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  1. There are not any posts missing. For the record I am of course Spider-Man, Torch, THT, etc etc. I went off because of Brando gatekeeping. The entire idea that someone has to be specialized to comment is repugnant. It is a tactic to quiet dissent. The US has been slowly dismantled from the inside for years, people have been showing what is happening for years while fence sitters in turn say that both sides are wrong. “It’s both sides, so sit down.” No person or organization is perfect. And there is plenty of blame to show that Democrats aren’t seizing opportunities and the pathways presented to them in order to push through the begged for changes by the people en masse which put them in power again to make change. Those people that did what they were required to do by voting, and protesting, and financial support. Those people that continue to do so and are brutalized by oppressive police responses, during events occurring under the leadership of both sides that is true, but yet responses which are also not delivered equally to both sides. It is one side that has unwavering support for this apparent police state. It is one side which has stripped reproductive healthcare and still is going for even more stripping of reproductive healthcare. One side is now going after indigenous rights over both land and indigenous children. One side is going after marriage equality. One side is working to recriminalize the private and consensual acts people do in their own relationships and homes. One side has finalized the authority of ICE to invade the vast majority every citizens home without cause or warrant. One side is clouding voting rights, and laying false claims of fraud to destabilize and delegitimize the process. One side is voting against regulations of price gouging. One side is working against debt relief for people. One side is working against school lunch programs, and going after other social nets including social security. One side literally voted against providing infant formula during a shortage. One side is voting against defining what a groomer is for legal purposes. One side spouts anti-scientific rhetoric that endangers everyone, highlight to the push against medicines, masks, and the environment. One side is against gun legislation, while the nation continues to mass murder itself. And this is not even everything. Walt is angry, and rightfully so, and he expressed himself with vitriol here in Roe vs Wade. I am angry and have done the same. I am married to a bisexual woman, we have mature children that have explained they too are on the spectrum of sexuality. We also have a child that requires medication lest she succumb to seizures which could result in serious harm or worse. These medications also lower the effectiveness of many forms of birth control, which puts her in double jeopardy given the gouging of prescription pricing, the lack of healthcare support, and the stripping of reproductive healthcare rights. Spam here has every experience she needs to raise concerns. So when she was shushed, I responded. Whether that was 0 to 100 considering the above is for others to decide. I have no regrets. And I offer no apology. I am tired. A faith I once held, which has been taken hostage by bigots, taught me that sometimes you have to over turn the tables to make a point. I don’t care anymore if you’re sitting at the table. If I had been diligent alongside others who were already, and fought for my faith perhaps this repulsive movement wouldn’t have reached this point.
  2. I need more Yelena in my life. Anyone know a Marvel Exec? Maybe you’re pitching a project? I dunno, someone throw out that Yelena Belova audio books would be big sellers. I mean, I assume. It’s prolly fact tho. Not even books about Yelena Belova. Just like Yelena Belova reading a book out loud. Not like even straight reading it either, like feel free to side bar and mention when the book is ridiculous. Just me? ”War and Peace. No. No, I need that not in my life. Winnie the Pooh I can do. Eeyore I like very much.”
  3. Well, I think attributing episodic to the Mandalorian is a li’l bit of a stretch. At the very least when contrasted to the reference of the original series Star Trek. But I hear ya.
  4. Finch is Apple TV’s film starring Tom Hanks. Would Recommend. It’s a beautiful science fiction story. Whatever algorithm has been suggesting films to me this week has really knocked it out of the park. Finch capped a three film watch for me; Hunt for the Wilder People, St. Vincent, and Finch. All three were good watches, fine human stories all in their own rights. Well, anywho, back to being Dad… the kids just got home. It’s a half day at school.
  5. Well obviously, y’all. The execution of getting an audience “up to speed” is the thing, and then whether whatever you did to get them up to speed hurts the payoff you’re hoping they get from your story etc. I don’t envy the writers here, for sure. And to be honest, I’m getting tired of long form story telling in everything from Marvel to Star Wars to Star Trek to James Bond of all things. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I remember the days… well the nights… of Nick at Night and watching whatever original Star Trek episode was airing and never once feeling like I missed something.
