my doctor...
  8. I'm wary of the mega-hype on this film
  9. When I was about 4, somebody bought me plastic "wigs"-one gold, one silver and one bronze. We looked like Star Trek characters with those things on our heads and it triggered a life-long love of and obsession with metallics, especially gold.
  10. She almost makes up for it in cute. ALMOST
  11. There should be a special award for picking a person who dies twice
  12. I'm so sick of the attack ads; when I watch hulu it's all attack ads on each break. I'm more sick of the fundraising e=mails, begging for money to defend Roe v. Wade. It's like, YOU HAD FIFTY YEARS FUCK
  13. I went over to JacobE's the Friday before Halloween so I got to see his awesome kids in their awesome costumes (Spiderman and Edward Scissorhands, which I misgendered as Freddie Kruger). It was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!
  14. ' if she moves in with me there's going to be so much purple junk in the place... ' Talk about your First World problems
  15. Tank has given some great insight and advice here but honestly? I don't think these dreams are any more than your brain playing "what if?" I usually really enjoy the type of dream you're talking about; I like to say it's a dream that leaves a taste in your mouth. But I've never had one of any consequence, really. It's really possible that Jason and Trevor in your dreams are not really Jason and Trevor but representatives of others that come close to their general description. That all said, you're not crazy. This is the brain's job to do while you're asleep-work shit out
  16. I like Hondas a little better but Toyota is my second go-to
  17. So, if I can hijack this thread for a minute and ask...? I remember when Seth's kid was little and he was thinking about what it takes to be a good dad, he had some concerns...I'd like to know how reality has been for all you parents. Have you ended up raising your kids the way you thought you would before you had them? How do you think you're doing as parents now and how are your kids doing? Any big regrets? What were the big wins? Tell me about your generations poor parents-what are they like? How have they ruined their kids?
  18. If price wasn't a huge barrier, what car would you drive, like for every day use? I'm not looking for iconic, one-of-a-kind vehicles, I'm thinking of something that can be bought for less than, say, $50K. Tell me your desires in autos
  19. I had a life/Nature/Science series of Time Life books in the 60s that fueled my love for photography
  20. My BFF here just tested positive last Saturday and I spent most of Friday afternoon with her-even sharing a pipe. I've tested twice since them and I'm negative. her husband has it, too. I still wear a mask when I'm indoors with strangers but Jackie's been in her 2nd floor bedroom for 5 weeks with a broken foot so we figured the risk was low. Their symptoms are pretty mild-like a cold. I feel fortunate to not be sick.
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