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  1. Setting up a new computer is such a pain in the buttocks!

  2. Setting up a new computer is such a pain in the buttocks!

  3. Is it possible to absolutely love and hate an episode of Lost at the same time?

  4. Well, not bad. I still think Matt is creepy looking, but I think he's going to be a pretty fun Doctor. The TARDIS interior I'm not too sure about, and that intro music is rubbish. I guess the best part was the dynamic between Amy and The Doctor. They have great chemistry. I didn't think I'd say this, but I am looking forward to the upcoming series. P.S. I SO want Amy's hair!!! The legs would be a bonus, but I don't think mine would stretch that far. I'll settle for the hair
  5. Ouch. That's cold blooded.

  6. Sorry about your mom

  7. I cried like a pathetic lil' baby when the Doctor regenerated (that last line just broke my heart), but i'll give MS a chance. The Doc doesn't have to be dishy like Tennant, but at least get a guy whose face doesn't look like it's made of Silly Putty! As for the good-byes, I enjoyed 2 of them. Donna/Wilf's farewell was sweet, but I enjoyed seeing The Doc visit Joan Redfern's great-grandaughter. I thought that was a welcome surprise (Plus I adore Jessica Hynes!) Side Note: Billie Piper looked odd. Is she wasting away, did she have work done, or are her teeth just growing at a monumental rat
  8. Geez, that's alot of peeps! Hope they don't try to cram too much into one special About the new Doc. I don't have to have a hottie Doctor (Tennant was the only one I ever thought was a cutie), but this guy is just disturbing to look at
  9. True Blood Wipeout Gene Simmons Family Jewels Primeval The F Word Jonathon Ross I was late to Bones, so now I'm catching up on all the seasons I missed
  10. You read my mind, especially on the last 3
  11. That happened to me during ST. Friggin' annoying! The one thing during ST that peeved me the most was the dillhole sitting behind me. Everytime a character would come on the screen, he had to announce it. "There's Bones", "There's Uhura", "It's Spock" Well no **** it's Spock. I think the frackin' ears might give it away!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, back to the subject.... I never liked it anyway, but hearing wanna-be and actual gangstas saying "Know what I'm saying" every other sentence makes me want to KILL....EVERYONE!!!
  12. Happy birthday again, cutie!

  13. I agree. I don't want her returning here and there. You should have stayed put! Just go back to hooking, and leave Who alone!!!!
  14. It was a downer already knowing, but I was still able to enjoy the epi. I can understand why they made Spoiler! --Click here to view-- Doctor Two It gives the Spoiler! --Click here to view--Rose/Doctor shippers what they want, and gives the writers a reason not to ever drag that character back again. It seemed like a family reunion episode, but it did have it's good points Spoiler! --Click here to view--Pros 1. The effects are still a lil' cheese, but they are improving 2. Mickey kissing his gun, loved it 3. Rose and the Doc recognizing Gwen. Thought that was a nice touch 4. Tosh
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