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  1. I keep getting told that I look like Jake Gyllenhaal.
  2. I would ask the universe what the real time travel rules are. We've seen all sorts of different rules in sci-fi, but what would really be the result of me going into the past and changing something? Would I create an alternate timeline that exist independently from my own? And if so, what would happen when traveled back to my own time? Will I return to the timeline that I knew or the alternate one? Or maybe I'll discover that I can't change history at all, because my actions were already part of history? Maybe my actions only bring about the past as I already knew it. I really want to k
  3. This reminds me of the problem of evil. People sometimes argue that a good god wouldn't allow such and such to happen in the world, but in doing so those individuals are presupposing that they they know what an infinitely good, infinitely intelligent being would do. Once we start talking about a being possessing infinite amounts of those qualities, we're talking about something that lies outside the realm of what is testable and measurable.
  4. This thing where they're trying to discredit Fauci by pointing out his prior "mistakes" about the virus is really odd to me. Fauci made those statements based on what we knew at the time. Doesn't the fact that he has periodically updated his statements speak to his willingness to assimilate new information? Highlighting those old statements by Fauci now only emphasizes that he is someone who bases his views on evidence and empirical data. Is that really the message the white house is wanting to send? It reminds me of an argument I had here once upon a time with a creationist who said that
  5. You know what I don't get? Trump has a history of making false claims, right? Covid 19, hurricanes, immigration, you name it, and he's made false claims about it (statistics that seem to come out of thin air, etc.) Now, given how much Trump loves to fire people, why hasn't he fired whoever is giving him the bad intel? After nearly four years, how is it that that guy still has a job? If there's anyone in the Trump administration that needs to be given the boot, its that guy, because he's making the president look like a moron.
  6. I always thought Stephen Colbert would make a great replacement for RDJ as Tony Stark. He's already got a lot of the mannerisms. Lose the glasses and put some facial on him and I think he could pul it off.
  7. Regarding the question of invalidation, had the PT not been made, the ST wouldn't have invalidated Luke's or Anakin's victories in any way. Luke saved his father and Anakin finally won his internal battle with the dark side. Both are personal victories, and neither is undone or diminished by Palpatine's return. But when the PT introduced the prophecy/chosen-one stuff, Anakin's actions at the end of ROTJ took on a greater significance. It wasn't just a personal victory anymore. He was bringing balance to the force, a gesture that is now empty given that Palpatine came right back.
  8. Yep. Something that Palpatine reiterates to Anakin over and over again is the idea that it is Anakin's "destiny" to join him as his sith apprentice. Surely Anakin knew of the prophecy and the council's belief that he is the chosen one. Palpatine's subtle hints that the sith are responsible for Anakin's creation was his way of creating doubt in Anakin's mind regarding his true purpose.
  9. I just got back from seeing this. Its still too fresh and I need to let it sink in for a while, but for the most part I feel pretty let down. Here are my top three nit-picks. I haven't read all the posts yet (I'm working on it), so these may have been addressed already. 1) This film seems to take place in a completely different universe than TLJ. They're that inconsistent. Its clear that Johnson was telling a completely different story than Abrams. First, there are Rey's powers. Johnson had us believe that she was a nobody who was becoming stronger and stronger in the force in order
  10. I've always liked stories where the lead character is a nobody who gets swept up in something big, and this is what I was originally going for. The lead character led a very sheltered existence. He's a human raised in dwarven mines and pretty much knows nothing of the outside world or of his own people. This character has to leave home for the first time to go on a quest with a group of strangers. For the most part, I have the quest figured out (the destination, the purpose, the role the lead character must play in it, etc.) But at some point, I decided that this is a story about betray
  11. I just thought of a good analogy to illustrate my dilemma. Stories typically have an action-driven component, and a character component, right? In ROTJ, we see the rebellion lead an attack on the DS, while Han and Leia are down on Endor trying to disable the shields. That's all plot driven stuff, right? Meanwhile we see a more human story play out in the thrown room, a story where people aren't just reacting to external events, but one in which their choices are the focus and shape future events. So, which typically comes first in writing? Is the human story born out of the plot-driven
