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  1. My take on that scene has always been that this was the last we saw of Anakin, until ROTJ. When he learned that Padme was dead, he didn't have anything else to live for, and this was the moment when he fully embraced the dark side and Anakin "died." Again, just my personal take, but I never saw this scene as Vader displaying humanity, but rather, this scene marked the true birth of Vader and the final suppression of the Anakin persona. That's how I've always seen it. This is a subtle one, and debatable whether this reflects any act of conscience in Vader. It was also Vader's idea t
  2. This is exactly what I don't want to see with Vader. The payoff in ROTJ is based on the whole idea that there is nothing remotely human left in him. It's not enough that the characters believed Anakin to be completely gone, but the audience isn't shown any reason to think otherwise either, and that's what made his redemption so powerful. We were never shown anything to suggest it. It was like a miracle. Having him conflicted in this new series will mitigate what ROTJ did. Vader should be a one-dimensional evil character who is only driven by power. There's not supposed to be anything e
  3. I have to disagree. I think his intentions are relevant because they were so obvious in this instance. I don't think anyone watching the movies would jump to the Leia being force sensitive explanation without having to do some mental gymnastics first. I think this is one of those instances where Lucas's original intention is obvious just from the viewing, making it "obviously" a continuity problem. If it wasn't "obviously" his original intention, then it doesn't work.
  4. I still say it’s a stretch, and I doubt it’s what Lucas originally intended when he wrote those lines for Leia.
  5. Yep, should have watched WandaVision first.
  6. Oh, the continuity errors annoyed me too, the biggest being Leia remembering her mother. I just never put the lightsaber thing in that category. Were we ever supposed to take Obi-Wan that literally in ANH? That he tried to hand Anakin's lightsaber to Owen and Owen said "We don't want that thing?" Maybe, but after all the backlash over it not being in the PT, I can't see it happening on this show without it feeling forced or a fan service. It would have to be done just right for it to work for me.
  7. Same. But I really hope they don't attempt a scene where Obi-Wan tries to give Owen Anakin's lightsaber for Luke when he's older and Owen waves it away. That not being shown in the prequels has been a point of criticism among some fans and has often been called a continuity problem, but I just don't think a scene like that was ever really needed. Even before the PT, I came to take anything that Obi-Wan said to Luke in that ANH scene with a grain of salt. After all, that line of Obi-Wan's in ANH came right on the hills of him telling Luke that Vader killed his father. I certainly didn't wa
  8. I could be on board with that, also with what THT is saying. I think the problems come when the writers reboot things, only to turn around and use the reboot itself as the premise of a story, and that's when you end up with all the convoluted multiverse crap no one can follow. I think that's the problem with DC. They're always rebooting their universe, and they say it's so new readers can come in, but they can never resist the temptation to use the reboot itself as the premise of some huge crises type event down the road, effectively making the older continuity relevant again and screwing o
  9. My biggest problem with comics today is that there are no jumping-on points for new readers anymore. You have to know the entire comic book history of a character to follow any story. None of it stops being relevant. I picked up the first issue of the new Defenders book a few months back. Now, I've never read Defenders, but I figured, the issue has a #1 on it, so I shouldn't be too lost, right? Wrong. Practically every page had one of those footnotes to an earlier story. I had no idea what was going on. I guess the book was aimed solely at readers who'd been reading Defenders comics si
  10. This is exactly what I don't like about the multiverse. Writing stories set in a multiverse, writers no longer have an incentive to respect continuity. They can arbitrarily cherry-pick what they want to carry over from older stories, and what they want to leave behind, and it's never a continuity problem because they always have the convenient out of saying it's a different universe. Any real context for the events we're seeing goes out the window, and without that, none of it really matters. Don't get me wrong. I loved Spider-Man: No Way Home, but I feel like the MCU is opening up
  11. This show has disaster written all over it. Some of the changes they're making are just blasphemy. The reason Jackon's films were successful and so well received by fans is that he respected the source material. Amazon is butchering the lore, and it gives the appearance that they either aren't that knowledgeable of Tolkien's works, or they just don't care enough to do it justice. Supposedly there are wizards in the show. Wizards didn't come to Middle-Earth until after the Battle of Last Alliance at the beginning of the third age. Events that were separated by centuries are now happening
  12. Same here. When they were chatting at the statue of Liberty, I was actually a little disappointed when the villans showed up and I knew other stuff had to happen. I actually just watched Amazing Spider-Man 2 for the first time the other night, and now I'm a little confused. Electro never discovered Peter's secret, so why was he pulled into the MCU? By all indications, he died at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2, so there was no chance of him having found out later on in his timeline. It doesn't make sense.
