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  1. Am reading Packing For Mars by Mary Roach. It's totally blowing up my skirt! It's about NASA and training astronauts for a 500 day trip to Mars. Roach goes off on hilarious tangents, which I love, and gives the reader inside info on all the human parts of being an astronaut that rarely get discussed outside of the inner circle. It also tells about NASA training and the ridiculousness of some of the methods and conclusions.

  2. I used to get angry at fleas when my babies would get infested. When we have very mild winters here, nothing kills them so the following Spring, fleas become an issue even to households without pets. I remember combing through BC's fur and swearing aty the little bloodsuckers and I smashed them with my fingernails. ****ing PARASITES, eating off my baby's body!! I would also be mad at the grass seeds!

  3. I have never heard of this, cat piling on thing. L-Roy likes to shove his butt in Jesus' face, but that's only when they're playing.


    I also want to do things to the kitty bellies, but I would like to poke at them.


    launch claw gouges


    OMG, ALWAYS, the launch claw gouges. I have two right now, on my left knee. I am, apparently, a piece of furniture to use to get up onto my desk with ease.

  4. Is it right to call a pet by the same name as the pet he or she is replacing? I mean, this Non is certainly not Non!


    Whatever you want is OK, but if it were me, I'd call the new one Not Non. It's funnier.

  5. Some kittehs just never buy into the "if you're in a box you don't get the motion sickness" thing. My Pigboy couldn't stand being enclosed. Each time he had to go to the vet, he preferred me to just hold him. That way, he never moved an inch. But he couldn't stand for one second the box of shame.

  6. I don't think feral cats ever get over that.


    My spoiled brats on the other hand, lie on their backs with pink bellies exposed and you can poke at them at will, they don't even move. I call it "cow eyes" when they do this. I poke and poke and poke and only their eyes follow my hand, they can't be bothered to move their tiny heads.


    I'm home early and am going to attempt another yard day with the boys, but I'm not sure I have it in me. It's like taking care of a couple of midget drunks. They flop around, wander off, get their heads stuck in things and barf indiscriminately.

  7. she runs around with leaves and sunflower seed shells and whatnot all over her fur.


    I wonder if they know this! Jesus and Roy have so much fluffy fur, they're like 4-legged Swiffers. The CRAP they haul in from outside? Gawd. And when they play in the basement they each come up with cobwebs all over their faces and neither of them ever seem to notice they're covered in debris.

  8. ...a Dickensian scene where the cold, starving orphan is out on the street...




    AAAHAHAH! I LOVE. this story!!



    the only time my cats ever piss outside the litter box is when it's too dirty for their liking


    I've just figured out all of mine tell me when they want me to scoop. They yell at me for no apparent reason and if i get up immediately, they'll trot ahead of me and lead me to the basement. Then I say "IF YOU'RE SO DAMN SMART YOU CAN TELL ME WHEN YOUR BOX IS TOO SOILED FRO YOUR LIKING, THEN YOU CAN JUST SCOOP THAT **** OUT YOURSELF, CHESTER!"

  9. They are attention mongering whores. That's what.


    QFT,. Girlcats are uptight, jealous, territorial bitches. Generally. I've had much luck with girlcats when they're the only cat or the only femalle cat but never again will I have more than one female cat in one home at one time. At least the guys stop the spraying and **** when you get their nads chopped.

  10. My boys are in a destructive mood. They knocked over every box in the attic and yanked a screen out of a window up there while I was at work yesterday. And Jesus has a new game. It's called "mark every litter box as she's trying to clean them all". I SWEAR he saves his eliminations all day until I head downstairs to scoop. And L-Roy's been biting my eyebrows to wake me all week. It's very odd but I LOVE it (well, I love HIM)

  11. I KNOW IT'S WHAT THEY DO. I don't have to liek it. He gets the best food and lots of love and praise. The killing wasn't necessary. It just bummed me out. Roy was very confused. I don't think he has a clue what happened.

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