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  1. He sounds like another special one. I adore that Siamese yowling. Pigboy did that but with MUCH more inflection than any animal I've ever heard. Honestly, it would not have shocked me if he'd have just spoken English to me one day.


    I love Small Boy's mouth parentheses. Was he a snowshoe? He has lots of white on his hands in the picture.


    I'm so sorry his body is gone. It's just the ****ing WORST, isn't it?

  2. They ALL are.


    Jesus Christmas has an annoying and potential pricey new habit. He believes the kitchen paper towel roll is placed there for his pleasure. Three days, I've returned home to an entire new roll, unrolled and him plopped atop the fluffy mess. But, yesterday, I finally saw him do it. He's like a huge hamster on crack. He does it SO quickly, I couldn't believe my eyes! I'm going to get some more PT at Costco and see if I can get video of him doing this, it's pretty impressive.

  3. All true. I 'm just fascinated at how much I flip-flop on liking Jackie and loathing her; the character is believable to me and fresh on TV for me, too. I wonder how long they can suspend her behavior without her getting caught believably, too. I like the actor who plays Coop and think he's doing a great job. Jackie's surprisingly different from Carmella to me (it usually takes me some time to shake an older character AND I'd seen Edie Falco in a couple other things I wasn't thrilled with). And I love Zoe. I've worked with Zoe WAY too many times.

  4. I'm really getting into this one, MAYBE it's the drugs.


    "Miotic Pupils", the last episode I cached and watched last night was soooooooo sweet! Coop, you ARE a dick! And "takes one to know one" was the first real monkeywrench tossed at Jackie at work.


    I just don't like her husband, he played a bit part in Sex and The City (as a dick) and I can't get that out of my head plus I think he's a terrible actor. But everything else is MUY bueno.



  5. I'm at work now, crying like a little girl; one of "my" ducklings didn't make it, he just had too much goo on him and his eyelids were glued open. I knew the damn things for all of 30 minutes. But that little guy was the last one I touched. I held him and desperately tried to get some of the crpa off him but his tiny wings were absolutely glued ot his body so I worked on those. I didn't know how much pressure I could could put on his teeny eyes so I didn't do much for them.


    I feel terrible.

  6. And thanks MG and Sulis - but really, how could we not?

    I know, but YOU know there are plenty of people out there who wouldn't so I like to give thanks when people like us DO.


    I helped save ten ducks last week. One of my jobs is a block from Lake Union in Seattle and we have a parking level, half of which is on an outside deck. A mother duck apparently has her babies in the hedges there every summer. This time, crews were resurfacing the floor on a hot day and the mom tried going for a walk and the ducklings all got stuck in the paint/sealer. Four of us corralled them and tried to clean them off but the stuff is waterproof. We boxed them up and had a local wildlife rescue place take them in. I'm anxious to get to work and find out if anyone knows how they're doing. They're so tiny! I could fit 3 in my hand at once. They all wanted to huddle but then, they'd all stick together. It was like someone poured hot gum and glue all over their fur. Mom was NOT happy about any of this. But they're all safe now, I think... two of them were really coated.


    Two of the work crew were instrumental in helping us and I thanked them and they said the same thing "How could we NOT?" but I pointed out the rest of the crew who continued cleaning up and ignoring our efforts.


    Nicole, THANKS for the latest Isis pic! She's SO expressive! And I must agree, your lap is NOT the couch. ISIS WINS.

  7. oooh! THANKS for taking care of her!


    I'm loving these stories, really I am, but I'm soon going to have to insist on at least a 1-in-5 ratio of px to stories. I KNOW you people have sweet furbabies who love to be photographed or I woudn't complain, but I needs the visuals!



    Jesus Christmas, who now has his own page on the animal portion of Facebook, got his big meaty white hand stung by a bee on Tuesday. It swelled up all lumpy and he held it up in the air even as he slept on the floor. I was worried about him; it looked AWFUL. But yesterday I arrived home to another roll of paper towels shredded and a huge cat plopped on top. Apparently, he's fine now.

  9. Digging and chewing....I WAS thinking about getting a doggie eventually but these things and the whole pack mentality thing has me worried. I don't know that I'd be a good dog authority.


    Lucky for her, she was cute.

    I think that's a survival trait. Jesus Christmas is ten times cuter than Pigboy was (I loved my Pigboy better than anyone ever and he was a pretty boy, but Jesus is CUTE CUTE, you know?) but he's also ten times badder. This past week he learned two new things: He CAN outrun me and he can get his bird-on-a-pole toy off the refrigerator all by himself and neither of these things are in the least bit good. In fact, I think their cuteness is directly proportionate to how bad they are.

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