  13. Martha being an Arkham and psychologically disturbed came from the Batman: Earth One graphic novel that came out several years ago. There was so much in this film that was borrowed from that story, like Thomas Wayne running for mayor. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't think that was ever part of the Batman lore before that comic. Also, there were those remarks from Alfred about teaching Bruce to fight (as opposed to Bruce leaving Gotham for 10 years to train), and blaming himself for not protecting Thomas and Martha. That was actually a big part of the Batman: Earth One story. Thomas and Al
  14. In most cases, I'm an "all or nothing" kind of person. I'm either all in, or not at all. I've always had a strict policy that I never see a sequel without its predecessor first. Even if I can still follow the story, I hate getting that "I clearly missed something somewhere" feeling. I made a point of reading The Silmarillian before reading LOTR for that exact purpose. Even if I could follow LOTR without it, all those constant references to those earlier stories would have ruined it for me. I feel like Marvel's cinematic universe is becoming just like its comics. I start reading one
  15. For me, it's all starting to seem a little overwhelming, like the MCU has gotten too big, to the point that I'm now feeling like I have to devote a good chunk of my free time to it that I'd rather spend in other ways. I'm an outdoors guy, and I'm usually out hiking somewhere when the weather is good. And when I am indoors, I'm usually reading. Television is just never on my radar. After a bad break-up years ago, I'm finally getting back out there and dating again. And somehow I need to squeeze hours and hours worth of D+ shows into my already limited free time in order to follow a movie i
  16. Yes, I know that the films have always been tied together. Like I said, I've been following them all sense Iron Man 2008. I just never thought we'd get to the point where Marvel is just assuming that their theater audiences are watching a bunch of shows at home. I would have thought they'd be concerned with alienating general movie goers.
  17. So we're expected to be up-to-date on the TV shows before going into a marvel movie now? I kinda feel cheated. I never had any desire to watch WandaVision, Loki, or whatever else they've put on Disney Plus, and have no knowledge of any of it, and I shouldn't have to do homework to see a movie. I'm sure WandaVision is great, but I'm not much of a TV person. Same with Star Wars. I've seen the movies countless times, but I've never seen a single episode of Clone Wars, Mandalorian, or whatever else they're doing. Never had any desire to watch them. Never even thought about it. I just don't
  18. So does Wanda's presence in this film mean that I should watch WandaVision first?
  19. I really wish the MCU would keep a distance from those X-men films, as in not even acknowledge them. Continuity-wise, those films were a mess, and I can't even take them seriously anymore.
  20. People who don't know how to use the word "conspiracy theory." The other day, I heard the belief in Atlantis referred to as a conspiracy theory. Taking an old written account as literal history doesn't constitute a conspiracy theory, unless someone is arguing that people are trying to hide Atlantis from us. Same applies to Big Foot and spontaneous human combustion. I hear those called conspiracy theories sometimes. They're pseudoscience, sure, but they're not conspiracy theories because for something to qualify as a conspiracy theory it has to, you know, involve a conspiracy.
  21. Haha. Good point. I guess it's silly to worry about whether something is/isn't cannon in context with a multiverse.
  22. I loved this movie, but there's a couple of lingering questions that's been bugging me. Spoilers to anyone who hasn't seen the film yet... 1) The premise is based on Peter wanting to cure these villians in the hope that their actions don't lead to their deaths once they return to their own universe, right? The idea being, if they're no longer villians, then they'll stop doing whatever it was that lead to their deaths. But can't the villians do that anyway, cure or no cure, now that they have knowledge of how their course of actions are going to lead to their deaths? There's nothing i
  23. Garfield was my least favorite cinematic spidey, but yeah, he stole every scene he was in with Maguire and Holland in this film.
  24. I went into this completely spoiler free and had no idea whether or not Andrew or Tobey would be in the film. I figured at most we'd get cameos from them if they were in it at all. I wasn't expecting them to play such a huge part in the film. Totally blew me away.
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