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  1. Ahhhh. and "Unlocking Sherock" a behind the scenes thing... I'd probably like to see that.
  2. Mmm..doubtful since they started with "A Study In Pink", a parallel to "A Study in Scarlet"which is the introduction of Watson to Holmes. Can't think of where they were before that, unless they tracked Watson thru Afghanistan and Holmes through his 'experiments" and earlier solo investigations.
  3. Absolutley! Martin Freeman grabbed me from the very beginning. He's a fine actor. I'm reserving judgement on Benedict (though what I've seen has been lots of fun). I just took in the last ep! I didn't know they only made three?! Alas! I did stumble upon an articel that siad that "The Who-heads" (my little term for the writers) are so busy with Dr. Who right now that htey've only time for a little meeting to discuss when they can get back to it. Approved, surely! But how many eps, etc?! I'll be waiting impatiently, I can tell you that much. They left us on such a cliiff-hanger! I shan't s
  4. Placing this one under Science Fiction because of all the relations to it: "Sherlock" was a program that was whispered to me whilst watching "Merlin". I ignored it until recently. It's not at all a bad series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes (almost Dr. Who and "Hawking") and Martin Freeman as Watson(Arthur Dent, Hitchhiker's). Produced by BBC Wales for Masterpiece Theatre, with the usual affiliation to WGBH Boston, this chronicle of Holmes and Watson is updated; although there are little nods to the original Sherlock Holmes: 1st ep, Sherlock is beating on a corpse exactly as describ
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