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  1. YES, 'seasons' DO refer to the time of the year. The word ALSO refers to specific television seasons, such as The New Fall Season. This is how they promote things in this country. Why not? NONE of that is true, it's simply different usage for different words. NOTHING COMPLICATED ABOUT THAT Why are we now talking about fish?
  2. People who claim to have "full command" of a langauge, then abuse it by making what is supposed to be a plural possessive. ALSO: Doctor Who IS THE series. The "season" refers to the collection of individual shows shown within one specific broadcast season.
  3. I KNOW! That's why I'm reading it!
  4. I just finished a biography of Mata Hari by Pat Shipman and picked up Twilight at Costco. I'm in kind of a junk food equivalent phase of reading lately.
  5. Pigboy used to get VERY concerned when I sang. I'm teaching Jesus how to be a cheerleader
  6. I JUST heard the Poinsettia thing is a myth. We should snopes it.
  8. I know, isn't he??? I think his cuteness is directly relative to his evilness. He's also the softest kittah EVAR. His fur is like down or angora. And he has the sweetest disposition! He's very charming as I haul his tiny fur body out of the bag of corn chips. What IS it with the boycats and the destruction? He has to chew on everything.
  9. My Pigboy used to SCREAM the whole time I was in the shower, every day! I think Pookie is excited for the holidays, yes, I do! I can't even have ornaments on my tree this year because I HAS AN EV UL KIDDEN!
  10. Aw, teach her to stand up for herself! Safe travels! I'm headed to work, I'll wave to you on I-5. We'll be the only ones doing 5 without chains. Jesus is EVUL, I tell you! He divebombs the tree skirt. He gets up on the kitchen counter, wiggles and goes flying into the presents, hands-first, as if he's body-surfing. Then he tries balancing on the lower branches so he can play in the tree water. I went out to warm up and clean off my car and he was totally distressed when I got back in, whirring and chirping at me! I think he believes I got locked out in the snow like he did last night!
  11. OMG, this made me choke on my coffee! Well, GOOD. He's home now. Jesus got locked outside in the snow last night. The second ex-husband and a friend went to the Seahawks game and came home drunk. I was in the basement doing lauundry. I made dinner and was surprised Jesus wasn't around as we ate (he's a beggar for food). After, as the friend was rinsing his bowl, he said "Hey, there's a cat meowing, is it OK if I let it in?" !!???? I wasn't even certain it was my little muffinhead but it was 27 degrees out so, whomever, you know? But it was him and he was just panicked! He made a kitty nes
  12. LMAO! Pig...? My Mom's best friend has been 'flagged' by her local ASPCA as no longer allowed to foster animals. She has 2 dogs and 2 cats she's not willing to give up so they won't give her any more. SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!! I CAN"T HEAR YOU AL LA LA LA LAAAA LA! ALSO: I put lights on my slaughtered, indoor Christmas tree last night and Jesus was FASCINATED. He thinks he's a stoopid BIRD as he sepnt the evening trying to balance well enough to sit on the branches. No glass ornaments on the tree this year.
  13. No WAY! I've never even heard of a dog doing something like that! Get a pic, I'd LOVE to see that! AAAHAHAHA! I LOVE it when they do something like that! Do dogs get as embarrassed as cats do when they **** up? Oh, good GAWD! You know? GOOD GAWD! FREAK TOO funny! Table surfing.
  14. Jesus woke me up at 6 this morning. He was sitting on my pillow, above my head and he was poking at my left eyeball. FREAK. oh, I HATE that! My cats do this to mne late nights when I'm home alone. They stare around the cornere, where I can't see, like they're looking at a person. That was my Pigboy's favorite game! Like a puppy, he'd fetch as long as I'd toss, long after I wanted to play. His favorites to bring to me were mice; the tinty real fur ones and he had a couple rectangular-shaped felt mousies he loved, too Jesus has started sitting in the bathroom sink as I get ready in the
  15. AAAHahaha! The doggie buttscratch! I do think it's because they can't readh it and they don't have fingers. They all get that look of incredible ecstacy on their faces when you do that. I spent Friday night at my friend Ronnie's and she has a 14 month old Golden named Gracie who 'slept' with me. She thinks she's very tiny and it took her HOURS to get settlled. It was hysterical!
  16. K, SHADOWKITTEH CAN STAY OUT of this thread! This is for those saccharine-sweet, you-had-to-be-there, I feel like a dork for being so amused, only another pet lover would care stories! SO often the pixies do things I wish I had a video of because explaining it just doesn't do it justice, but another catmom would know exactly what I mean and would love the story. And you HATERS can just bite my large, white beehind. Last night, my second ex-husband, who was drunk at the time, was making cocoa with Reddi-Whip topping and Jesus was at his feet. He picked kitty up and held him like a baby, on hi
  17. Greyhound is desperately trying to get their billboards in the area of this incident pulled. Their latest slogan is "There's a reason you've never heard of bus rage". How unfortunate.
  18. and nobody's mentioned Intercourse, PA? I also recall tourists thinking Slippery Rock was funny but I never got the joke. But then, I also don't think anything with the word beaver in it is funny, either. It's an animal, you know?
  19. The Native names here make for a good giggle for newcomers...names like Lilliwuap, Nooksak and Walla Walla can be just plain fun to say! Then there are places whose names don't pronounce the way they spell; Sequim is SQUIM, Kalaloch is CLAY-lock and we have a Des Moines here but most of the asshat locals insist on pronouncing it duh-MOINZ. (They say "it's NOT the same as the city in Iowa, WE pronounce the "S", but they can't tell me why, then, they don't call it dess-MOINZ, if they really DO pronounce the S.) But my favorite Washington place name is HUMPTULIPS!
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