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  1. I watched the 2000 D&D movie last night, and it is actually better than I remember it being.  It bombed at the box office, got tons of bad reviews, but it some ways I thought it was superior to Honor Among Thieves.  The problem I have with D&D movies is that they don't take themselves that seriously.  I would love to see a D&D story made into an epic trilogy like what was done with the LOTR films.  But the D&D films are intentionally silly and, despite being set in a medieval world, makes use of humor that's more suited to our modern sensibilities and it almost feels like breaking the fourth wall.  I think all that is especially true for Honor Among Thieves.  It poked fun at itself so much that it often felt like a comedy.  The 2000 version of the movie took itself more seriously.  It was grittier and had a more epic feel to it.  

  2. On 1/10/2024 at 9:38 AM, Darth Krawlie said:

    I never understood how poor eyesight = smart ever started anyway

    Smart people have an overly large prefrontal cortex, which puts extra pressure on the optic machinery behind the eyeballs, increasing the likelihood of weaker vision, and therefore the likelihood of needing glasses.

  3. Quote

    This is honestly why I hate multi-verse stories. There's no tension because anything can be changed or fixed. It's honestly why I quit reading comics, because both DC and Marvel rely on it so much. Tony Stark is dead? Don't worry, we'll just bring his alter in from another dimension!

    This is what's turned me off of superhero movies lately.  Wolverine can die in one film, show up again in Deadpool 3, and the writers no longer have the burden of acknowledging his prior death.  It isn't relevant.  It never happened.  It feels like we're reaching the point where every film can just do it's own thing without constraints set by any other film, which ironically defeats the whole purpose of a shared cinematic universe.  


  4. When the entire story is magically erased at the end.  We’re made to believe the stakes are high, but ultimately nothing you saw mattered because it all got undone.  They show us something and really play it up, and then yell psych.  A good example is the Prince of Persia movie that came out around a decade ago.  The characters were after some magical artifact that could turn back time.  At the end it was used to reset everything.  So nothing you saw for the past two hours mattered because it all got erased.  Sitcoms used to do this a lot too when you find out a character was dreaming the whole time.  Always bugged the hell out of me.

  5. I've become so critical of time travel films that I'm always afraid to watch one, because if it isn't well thought out or breaks it's own rules, it'll put me in an extremely grumpy state.

    An example is Deja Vu.  Spoilers if you haven't seen it.  He goes back in time to prevent a woman's murder, and in the process leaves messages for his future self, messages that he saw prior to traveling back in time.  There were other things too to suggest that his actions were already part of the film's originally established past.  This suggests a loop.  Because he's in a loop, there's no reason to think he should save the woman, because her murder is what motivated him to time travel in the first place.  But somehow he saves her.  So was he in a loop or an alternate timeline?  The movie couldn't decide, so it tried to have it both ways.  Ruined the whole movie for me.  

    It's been a while sinse I saw Looper, but I seem to recall something similar happening in that film too.  

  6. Honestly, I think Halloween 2018 worked well on its own and was far more climactic than what we got in Halloween Ends.  Halloween 2018 should have been it. No need for a trilogy.

    My head cannon is Halloween, Halloween 2, and H20. I’ve made watching these a Halloween tradition.  


  7. Just wanted to share something I found amusing.

    You know how Dr. Crusher is absent from season 2, but returns in season 3, with Dr. Pulaski pretty much being a stand-in for her in her absence?  I don't know what the real-life story behind that was, but here's how I wish the show had handled that.  Now, I have a weird sense of humor, so I'm not sure if any of you will find this particularly funny, but I thought I'd share.  In one of the first episodes featuring Dr. Pulaski (I can't remember which one), she suggests to Troi the possibility of relieving Picard of command because she fears Picard is too emotionally close to whatever was happening.  Troi sayed she didn't think that was necessary because she didn't sense that Picard was emotionally compromised, and the issue was dropped.  I think it would have been funny if the show made that a repeating thing.  Every episode, Pulaski finds a different reason to suggest that Picard should be relieved of command, and her suggestion is always shot down by the rest of the crew.  Each episode plays out without acknowledging the incident again, or how weird it is that this same crew member keeps looking for reasons to relieve Picard of command.  As the season progresses, Pulaski becomes more and more adament in her arguments for relieving Picard of command, and her reasons become more and more ridiculous.   This goes on until she has some kind of breakdown and is relieved of duty.  This is when Crusher returns as ship's doctor, and Pulaski is never mentioned again in the series, leaving the audience to wonder what the hell her problem was.  I think this would have been hilarious.  

  8. I recently bought Gung-Ho on Amazon.  I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.  It’s weird because I know I saw this movie, and have clear recollections of it, but I don’t know when or where I saw it.  I can usually tell you how old I was when I saw a movie, where I was, etc., but I have no context for when/where I saw this.  It’s been bugging me.  I’m hoping watching it will jog my memory.

  9. I enjoyed it a lot.  I've never played DnD, but I read a lot of the Forgotten Realms novels, which was set in the same world, and it was fun seeing that world adapted to the big screen.


    Bonus for you, those characters have a cameo in the movie!

    Really?!?  Where?  I had no idea.

  10. What I really liked about Keaton's Batman is the whole silent but deadly vibe he had going on.  He could be so intimidating without saying a single word.  I hope that carries over in his performance in Flashpoint.  I hope they don't give him a bunch of witty lines and have him engaging in constant banter with the other heros, like is typical in superhero movies nowadays.  

  11. I watched the Burton films about a year ago, and I’m amazed at how well those movies have aged.  No one is ever going to top Keaton’s performance as Batman. There was a darkness to his Batman that no other actor has been able to recreate.  When I saw Batman 1989 in the theater as a kid, Keaton’s Batman scared the hell out of me.  Not the Joker.  Batman.  

    I’ve been kind of burnt out on superhero movies lately, but I’m so excited for this movie.

  12. Starting reading Batman comics again.  I quite a few years ago because I couldn't stomach Tom King's run.  Giving it another go now.  Anyone else reading?  I had no idea that Alfred's been dead for the past six years.  

    You know what really bugs me about Batman comics nowadays?  When I started reading the comics in the early 90s, Batman was all the time saying things like "I work alone!" "I don't need a partner!  I don't need anyone!"  That's how I was introduced to the character, and it's still weird to see him surrounded by this extensive "Bat Family" that exist in the comics today.  There are a bunch of Robins.  There's Nighwing, Batwoman, Batgirl.  The list goes on and on.  Batman feels like a team book now.  I miss the solo Batman.

  13. Ed Harris and James Caan.  For a long time I thought these two were the same person.  I still can't keep straight who played in what movie.  My memory always wants to put Ed Harris in James Caan's roles and vice versa.

    Jeff Daniels and Daniel Stern.  Don't ask me why I formed an association between these two.  Maybe it was just the name similarity.  I can correctly identify each actor by name, but again, my mind wants to swap their roles.  I constantly have to remind myself that Jeff Daniels wasn't one the burglars in Home Alone, because that's the way I remember it.  

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