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  1. yeah no problem, and by the the only one here with similar goal as porevious posts show. We are collectors and what not the best way to find some cool stuff if here someone else already has it, for instance when I collect sometimes I may have 3 or 4 balls of the same kind just for that purpose

  2. Looking for Ligue 1 match balls if anyone has for sale or trade..



    Hi Guys,


    Please try to avoid discuss buy and sell on this site,We have been shut down before because of this issue. Thanks


    nobody stated that here it is prohobited

    plus ball collecting involves all aspects including that, so I am sure I udnerstand you. Just to post pictures of balls and see who has bigger one, seriously?, if it all limited to that I dont find it very appealing. It is impossible to buy and sell anything using THIS site, thats why there is ebay etc.

  3. Hi, I am new user. But have been collecting shoes, jerseys, balls for several years now. I am mostly interested to find out if there are potential trading and buying opportunities between users here. Looking for couple of certain soccer balls to add to my collection, open to different offers if someone an extra of something in their collection or wants to trade etc. Thanks

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