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  1. Yeah, I see those a lot here. Nine out of 10 of my mondo grass has died and the one that's still alive is struggling. I may try to plant some again soon and see if starting out during cooler weather makes a difference I don't have dappled shade-mine comes in blocks. I miss gardening.
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Nicole, you'd trust me around your kids? Spam, I feel you. I've gotten so used to 55+ pools, I can't even tolerate the good grandkids that show up here at times. I don't do well with most kids when they're in their natural habitat, unless I already know them.
  3. GUYS, I'm 65! I turned 65 about 23 hours ago. I applied for my Medicare number. What a giant pain! I'm going to go ahead and get the AARP magazine so I can get the complimentary Grab and Go Cooler. I've already decided I'm never going natural with my hair. I'm going to wait til I'm 70 to get Social Security for maximum money. Crap, my driver insurance is probably going to go up soon. All my new social connections have 'silver' in the title. I wish I knew when I was going to die.
  4. It's actually cooled off a tiny bit since the start of this month. Highs are in the upper 80s now, not the 90s and the humidity is okay some days. I don' know why all the grass here isn't dead right now.
  5. Well, I"d much rather go like Helen did than be eaten by a pitbull
  6. She was only 72. This seems to young to me to just drop dead. And that's what she did...she was powerwashing a deck. Someone in the basement heard it and went up to see what happened and she was just gone.
  7. One of the Girl Trippers has died; this makes two of us gone. One of the Jersey Girls, Helen, died on Tuesday. We still have few details. They're having a service in Jersey, two of the satellite Girl trippers from Erie will be there. The rest of us are going out to one of her favorite restaurants, then out to the beach where we stay in March.
  8. That's not a bad idea! Why don't you?
  9. You chose a really tough profession and gone further than most. Do you have other talents that could be exploited for money? Other lucrative interests?
  10. I went to Jaykib’s yesterday and it was good. It was good to see Katie, Lyra and Eli. Lyra has this dry wit that outdates her by 20 years and Eli is the Energizer Bunny personified. We (adults) drank good amounts of alcohol and let me tell you, JAYKIB pours easily. Today I did a wake and bake with my friend, Jackie and we’ve been lazing on her deck letting her husband make us food. He’s out now getting ice cream. Today has also been good.
  11. I watched it. At least they had topics and they did some back and forth. Nikki Haley looked the sanest. DeSantis and Christie underperformed. Ramaswamy got max air time and is fucking crazy. Pence came out swinging eventually and it was funny.
  12. I like hot weather, I always have. But when it's hot all the time, even at night in the damn dark, it weighs on you! There's nothing I can do but stay in air conditioning or the pool. I admit, it's nice to have a pool but gat DAMN, IT'S HOT. Is it damn hot where you are too? I hear we don't get relief in Florida until November.
  13. My heart is in A-Fib again. I don't want to do another cardioversion. I'm scared it's just gonna STOP.
  14. Wow. Take a good look at Jacob's cat tower 'cause I can't top that. You got a LOT of stress for some very good reasons. Try Ice cream. LOTS of it-the good stuff-with chocolate and nuts.
  15. My BFF and her wife here just got it. I've still not had it
  16. I'm so numb at this point. I just can't even right now with all of this nonsense
  17. Yeah, I'd love to but it's hard for me to lobby for that since I totally fucked up and missed the latest one But yeah, I'd love to
  18. I used to have epic, famous Pee Wee parties at my first house in which we'd all get high and drink tequila shots on the word of the day at 9am on Saturdays. Good times.
  19. That's about the time I woke up on the couch. GAT DAMMIT
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