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  1. Well, not bad. I still think Matt is creepy looking, but I think he's going to be a pretty fun Doctor. The TARDIS interior I'm not too sure about, and that intro music is rubbish. I guess the best part was the dynamic between Amy and The Doctor. They have great chemistry. I didn't think I'd say this, but I am looking forward to the upcoming series. P.S. I SO want Amy's hair!!! The legs would be a bonus, but I don't think mine would stretch that far. I'll settle for the hair
  2. I cried like a pathetic lil' baby when the Doctor regenerated (that last line just broke my heart), but i'll give MS a chance. The Doc doesn't have to be dishy like Tennant, but at least get a guy whose face doesn't look like it's made of Silly Putty! As for the good-byes, I enjoyed 2 of them. Donna/Wilf's farewell was sweet, but I enjoyed seeing The Doc visit Joan Redfern's great-grandaughter. I thought that was a welcome surprise (Plus I adore Jessica Hynes!) Side Note: Billie Piper looked odd. Is she wasting away, did she have work done, or are her teeth just growing at a monumental rat
  3. Geez, that's alot of peeps! Hope they don't try to cram too much into one special About the new Doc. I don't have to have a hottie Doctor (Tennant was the only one I ever thought was a cutie), but this guy is just disturbing to look at
  4. True Blood Wipeout Gene Simmons Family Jewels Primeval The F Word Jonathon Ross I was late to Bones, so now I'm catching up on all the seasons I missed
  5. You read my mind, especially on the last 3
  6. That happened to me during ST. Friggin' annoying! The one thing during ST that peeved me the most was the dillhole sitting behind me. Everytime a character would come on the screen, he had to announce it. "There's Bones", "There's Uhura", "It's Spock" Well no **** it's Spock. I think the frackin' ears might give it away!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, back to the subject.... I never liked it anyway, but hearing wanna-be and actual gangstas saying "Know what I'm saying" every other sentence makes me want to KILL....EVERYONE!!!
  7. I agree. I don't want her returning here and there. You should have stayed put! Just go back to hooking, and leave Who alone!!!!
  8. It was a downer already knowing, but I was still able to enjoy the epi. I can understand why they made Spoiler! --Click here to view-- Doctor Two It gives the Spoiler! --Click here to view--Rose/Doctor shippers what they want, and gives the writers a reason not to ever drag that character back again. It seemed like a family reunion episode, but it did have it's good points Spoiler! --Click here to view--Pros 1. The effects are still a lil' cheese, but they are improving 2. Mickey kissing his gun, loved it 3. Rose and the Doc recognizing Gwen. Thought that was a nice touch 4. Tosh
  9. I hate 2 admit it, but I was crying like a baby at the end of the show. I thought Tennant was a goner, and I was not happy about it. I was happy to see he will make it, but pissed they blew nxt week's epi for me. Glad I wasn't the only one cheesed about that. That's what I like about BBCAmerica showing Who. They may edit the heck out of it, but they don't spoil the following episode for ya. Ho well.
  10. I H8 these network's "creative cutting" That's why I always end up buying them on DVD. Think I'll wait a while to buy series 3. It's gonna be a lil' pricey when it comes out next month. As for what they did show, I liked it. Like that little surprise at the end w/ Jack. As for John Simm, he's a sexy lunatic. A little manic, but I did enjoy his Master. I give the epi a A-
  11. They run DWC when the epis are broadcasted on PBS. Unfortunately, PBS has only been showing the first season...
  12. I enjoyed Blink very much so. I found myself trying not to blink during the epi. Yes, I know I'm lame LoL Sally was indeed a great character. The epi wouldn't have worked well w/o her, seeing as the Doctor had a very limited role..... They sort of spoiled Utopia a bit, but I already knew from being online so much. My mom had no clue though. It was nice to see Capt. Jack back. His one-on-one scenes with the Doctor were a highlight. I really liked Yana, and it almost broke my heart to watch him change. Don't get me wrong though, I am enjoying the entrance of my favorite naughty Time Lord.....
  13. Watched Family of Blood tonight. Enjoyed the epi alot. It was more touching than I thought it would be. The scene where the John sees his possible future with Joan, I almost lost it. Haven't been that weepy over an episode since Father's Day. Nice to see Jessica as Joan, but she will always be Daisy to me..... Can't wait 'til Blink next week. From the promo and the posts above, it looks to be quite a ride!!!!
  14. It was a so-so episode. Guess I'm just burned-out with the cosmic cockroaches. I wouldn't have bothered if I had known I couldn't see part 2. We just moved, and the DirectTV installers can't get out here until the 23rd I'm gonna miss part 2 and the next 2 epis. Geez, moving to the hills sux LoL
  15. Watched Gridlock 2nite. Wasn't a bad epi. Nice to see Ardal again, even as a cat. Couldn't recognize the face, but I know that voice anywhere. Got a lil weepy at the end with Boe. I'm such a dork. I see the Daleks are back YET AGAIN next week. Are they like galactic cockroaches or something?
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