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  1. Moreover, didn't he say they could only send back not forward? Think about it. He didn't have the means to go back from 1984, the technology wasn't available. That's why it was a one way trip. No one said you couldn't travel FORWARD with the machine itself. Kyle's mission wasn't to go back to the future (no pun) once his mission was complete-- And John, knowing Kyle would die in the process of completing his mission, didn't bother to provide the means for him to come forward again. T:SCC introduces that if you send back someone with the know-how of building a Time-Displacement chamber an
  2. The bolt was just the same as an aftershock from an earthquake. Just a leftover static energy type of thing. Did NOBODY see Sarah's arm/sleeve framing the left side of the screen during the "I love you too" part? She was standing right there.
  3. He said "You're about to become famous." "Why?" "My brother's back, and you're wearing his coat." Then Kyle Reese walks in, and John looks upon his father in awe. What I found interesting was how no one heard of or knew John Connor. Simply because, because John wasn't in the past/present for Judgement Day, he wasn't there to round everyone up in the future. Next question being, who was leading the Resistance at that point? Were they still unorganized rebels? Or was Kyle the leader? He did have an air to him when he walked in, like "I run this bitch."
  4. WTF! NO! JUST LIKE THAT!? NO!! I can't believe it. He deserved more than that.
  5. Damn you people. Am I the only one that likes Jesse for reasons other than her looks and accent?
  6. A lot of people didn't like this episode. I loved it. Total mind**** twist at the end.
  7. No! Don't say that! Jesse belongs to Derek and only Derek. She wouldn't flake on him with some chick, least of all Riley! Whoa. Are you saying there's something wrong with Jesse being bi? Dude! If it makes you feel any better I get the idea that she just has sex with Riley to control her but that she actually has feelings for Derek. No. So far there's no proof that she's bi, for one. What I'm saying is I like Derek and Jesse as an item, and I wouldn't want that to be corrupted.
  8. In all three episodes Kyle has appeared in, they've had the same guy play him.
  9. No! Don't say that! Jesse belongs to Derek and only Derek. She wouldn't flake on him with some chick, least of all Riley!
  10. Started up again tonight. Anyone else catch it?
  11. Actually, now that I think of it: In the SCC episode, the orders to go out on patrol come from Perry. The squad goes up, and then gets seperated. In T1, Kyle tells Silberman that he served under Perry from 2021 to 2027, at which point John Connor took him under his wing to work diredctly for him up until 2029 when he was sent back in time. Could be that if anything, the T1 scene takes place AFTER Kyle is transferred to Connor's command, and thinks Derek is just as much gone as the vice versa, especially since Derek was captured for some time. He'd have been assigned a new squad by that poin
  12. I just realized something. Think back to the Season One episode Dungeons and Dragons where we first saw Kyle Reese. Derek was hassling Kyle over keeping a picture of Sarah Connor with him. Immediately after this, they're sent out on a patrol, and after the squad is attacked by an aerial HK, Kyle disappears. Derek never sees him again. We're meant to understand that this was when John sent Kyle back to 1984, and Derek was kept in the dark over it. But in Terminator 1, we're shown a scene where Kyle and his squad just get in from a patrol, sometime before he's sent back in time, a future
  13. When I saw that in the preview for this episode last week, "Maybe we can be together," I almost choked. Derek's my favorite character, and Jesse is his girl. If Riley had screwed with that, I would have went back in time and killed her. When Jesse cracked her in the face and turned away I nodded in agreement. Is she really dead though? Cause if that's the case I'm glad. She was getting useless anyway. The 'damaged goods' chick from Season One was more interesting that this flamboyant pain in the ass.
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