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  1. zambingo

    Matrix 4

    The church I was attending when the last Matrix film came out wanted to get a film showing license or whatever needed there just so they could show the films. The youth pastor and pastor were all super excited about how it’s about Jesus. I was like, you’re morons.
  2. I thought I saw the Shang-Chi banner in Disney+. Weird. Oh well. I’ll wait. I have no plans to ever set foot in a theater again. Over it.
  3. I’ve been away from my kids nine times in twenty years. Okay, I was exaggerating, it’s been fourteen times.
  4. zambingo


    I wonder if there will be or should be an engineering and architectural movement to build stilt buildings and things of that adaptive nature again. No more basement apartments, etc. I mean, just because all these “normal” buildings exist now shouldn’t mean humanity needs to stick to that building type. Let’s evolve, am I rite. It certainly seems like humanity, cultures, used to adapt to their environment. Feels like we’re dumb now.
  5. The trailer made me feel like it was crossing Big Trouble in Little China with like Mortal Kombat and then like a meme Chef Kiss of MCU for flavor. I plan on ordering it on Disney+ soon, looking forward to dragons and shit. lol
  6. zambingo


    So… fuck Ida, am I rite? Damn. I mean obviously hurricanes bad, but the after effects this time are nuts.
  7. zambingo


    Right? Ida like to know what Congress is gonna do about. I’m already sorry.
  8. zambingo

    NFL 2021

    Cam was a great player at one point and I was excited to think he could be that still last season… well, it would seem that the Patriots can only have the quality of the QB play go up this season. This season will still likely be rough however, even Peyton Manning had a tough rookie year.
  9. I feel for that, the masks do get hot. I was walking around grocery shopping just the other day and had to wonder just how full of hot air I actually was.
  10. In regards to kids and masks, I might be lucky because I have kids that absolutely adore ninja so I have had to explain they don’t need their masks in our own home.
  11. My oldest kiddo and his wife moved into our neighborhood this month, literally the property we live in, not the same building but just over the street. I’m hoping this means we’re good people, good parents and all that. Rather than it meaning we have accidentally started a cult commune. I must admit I absolutely love that they can just pop over, and that my youngest boys can just pop over there and see their big brother. I think this might be why they moved so close, to be honest. My oldest is 14 years older than my youngest, so he appears to be doing everything he can to maintain that br
  12. The Anchorage School District has now cancelled a school bus route apparently due to the driver getting COVID, and the bus company not having a driver available… because of COVID. 1,200 Approx new cases in Alaska split over the last two days. Meanwhile the State Fair is on, concerts, all sorts. The Foo Fighters were up here and required vax cards or recent negative tests to enter the concert. However also recently in Alaska, Customs seized 3,000 fake vax cards. So yay for people. Be all you can be, I guess, that being the shittiest person you can be, I guess.
  13. You’re totally right about Strange, Fozzie. Even tho my initial reaction was surprise, it just takes a moment to realize Strange does whatever he wants all of the time. In regards to whether these villains are literally from the previous films with whatever we can say is canon for those films tagging along with them or if they are wink wink variants just go with it… I hope it’s the latter. Canon is a young person’s game.
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