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  1. I like that the series appears to be weird. I dig the 50s/60s sorta aesthetic to the TVA, it reminds me a lot of the Fallout franchise which I also like. I like the telegraphing, maybe I guess, that the TVA is freaking fascist or something with those uniforms. I like that while the TVA insists there can be only one timeline (sorta like how the Russo‘s also insisted with Endgame) there are obviously still multiple timelines. Also, given that, the series appears to say that the natural nature of time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a multiple timeline / multiple universe which is then a
  2. Summer in Alaska is the only time I tolerate it, so that’s good. Plus being vaccinated helps the anxiety of being around people, anxiety that grew to nearly uncontrolled amounts all last summer. Also my youngest boys are in a month of Summer School, but not because their academics suffered when I was their teacher (apparently, as explained by the school district). So yay there, that was a lot of stress thinking I done forked them up all thru 2020.
  3. In light of a taco costume, I keep expecting to see Tank reply to the ‘what new thing did you try eating this week’ thread with a person’s name.
  4. It might be something to ponder, and only you can know, but maybe you are a person that is actually fine with and perhaps even just wants one partner but at the same time you’re now totally able to handle your partner being poly… given this honesty, consensual nature and openness about the situation being all up front as it apparently is. The reason I suggest the thought is you seem to be looking for the person for you, with your present juggling and weighing of interests, rather than the persons for you.
  5. No surprise that I’m all over the place on this topic. I would prefer to find any other path than one that has the need to hunt, however hunting is a life right or regurgitated profound thoughts here. Everything eats somehow. Some cultures still hunt for that purpose, survival whatever, and they are mad boss or something. Hunting when someone doesn’t need to though feels rightly questionable. Trophies? Stank ass. Sausages? Dude, you literally live five minutes from multiple grocers, so weird but whatever I guess. Although an individual’s hunting, even in Sausage Dude’s case, is proba
  6. I would have coded with, “So I’m dating these two people, for privacy reasons let’s call them Left Hand and Right Hand. Anyway, so I’m dating these two people...” Low hanging fruit certainly, but on a related note that could work as a code name for an older partner.
  7. I have said this to my loved ones and many friends, and it feels fitting in here too. I hope in all ways always that I do my best to make certain that my issues have not and will not cause you heartache, but when they have, I am sorry. Of course Sara has lovingly joked that sounds like a fancy way to say it’s not you it’s me, but I reassert that I mean it completely. On point to Disney trips, Sara has again lovingly and repeatedly chided me that eventually my friends will be like, “That bitch.” To which I shrug, “That’s probably fair.”
  8. My wife’s Aunt and Uncle have separate rooms, they totally appear to love each other still. They have been together since their high school days and now they are I dunno super duper old... because my kids say I’m old so my wife’s Aunt and Uncle are definitely old old. I asked Sara if she would want that for us and she was like nope. So I suppose it is just one of those things that work for some couples and not others. In regards to needing time alone, I encourage Sara to have as much as she needs and do everything I can to help her maintain her interests. Whether that is just time for her
  9. I feel for your situation, Hobbes. I’m sorry you are going through this. If there are motions you are taking to help find peace and justice then I hope you are successful at them. You aren’t alone in having to deal with these things. As someone who’s been told that, I know it doesn’t help initially, but knowing there are people that understand in some way what you’re going through does eventually provide some measure of calm. From what I understand here, what you and your family are dealing with will be something you will need to work on and rework on repeatedly through life. That se
  10. In case it wasn’t clear by the carefully placed word “also”, I wasn’t making any derogatory remarks about how anyone does, did, had, or has things. My comment was about observing others speak of, and also myself dealing with, longing for the undefined and the finding of something defining, plus the general struggles of reconciling all sorts of issues within all that. It’s called a stream of consciousness rant. One thought leads to the next to the next to the next while all flowing with the initial topic and born of each other. It’s less for anyone, more because I felt like writing it
  11. Y’all are over here exploring yourselves and finding satisfaction in your endeavors, and while my wife and I are also happy and satisfied with each other, I can’t help but to find myself pounding a keyboard like Peter Bretter at his piano singing about how much he sucks and how stupid he is. I’m starting to realize the difference for me isn’t anything to do with sex and love and friendship, but is likely to do with parenting multiple savage witted children. “Dad, you remind me of Thor.” “Thanks, Bub.” “Fat Thor tho.” Like Obi-Wan exclaimed, I have done that myself. By the way social media alg
  12. It is really weird there isn’t optimization for the new Gen. What’s the point of this release then? Buy the games again for slight texture differences? It is no wonder Gaming PC owners laugh at consoles. I have already spent hundreds of hours playing these games on PS4, every possibility. This was sold like the Million Dollar Man intro and as such I was like damn that’ll be neat to see on my eventual Series X. Disappointed.
  13. I enjoyed it, I didn’t think it was amazing. I appreciated it for the throwback it was apparently intended to be. I liked that it took what male protagonists have been allowed to do, applauded for, made box office with, and had a female do it and deal with it. Arnold can ride a horse in a mall, Diana can swing around one. Gene Hackman’s Luthor can snark and absurdly sink California, Pedro Pascal’s Lord can dazzle and wish himself to superiority. Superman can suddenly fly around the Earth to turn back time, Diana can certainly talk the world back to its senses. I also thought it carried comment
  14. It’s not that type of issue. Sara still falls into that deep sleep, not waking until her alarm, ready for her day, says thank you in the morning, mission accomplished. All of the checkmark signals that I look for are checked, gold star sticker awarded. lol On my end it’s the emotionally and physically exhausted thing, the out of breath and out of shape sorta thing. The weight of Atlas thing that homemakers can deal with. The waking up tired thing. The “touched out” thing. Kids, pets, chores, extended family management, crazy neighbors, the 1950s role reversal. Get it all done for everyone
  15. In regards to the work putting it in, even tho I’m still technically a younger man, or maybe I’m just lying to myself there as I’m 43 years old and also 28 years into this relationship so the mileage is probably way past warranty... There are many times now when my wife and I just agree that sex would be great but then decide that the allure of a full night’s sleep is stronger. The times when that doesn’t happen I’m constantly having to ignore my internal younger self as he ruthlessly mocks me for feeling like I’m running a marathon. No way, I got this, man. No worries. It’s barely a 5k.
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