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  1. I think Sharon is with Sword, or still with Shield and that her outcast on the run story is all bull deep cover. Here’s looking forward to Sam and Buck dealing with the knowledge they were the good people that shoulda done more so that Walker never was... in that classic misattributed quote sorta way. Of course, Bucky has already been insinuating that to Sam, with the entire “he gave you the shield” thing, but shit’s about to get real now. Quibble: It annoys me that Sam isn’t reaching out to anyone. First Happy or Pepper could have co-signed a loan or heck offered a grant. Now h
  2. If it helps, Tank, because the earlier Dragon Age games play much rougher... you can pretty much listen to the story/dialogue stylings on YouTube by just typing like: Dragon Age Origins Conversations etc.
  3. zambingo


    The end of Picard was one of the eh moments for me. I’d have preferred he just died. But they did what they did so, yay, Q and Piccard.
  4. zambingo


    To clarify: When I say I watch it like say James Bond, I’m not actually expending any energy or thought on it. I was using a franchise as an example of how people can just let go and enjoy something for what it is. :-)
  5. Got my second dose of nanobots today, now I just need California to let outsiders visit Disneyland so I can test how effective they are.
  6. My youngest boys (10 & 8) love these films. My eight year old however might be paying way too much attention to the conspiracy theory aspects within the movies. We’re watching this movie right now and after seeing Godzilla sink that flotilla he pondered, “Maybe Godzilla sunk the Titanic too. Since he doesn’t like other Titans.” I replied, “Bub, the Titanic was sunk by an iceberg.” He asserted, “That’s the official story for sure, Dad.” More: My eight year old, “I really liked this. Yeah, this movie was sick.”
  7. zambingo


    I just finished watching Short Treks and I love them. They need to make more Short Treks.
  8. The only things I would like to see going forward for Star Wars is more integration of the ST era designs into these shows. I would like to see that Kylo’s tie-fighter thing isn’t exclusive to him, that a ST Trooper squad shows up as an elite advance team in like Boba Fett or Mando 3. Stuff like that. Why? Because Galaxy’s Edge. I want the ST’s immersion grip on that park to be loosened. So by weaving in ST designs into these shows, the lock down on anything other than the ST in the park can be played with a bit. Heck, send Obi-Wan to the outpost the park is based around in his series. Ob
  9. When I was sixteen the only thing I wanted was less time with my parents and more time with Sara, they sent me to a military school instead. Don’t be my parents. Although the alternative is probably as bad, like don’t get your kid a hotel room or something. When my eldest son was sixteen all he wanted was to take back his earlier only child wish that he would eventually have lots of siblings. I think we just give him some money and told him sorry.
  10. Lucy Ricardo Spock Doctor Who Mary Richards Archie Bunker Cliff Huxtable Dorothy Zbornak Kermit the Frog J.R. Ewing Dale Cooper — There are ten of my favorites, granted one of them is tainted by IRL. Really it should have been Cliff and Claire on the list together because I adored them as a couple and parents. Similarly idealized parental and couple goals go to Gomez and Morticia Addams, although more of my affection for them happened because of the silver screen performances by Angelica and Raul. There are really just so many charact
  11. Yeah, like, I hear it now. But at the same time I’m like...
  12. What was the song at the High School Band scene? I feel like the answer will be a duh, but all I could hear was like a remix of the CHiPs theme song and that made me smile. Watched that show all the time as a kid.
  13. That’s fortunate news. After reading that draft you published here, I mean I’m not a lawyer, but I was like does this even align with the ADA? Is that even applicable? etc. etc. Anyway, it’s good to know someone is helping you. Let’s hear it for friends in high places.
  14. In the spirit of Zath and Tank sharing Boy Scout memories: I was kicked out of my Boy Scout troop for putting exlax in my Scout Master’s hot chocolate. He had refused to let us retaliate against another troop, by shooting fireworks at them, after they had trashed our camp. Up to that moment scouting was fun. I was lucky to have not been exposed to the vile aspects of humanity via the scouts... nor when I was an Altar Boy for a Roman Catholic Church. Dodged two bullets there, I guess.
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