  6. The MCU is not nor has it ever been short form, to be fair. Every film has led to the next, they are just also using episodic television to advance plots now. So in short: yes I suppose it would be annoying, is annoying even. I feel that. But it is what it is. lol Might as well be mad at a series of books for expecting you to have read an earlier one. Also sorry to bring more annoyances to your attention, but if you haven’t seen the other MCU Disney+ shows you will be lost regarding characters like Hawkeye, Loki, Falcon, and Bucky as they are all no where near the characters they last were on film. Afterthought: Oh, and this film is directly tying into the last Spider-Man film. So if you haven’t seen that… Afterthought, The Sequel (no Disney+ required): I suppose you could just wing it, but any time you find yourself going “wait what when” you’ll either have to imagine it or go back and watch prior stuff as if it was a filmed after prequel. I dunno.
  7. I would imagine skipping WandaVision, at least knowing nothing of it, would put a viewer into an awkward position going into this film. The last anyone saw of Wanda, film wise, was fighting Thanos. She isn’t remotely that character anymore.
  8. Enjoyed the trailer. Was told it had a No Way Home spoiler in it, oh well. Umm… probably best not to point it out though whatever it is. As for X-Universe in MCU: Just give me Deadpool, and let him be aware of differences so he can make fourth wall jokes. Otherwise if Wolverine is someone else, fine, but I do wish we could see Hugh and Reynolds buddy up to contrast the stink of Origins.
  9. This text thing is a fear I have, irrational for me as I have only been with my wife, but the entire wrong person text thing is definitely like in the doom and fear area of my brain. Admittedly a fear of both sending and being on the receiving end. Just something like, “Loved yesterday, can’t wait until next week.” Although, text speak for that is probably emoji, not that I’d know as I am that person that types full sentences and even paragraphs in texts. Anyway, there’s only one explanation for a text bomb like the one I fear, or at least very little wiggle room for that one. That’d just be so blatant, so obvious, an out of the blue truth being smashed right into the light. I feel a little queasy just thinking about it. Might be the yogurt I had for breakfast though, tasted weird, was lite or some horrible diet thing.
  10. Re: Shoes When in Rome… If someone says take them off or it is a known custom (such as in Japan), off they come. In my house, if you’re hanging out for an extended time, get comfy, take your shoes off if you want. Sorta really only mandatory for kids, as they have no sense of anything they are doing for the most part. Re: Animal Probably only some small animal, like an ant. ;-) Never thought about it, don’t see the need to plan for it. Might regret that during the inevitable animal uprising, or something.
  11. Be careful putting on a Jazz playlist via Spotify while taking a candlelit bubble bath. The tone can change from C’est si Bon to noir hopeless right quick. Fuchme, Spotify, all harshing my mellow. Edit: Well shit, I should have checked the page before posting. Sincere Sorry. [prayer hands]
  12. I really thought “Star Wars, Wars never change” was witty. I almost Chrysippused over it when I wrote it. I’d pay, probably nothing actually, to hear Ron Perlman say it. Oh well.
  13. I, prolly others as well, mentioned the Mando armor thing in the Mando thread. I was like… maybe stop making armor and make your ships out of it. I, prolly others as well, also mentioned that Grogu is a way for Disney to setup another trilogy of films. Grogu will go missing or be sent away at some point, away from Mando and Luke or at the very least away from Luke and all his Jedi hopefuls. Then set up a new trilogy like three hundred years past “Rey and the Destruction of a Mythos”. Grogu will be a frog leaping, spinning, force using cool guy prolly voiced by Michael Peña who gets to continue his fun fast talking storytelling this time talking about all the crazy shit from the past “Saga”. Everyone will then bitch how this version is totally inferior to what was. ;-) Star Wars, Wars never change.
  14. Re: point of the show My youngest kids like the Disney+ Star Wars shows. Perhaps many of us, if we took a moment to consider ourselves, might find we have become old and don’t actually crave these things as we once did, that we watch out of habit, for what once was, rather than real driving interest. Or maybe it’s less than many, maybe it’s just me projecting. lol
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