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  1. He lets his will be known by sitting in front of his favorite chair and using visualization techniques until I get the hint

    This made me laugh so hard I hurt my throat!!


    the Fat-mandated holding time

    This is a technical term, like Greenwich Mean Time, right?





    LET'S START with the airing of the greivances.




    PONG is a NAZI

    JASON SOLO BROKE THE INNARNETS last week and lost posts


    Jacob lives in SAn Deiso and not my house

    same with TANK except the San Dieso pasty


    It's not sunny here now


    BOGIE isn't mine, he belongs to the REV

    ALSO CALLIE (belongs to Cashemere)

    AND ALSO CASHEMere is prettier than I'll ever be.



  3. Jesus is thrilled whenever he gets to go outside, no matter what the weather is doing. He was SO flirty with you! He was clearly smitten. He's friendly, yeah, like I said, he'll be the one to let the burglars in, but he LOVES you!

  4. The boys go crazy with jealously each time we go outside so we let the door open last time. Roy did a U-turn...he raced out and immediately, with equal gusto, trotted back in. Jesus plodded out into the snow, them looked at us like he'd gotten enmeshed in quicksand.


    Jesus' white matches the snow, but Roy's looks gray next to it. I'll try and coax them outside again to get pics.


    In a related note: this snow and cold can go away NOW, please, NOW.



    I waxed the kitchen floor Sunday and I think floor wax may get kitties high. It took two days for the boys to lick all the wax offa their furs and I now have a permanently fuzzy kitchen floor. Little asshats.

  6. she likes to sleep with her head in the closet, preferably with her chin resting on one of my shoes


    whaa...? I MUST meet this doggie! She sounds like such a goof!


    Oh, man, pugs are so solid and wiggly! i LOEV those pics, April@!

  7. They're the darkest blue I've ever seen on a kitty. I call Jesus Lizard Eyes when we're outside.


    This morning, he's been terrorizing Jesus. Jesus just wants to lie on the newspaper and Roy's been shoving his butt in Jesus' face and doing a lot more face-biting than is necessary.

  8. Our temperatures have finally come back down into the 50s and 60s after high 90s. Now the pixies are running around the house like someone fed them coffee. L-Roy attacked a window screen and rendered it unusable, Jesus broke his scratch bar, a bigass piece of wood wound with rope. BROKE IT. and someone knocked over a lovely piece of Oaxacan black clay pottery I painstakingly cradled through two flights last time I came back from Mexico. The Chloe's the only one with manners. It's like living with a juvenile delinquent gang. Thank gawd they have no thumbs or we'd have tags all over the damn walls. Little fur asshats. They're lucky they're cute.

  9. thanks. I love my boys. I have to get shots of the Chloe. She's a normal sized cat. And gorgeous.


    I know, Spam, cripes, Roy fit in my pocket when I brought him home last fall. He had this tiny, little spike tail with fuzz on it. I was afraid he'd feel inferior to Jesus, 'cause Jesus' tail is like a giant ostrich feather, but Roy's got his own personal plume. AND HAVE YOU EVAR SEEN BETTER CATPANTS? He has llama pants.

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