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  1. I may be able to do the 8th. It's in the middle of Girl trip but I can try Zooming from the beach
  2. You're not alone. The lumberjack look is hot right now.
  3. Why, yes, it was 1937. I'm 97 years old now.
  4. When did flying go from being a treat to like being on a foreign bus? I recall dressing up to go on a plane and looking forward to the meal
  5. Is Jason hairier than Travis? Which one is in the screaming meme?
  6. Thanks, guys, I feel up to date now.
  7. WHAT is his first name? I've read it as Travis and I've read it as Jason...wtf?
  8. It's time for a Zoom party! If we can do it early enough, I could do it from the beach.
  9. cow's milk? I've always thought it strange we eat baby cow food
  10. How many babies is a female human supposed to have any way?
  11. A friend's granddaughter just got her first period. She just turned 9 years old! Is this normal these days? I was just about 12 and that was considered precocious at the time. Nine?? I feel so sorry for her!
  12. Thugs don't keep regular schedules, do they?
  13. A friend of mine...a guy who will argue to the death over virtually nothing, has opened a subject on Facebook that people are sort of taking black and white views over. It's starting to interest me so I thought I'd get your take. When a singer is invited to sing the national anthem at a public event, does the singer have an obligation to just straightforward sing the song with no embellishments or is it an invitation to put a personal spin on a very well-known tune? I don't care one way or the other but I think it depends on the event. If it's a solemn occasion, by all means, tone it down. But if you hire Mariah Carey to sing it at the Superbowl (which is not happening, I know, but as an example) I think you should expect her to run scales. And I think that's okay. He's very adamant about it remaining unemotional. How do you feel, even if you don't really care?
  14. I think Taylor Swift is so cute with her football boyfriend. Good for her.
  15. but you led me to the conclusion with little discussion...
  16. You raise great points especially that you haven't seen the film
  17. I went to this film by myself recently-it didn't seem like the kind if thing my Florida friends would enjoy and boy was I right! Have you seen it? I'm torn about it but we may be able to discuss it well even if nobody else has seen it yet. It's difficult to adequately explain. It's sort of a feminized Frankenstein tale with a really odd, disgusting twist. Emma Stone plays the creature, Bella, and is pretty interesting in the role. Mark Ruffalo plays one of her lovers and he just turns my stomach in his role. Willam Dafoe is her creator, Godwyn, mostly referred to as "God". The cinematography is fanciful, breathtaking at times, absurd at others. It's set in a stylized Victorian era. The soundtrack is cacaphony. Outside Frankenstein vibes, you've never seen this film. But...Stone plays a woman whose mind is infantile to adolescent and the men in the film do nothing but take advantage of her and abuse her. Or do they? She initiates it all-so how much are the men responsible for? I wanted to enjoy the thing for its bizarre aspects-and there are many-but that abuse thing was just permeating everything. Is it just me?? Have you ever heard of Yorgos Lanthimos, the director? I take it he's known for the bizarre.
  18. oh, you had to look at her for like 8 seconds total gawd
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