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  1. I've finally caught up and can participate


    the Tardis scene was quite hilarious. 'Where's the noise? I like the noise' 'It isn't supposed to make that noise, you always leave the brakes on!'


    I LOVE THIS SO HARD! I can TOTALLY suspend a sense of disbelief for something this hilarious!


    i hate her horrible nail varnish colours.... and she's too tall for my liking.

    Good LORD. Man hands? She eats her peas one at a time?



    My second ex-husband has still never told me how he feels about me, has never said I Love You. It happens.


    ALSO: David Tennant and Billie Piper were the most perfect pair and nobody can compare, singularly or together. I have to look at the new pair as relatives of those two or the inadequacies will make me crazy mad. That said, Tennant's acting distracted me a bit from the character and with Matt Smith in charge, I'm able to more clearly see the quirks, especially the method of going off on tangents.


    AND ALSO: Catherine Tate's Donna was THE. MOST. HORRID. character EVAR, INFINITY and nobody on the planet can possibly harbor more white-hot, seething anger at her than I. The liquid metal pool of HAY8TE is bottomless and painful.

  2. I love this show more each time I watch it. I am head over heels with Zoe, she is the COOLEST nerd on the planet! I question why I even like Jackie so much, she's clearly a huge lie face and the fact that she can tongue kiss her husband in front of her boyfriend is disgusting. Does she mitigate my hate of that behavior with her faux compassion with patients? I don't know. I watch for Zoe, Thor and Gloria, mostly.

  3. it seems like so little for so much of a loss

    But it isn't. You're obviously an animal lover, too, so you know. I just appreciate that I can lay my soul bare about it on the internet and not be mocked for it, you know? So, yeah, sincerely, thanks. it makes it feel as if you love my Pigboy as much as I do.

  4. Her favorite 'I love you' trick is to wake me up in the morning by shoving her snout in my face, then licking my nose and finally biting it before she curls up in a tiny mamalama ball between my neck and shoulder.


  5. I really hate the term "fur baby."

    Oh, that's just because you HAVE NO SOUL!!


    I can't bring myself to watch that video. It looks sad

    DON'T. I watched it hoping it ends well. It does not. Now I am sick and crying.


    is Pixie the angel over Calli's shoulder or the devil?

    Pixie is jeliss of Calli's wholesome goodness.


    So. We have a new cat.

    OMG you're worse than ME! Thanks! :)


    So I've been calling her "the little German pastry" :shrug:


    Call her Kuchen! I call L-Roy "my little cupcake"


    I love yer Bogie pics, REV!

    Meee, too! Can't get enough!


    Hey Basil said to tell all you guys he said Hi. No kidding. Basil, now my friend, is studying Zen Buddhism.

    It suits him. Tell him Lydia said hay.

  6. Tell me! He's very determined to get his way, no matter what.


    DS, I have NO idea! Jesus was a shelter find. I didn't think he'd get THAT big. I posted pics here and someone here said he looked like he was going to get huge, I don't remember who that was, but I remember worrying. If he gets any bigger, I'm going to have to get him a dog license. Roy, I was told would get big by his breeder. I guess all Ragdolls are on the girthy side. Roy's a lot of fur but Jesus is solid. He has to go to the doctor today so I'll find out how much he weighs. I'm guessing 15-18 lbs. But Roy's still a KITTEN and he already takes up my whole chair. I may have to move in a couple years.


    They're being very quiet all of a sudden....

  7. I am being shunned because my netbook is on my lap right now, and ankles just aren't good enough anymore, and he doesn't like it when I bat his paws to get him to stop scratching

    You're not being a very good cat mom in his eyes!! I love how indignant they get when we do things like this! It's like, it's MY effing couch that I bought with MY money and NO you are not allowed to destroy it 'cause you're BORED QUIT LOOKIN' AT ME like I asked you to stop breathing!!! babies!


    mg: :( Wish I could give you a hug.

    thanks. The sentiment is almost as good as a real hug. I never thought I'd miss anyone this much. It doesn't come as often as it did and it's becoming easier to delay, but when it does, it's just as horribly painful as the night he died. I miss him so much. Where did "he" GO? Why can't I have him for as long as you're supposed to have a kitty? Was I bad? *criez*

  8. hate it when they start lose their Kitten qualities

    He's still only 8 months old, but Roy STILL looks and acts like a baby. They tell me this is a Ragdoll quality and if this is true, I will always have at least one. I will post new pics soon . He has the sweetest little face!


    And AW to MG's kitties!

    I canna STAND it when they do that, it's fatally cute! L-Roy likes to try and bite Jesus' butt so Jesus lies down now when they play, but he's a big kitty so his pure white belly splays out wide and when he wraps his hands around Roy's head, his legs open wide as he tries to balance and it's HYSTERICAL!!


    Murray's got the runs



    ALSO: on whistling? Every one of my kitties has always had a very strong reaction to whistling, not always bad. Pigboy got VERY concerned every time I whistled. I can always make them come to me by whistling, though.


    AND ALSO: Speaking of my precious Pigboy, it was just 2 years ago last night he died in my arms. I still haven't touched the nightshirt I was wearning and stashed in the closet. I am trying hard not to be uber sad today...I'm at work. But I plan on drinking heavily when I get home. I still miss him every night as I try and fall asleep without his tail to hold.

  9. Cats are all SO wtf? There are some things they share but the rest is utterly random.


    I wonder sometimes if they're aliens that have been dumped here because they're, like, the retards of their planet.


    I love how Fat has just NOW discovered laps and he's like a 9 year-old with a Nintendo DS.


    My boys are fighting/licking each other/trying to pop each other's heads off. Long peroids of silence, punctuated by sounds of furious claws, trying ti gain purchase on the vinyl floor and elbows hitting the cabinets.

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