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  1. There are not any posts missing. For the record I am of course Spider-Man, Torch, THT, etc etc. I went off because of Brando gatekeeping. The entire idea that someone has to be specialized to comment is repugnant. It is a tactic to quiet dissent. The US has been slowly dismantled from the inside for years, people have been showing what is happening for years while fence sitters in turn say that both sides are wrong. “It’s both sides, so sit down.” No person or organization is perfect. And there is plenty of blame to show that Democrats aren’t seizing opportunities and the pathways presented to them in order to push through the begged for changes by the people en masse which put them in power again to make change. Those people that did what they were required to do by voting, and protesting, and financial support. Those people that continue to do so and are brutalized by oppressive police responses, during events occurring under the leadership of both sides that is true, but yet responses which are also not delivered equally to both sides. It is one side that has unwavering support for this apparent police state. It is one side which has stripped reproductive healthcare and still is going for even more stripping of reproductive healthcare. One side is now going after indigenous rights over both land and indigenous children. One side is going after marriage equality. One side is working to recriminalize the private and consensual acts people do in their own relationships and homes. One side has finalized the authority of ICE to invade the vast majority every citizens home without cause or warrant. One side is clouding voting rights, and laying false claims of fraud to destabilize and delegitimize the process. One side is voting against regulations of price gouging. One side is working against debt relief for people. One side is working against school lunch programs, and going after other social nets including social security. One side literally voted against providing infant formula during a shortage. One side is voting against defining what a groomer is for legal purposes. One side spouts anti-scientific rhetoric that endangers everyone, highlight to the push against medicines, masks, and the environment. One side is against gun legislation, while the nation continues to mass murder itself. And this is not even everything. Walt is angry, and rightfully so, and he expressed himself with vitriol here in Roe vs Wade. I am angry and have done the same. I am married to a bisexual woman, we have mature children that have explained they too are on the spectrum of sexuality. We also have a child that requires medication lest she succumb to seizures which could result in serious harm or worse. These medications also lower the effectiveness of many forms of birth control, which puts her in double jeopardy given the gouging of prescription pricing, the lack of healthcare support, and the stripping of reproductive healthcare rights. Spam here has every experience she needs to raise concerns. So when she was shushed, I responded. Whether that was 0 to 100 considering the above is for others to decide. I have no regrets. And I offer no apology. I am tired. A faith I once held, which has been taken hostage by bigots, taught me that sometimes you have to over turn the tables to make a point. I don’t care anymore if you’re sitting at the table. If I had been diligent alongside others who were already, and fought for my faith perhaps this repulsive movement wouldn’t have reached this point.
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