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  1. The scintillating repartee of the intelligentsia, n'est-ce pas?
  2. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.
  3. Your own wiener, or other people's wieners?
  4. Oscar Meyer is looking for a Wienermobile driver, if you want to basically give up your life for the next year: https://heinz.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/KraftHeinz_Careers/job/Virtual-USA/Wienermobile-Spokesperson_R-33458
  5. Yes, yes it is. If you're into cooking at all, you NEED a copy of this book.
  6. Not all of us get to be liberal leftist-coast elites. Gawd.
  7. Went here! Pretty little falls, especially since it's literally across the street from a Dollar General.
  8. I had bun thit nuong for lunch: Vietnamese rice vermicelli bowl with grilled lemongrass beef and spring roll. Not new to me, but damn tasty, considering the restaurant is in a little NC podunk mountain town.
  9. I got called by a scammer. It is my sacred duty to fuck with them. And I got to do it in English and Spanish! Some woman in the background was laughing so hard because he was mad that I kept calling him "La Pinga Pequeña". He finally hung up after he yelled "That's not my name" and I said "Lo siento. Lo siento. ¿Es Señor Pinga Pequeña, sí?" (I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's Mister Tiny Penis, yes?)
  10. I went to see these. Felt like I went to Rivendell.
  11. So MAGA cultists are literally storming the Capitol right now. DC police need to open fire on them.
  12. Today's waterfall hike to Fall Creek Falls in Mayo River State Park, NC
  13. Oh, they understand. They just don't care.
  14. Dude. That stinks. Hope things go well.
  15. Faves: Medieval Christmas music Frankincense and myrrh incense Real Christmas tree with multicolor lights Wrapping presents Original How the Grinch Stole Christmas The movie Bad Santa. Dislikes Egg nog. To quote Cartman, "I fucking hate egg nog, seriously." Jim Carrey's Grinch Mariah Carey anything Little Drummer Boy. Mary just had a baby. The last thing she wants is some damn kid baning away on a drum. Pa rum pum pum pum my ass.
  16. Way to derail. Gawd. I wonder if the show will find a way to keep Grogu in the mix somehow. Possibly something to do with cloning and bringing Snoke up in the mix? Surely with the eleven jillion shows Disney is bringing out we'll get some backstory for Snoke in there somewhere.
  17. There's a fanfic out there where Han Solo goes through a time-space warp, lands on Earth, meets Indiana Jones, and they have sex. Is that canon now?
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