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  1. Was using my parents Wi-Fi, never have before, and saw that. lol Probably a case of a multi use/issued IP address? I guess. Unless my parents have been naughty. LMAO
  2. So no surprise that the writers have Johnny idolizing Iceman in Top Gun… ironically tho Iceman is a “do things the right way, follow the rules, be safe” character which is closer to Daniel’s idealism than anything. Also, I couldn’t stop laughing at Johnny’s mom saying, “you kept his things?” while holding a box of literal trash. Later: ”I want to be a father to you, so bad.” Says the breaking and entering, hot head, drunk, who peed himself. Meanwhile Daniel continues his emotional abuse of his son, from belittling him over his weight early in the show to literally usin
  3. zambingo

    Moon Knight

    My kids said he looked like a Toilet Paper Mummy.
  4. Dead horse but, they should have thrown all their money at Donald Glover to do a Lando mini-series, post ROTJ, with Bucky Barnes as Luke for a couple episodes. I dunno what people want, but I’ma just assume no one actually wanted The Adventures of Young Indiana Solo and no one wanted The Bobafather 1, 2, or 3. Same said for The Diary of Cassian Someguy. Lando and Luke. Pfffffffft to “but casting whatevs” and crap. Pffffft. Good day, Sir. I said, good day.
  5. Eh. Johnny is not a dad at all. He’s technically a father, but that’s just being a sperm donor in Robbie’s case. In Miguel’s case Johnny is just a male authority figure. Nothing in the show displays Johnny as a good parent. I think you’re getting hung up on the fact that Johnny is the protagonist. Johnny is the show’s hero, the core journey we’re in here is Johnny bettering himself. He’s a good guy in that sense, as in good guys vs bad guys. However that is like a story centered on Marvel’s Punisher, Frank is a good guy (hero) but he’s not actually a good guy (good person). Frank is
  6. I think Johnny is a good guy, hero sense, and I think he’s on his way to being a good man as well. Same said for Daniel. I think what we’ve discovered the most through Cobra Kai is that even though Johnny was a rich kid and Daniel a poor kid they are the same person… sorta Nature and Nurture thing. They are both males that deeply struggle with what being a man is, they are both impulsive, ill-tempered, and quick to judge others. If Kreese had found Daniel, if Miyagi had found Johnny, they would just be each other reversed. Also no adult I have seen on the show so far, except for mayb
  7. We don’t know who Egon’s daughter married either. My head canon is that she married Oscar, and he’s a hippie spiritualist flake that she eventually had enough of. But anyway… I’m not deep into this season of Cobra Kai yet, but I have seen up to the hockey game that Johnny and Daniel go to. I totally loved Johnny dropping “no be there” as a punchline, perfect 80s one liner usage, felt pretty badass too in that way. lol
  8. Just watched this with the fam, my boys totally loved it. I enjoyed it too. I did enjoy 2016 Busters as well, but 2016 was definitely not the tone of the originals… the difference there being mostly in the style of comedy, I think. On that tone thing, like Tank said, this new one isn’t really the tone of the originals either. It flirts with it, there are many moments where it hits it and moments where it is it’s own thing. If you liked the originals, this is a continuation of OG Busters. Afterlife is not perfect, but it is definitely worth a watch, if you’re on the fence about it.
  9. I feel that this is the worst Disney Marvel film ever made. It’s heartless, humorless, tired, and boring. It feels like an amalgamation of all the worst and most self important aspects of the hero genre. The only joy I have gotten from this film so far was making my wife laugh when I said that Kumail’s character should be called Finger Guns. In fairness, we’re only about forty minutes in. In reverse fairness, forty minutes is more than enough time to know if a film is a slog. Okay, we’re done. Giving up. 1 hour in and it becomes a ‘this is what reality is’ Ted Talk by a Pl
  10. The New Years Eve Special was simple and rather neat because of that. Weird to think Whittaker has, what, two episodes left now? Shame really. Oh well.
  11. Sorry this happened to you, Tank. From the outside looking in, perhaps she wanted to “win” you more than accept your lifestyle… and in fairness to her that could be something she might not have fully understood herself until the blow up. Obvious conjecture here though. I hope you both can work through it so as not to damage your projects. Edit: Just noticed Destiny had a similar thought.
  12. I think Danny Rand being a spoiled white American who learns to find self worth and self control by accepting another culture still has a pretty relevant message to it. To be fair that isn’t what Netflix gave us though. lol
  13. Really looking forward to more Kate & Yelena. I would also like Maybe Clint and Laura to be like I dunno, continue their “troop mom and dad” roles… Maybe blend with Fury’s old role.
  14. Merry Christmas, everyone. Thanks for being my friends.
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