  12. The problem I'm having is, the character story that I'm wanting to tell requires a different backstory than the plot-driven story I want to tell. For example, the plot of the story requires a certain character to have backstory X, but I'm finding that I need this character to have backstory Y for the character story to work. But if I change the history of said character from X to Y, then the plot changes too because the premise of the story is contingent upon X. That's what I mean about not getting them to mesh. So now I'm stuck on X vs Y. The only way I can see doing both is to compromis
  13. I saw this on Halloween of last year. I walked away liking it as a decent sequel to the first Halloween film. This Halloween, I decided to go the other route and followed Halloween 1 up with Halloween 2 and Halloween H20. Having done that, I now have to say that I think Halloween H20 is the superior film over this new retcon. Having re-watched H20, I think it's a much more satisfying ending to Laurie Strobe's and Michael's story (yeah, I know they followed this one with that terrible Halloween: Resurrection film, which is so bad I don't think anyone can blame me for pretending it doesn't
  14. You know, I just realized what's been hanging me up with writing this story. I've been reading about the differences between plot-drivien stories and character-driven ones, and it dawned on me for the first time that I'm trying to do both and the two stories aren't meshing. I've been trying to tell one story with the characters, and then their is the plot. The plot has been getting in the way of what I'm trying to do with the charactes, and vice versa. I think that's why I'm not getting anywhere. I haven't been willing to compromise the plot or the characters as I have them, but now I'm t
  15. I was really sorry to read this, Brando. I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been. I'm glad to learn that she's heading in the right direction. You have my prayers.
  16. Back to the Future Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Hot Tub Time Machine Die Hard Basically any movies involving time travel.
  17. Neither. None of that matters without a story. It should be the first and last consideration. Not to say you couldn't have an idea for a character, or even a whole universe before a story, they could certainly inspire one. But a detailed universe with a story that says or does nothing isn't going to amount too much. Ah! I learned something When I tried to dabble with creative writing a long time ago, I always approached it with trying to create a universe, usually inspired by old, but actual, mythos (EG Ancient Greece, Egypt, or other myths), then tried to create characters, then a stor
  18. National Treasure and The Da Vinci Code. Even excluding the obvious similarity of both premises (secrete maps/codes), there are a lot of unintentional tie-ins which makes for a great double-feature. For example, the treasure that Nick Cage was looking for in National Treasure was said to be the treasure that the Knights Templar looted while combing Europe searching for the Holy Grail.
  19. I haven't seen the show sense its revival, but I watched Rosanne back in the 90's, and I've been really curious about something (just not enough to actually watch the show). How did the revival handle the fact that Dan used to be dead? Or did it just go ignored? In the 1996 series final, it was revealed that Dan didn't actually survive his heart attack, the family never actually won the lottery, and a ton of other stuff that we were led to believe throughout the run of the show never really happened. It was explained that it was all a fictional book that Rosanne had been writing, and had f
  20. Yeah. It was one of the perks of being a community supporter, if I remember correctly. We mods were required to write a blurb about what was happening in our forums. I hated it.
  21. Remember when Nightly had a monthly newsletter?
  22. Quetzalcoatl


    I'm really excited for this. This show had me at Picard, but Seven of Nine and Data too! I never thought I'd see any of these characters on screen again. I keep watching this trailer over and over and over... A couple of questions... 1) Its been ages sense I last saw "All Good Things," but shouldn't Picard have dementia? Wasn't his future self in the TNG final suffering from it? 2) If this series is set after the destruction of Romulus, then it establishes that the prime timeline continued to exist alongside the Kelvin one. Nero's meddling with the past in Star Trek 2009 in no w
  23. I'm with Choc. I'll have to decline. This project is only a hobby for me, and I can't even say I'm that good at it. Doesn't feel right having someone invest in it. Thanks all the same, though.
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