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    Just started watching this, and except for Data being better as a Deep Fake, I love this show so far (only seen up to about episode 5 or 6). Planning on giving Discovery a shot after this, but mostly because I’m excited for the seeming optimism of the Strange New Worlds spinoff series rather than an apparently Section 31 heavy TOS prequel-prequel that I guess Discovery is.
  2. My littlest sons totally adore this show, the rest of my fam dig it. I love it the most, hilariously, when there isn’t karate going on. Prolly weird, I guess. The West Side Story / Power Ranger multiple person mash ups super drag the show down for me. Other than that, can’t wait for next season.
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    I don’t think we’re watching Wanda & Fam go thru this just to then have her dead. — My original thought for who I wanted to be behind all this was Mojo. I just figured Mojo fit with the television show aspect and I thought maybe this would bring the mutants into the MCU. That said, glad they went the route they went.
  4. You're kidding, right? Much of the fandom is absolutely beyond toxic. Some of these ****heads literally chased Kelly Marie Tran off of social media and into therapy. Her basically disappearing into the scenery in Rise of Skywalker is totally Disney caving to those bottom dwellers.Im not kidding, I also I believe I well implied my awareness of and understanding of how mean and spiteful fandom can be by literally stating how mean and spiteful fandom can be. Perhaps though, this is another failure to communicate on my part.
  5. So, wait, me having issues with how something is written and that going against your opinion makes me a troll and an asshole? What side of the bed did you get out of today, Brando? How many times did I say fair point... in this thread alone?
  6. I have no idea about the official ST films timeline, nor do I care about anything explained in the books. If you or anyone wants to like or dislike Han as Han is now, and for whatever reason whether backed by EU or not, then by all means, please, do so.
  7. I will not deny that fandom can be mean and spiteful, believes they have some kind of ownership over that of which they are fans, and worst of all can be self-consuming. I will put forth if Star Wars sucks or was ruined, that is not of the fans. As much as fans (toxic or otherwise) like to believe they could write one, make one, act in one, whatever the job is, unless they literally did one or more of those things then they had no hand in what Star Wars was or became. A critic does not make a thing horrible, they could be ***holes about something being horrible however. Lastly, if any Star W
  8. Okay, one more shot. If the WB wanted a story where Superman was missing for years but has a kid, why use that kid as a swerve (which can be the only, imo, explanation for the narrative choice) when everyone watching knows who he is right away anyway? Why wasnt Superman written to have told Lois who he was, married Lois, had a kid (the order of marriage and kid is not important to me, although people can argue that if they want) and then was pulled away by duty? Duty that took so long Lois concludes he is probably dead and moves on as someone could (at least eventually) have the wherewithal
  9. I have gathered that I am obviously not getting my point across, and that is a failing on me not anyone else. Apparently I am actually an idiot, as I often explain. For the record: I have never once promoted Nuclear Families, traditional or perhaps stereotypical structure, over any other family formation. Not here, not in real life. Ever. My stance has always been professed (and lived personally being that I am at home father) as what works for your (not you literally, speaking generally here) family is what works for your family and other people should shut the fuck up about it. In this t
  10. The Excuses: Greatest Hits Now Available Again on Multiple LP Vinyls All Our Favorites! Im a Firefighter, Baby (You Should Have Known) Ditch (Im Out Bitch) The World (Everything Else Is More Important Than You) Presents (What More Do You Want) Pillow Talker (Stop Stalking Me) Snatch (Grab It & Go) Life Is Hard (Im Harder) I Can Move A Mountain (But I Wont Support You) Seriously (Thats Not Where Babies Come From) All The Presidents Men (Been With You, It Aint Mine) These Boots (Dont Fit Babies) Youre Super, Girl (But I Need Women) Girl Power (You Dont Need Me Anyway) Your Love (But What A
  11. Arent Superman, Indy, Han, and Akeem supposedly not morons? In addition, arent they displayed as men who take a journey to being better than their past? So if they just sex up their ladies, unprotected, and then bolt doesnt that make them... dead beats? ***holes? Why are they excused from this? Why are they saddled with that, why have we (as creatives and not we us literally) chosen to disgrace them that way? Didnt Indy literally leave Marion at the alter? Didnt Indy have extreme issues with his own father? Doesnt Superman also have issues with his biological origins? Hasnt Superman been displ
  12. I know that and get it, also I lived it too... and by It Group I was referencing the guys that were given big franchises to shape... JJ, Star Wars and Star Trek. Singer, X-Men and Superman. The younger group of directors, producers that sorta established themselves as the bigger guys in the 2000s and on. Maybe saying it is a group is a bit much, seeing as how I just specified two dudes and unrelated ones at that, but maybe thats also semantic? I also did not mean to imply it was some conspiracy with literal power over Hollywood... just that I find it tired and in the cases I highlighted probab
  13. So can we talk about what this sequel trilogy does to Chewbacca? The guy swears a life debt to Han Solo and then out lives Hans entire family. I imagine Chewie, translated, sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero when he cries about a writer ****ing up his life because its fun and entertaining to people.
  14. Fair point, again, re: Han I think Bond is infertile due to torture, I know that is hinted at in Casino Royale (or whatever Craig film that was) when his nuts get smashed, but I think it is in one of the books too.
  15. The dumb sitcom dad is annoying too, I agree, DK. Thats fair, Brando, I tag them as such because they did it... you know the fun part... knowing the consequences and then never bothered to follow up. As for Han, I know that turmoil with children stresses relationships, but hes a dead beat imo too not just for not being there for Ben (maybe he should have pushed more), but for bailing on Leia. So much for The I Know, Solo.
  16. I know that stories need emotional pushes, and I know in real life there are a bunch of dead beat dads, but can we give the Dead Beat Dad angle a little rest? At least three fictional, former good men (the latter should be in quotes) have been knowingly or unknowingly turned into Dead Beat Dads since Hollywoods newer It Group got power. Those three being Superman (of all characters to do that to), Indiana Jones, and Han Solo. In the upcoming sequel to Coming to America it seems like, unless there is a swerve, that even the noble Akeem will succumb to this plot device. Anyone else tired of
  17. Sometimes I wonder if I need even more psychological help because RC might be part of me... but then I start to skip down a rabbit hole of what if there are no other members of Nightly?! ;-)
  18. What If?! Luke doesnt ignite his saber in TLJ expo-flashback until Ben grabs his own. haha, okay, leave TLJ alone... I will just work on ROS. The treasure hunt is not for holocrons or other dumbass Sith stuff. Its the location of a mineral rich planet which is also an intact, mostly, and secret Imperial production facility which was lost to the Imperial remnants after the OT because only super high ups knew of it. This planet IS the Death Star Wreckage Planet. Its not THE DEATH STAR 2, but just the wreckage of a Death Star which lost its orbit and crashed when the production facility went
  19. I watched it last night, I laughed a good amount. Not everything landed, but thats the way it goes really.
  20. On the idea that now this is done, yay... this is probably the lamest story they could have done on whole from TFA thru. In this film everything except Ghost Han / Leia Training Flashback sucked hard. The opening crawl, btw, what the ever loving fuck was that horseshit? I would rather rewatch the Creepy Uncle Luke scene a million times in a row than ever watch this film trilogy again. I am totally gonna cherry pick these films now, just like Star Trek movies. Star Wars is only the OT. I am on that train fully now. There are no episodes numbers. Its Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return
  21. Females dont matter in Star Wars unless they are attached to a male, so Reys grand/mom was a Palpatine and thats all that matters.
  22. This movie makes the Mandalorian look like Citizen Kane.
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