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  1. Oh yeah, I'm following that. Just didn't know if people still cared enough to even still be playing. Having a free account and actively playing the game aren't always the same.
  2. Anyone still playing this? Not wanting to upgrade just for this game means that I'm out till the PS3 version hits... if then.
  3. I just can't enjoy playing this on my laptop, I need to get my desktop up to par to play. It's not just the lag I imagine, it's the graphical staggering, etc. I try attacking something and about 15 seconds later I see my character move, though the HP bars drop. I dunno, maybe it is part lag. Regardless, my laptop's not really setup to play it for now. I'll see what I can do about finding something adequate to play on.
  4. I guess I'm gonna join TR on Wutai for a while. Lindblum is off the grid due to overcrowding. Everyone I know personally playing (except TR) is on Lindblum. I want some pics, name/race/class stats, too!
  5. I'm torrenting the patch too, figure that's gonna be quicker.
  6. Thanks Sephi. I'm at 3% on the download I started about an hour ago. Tomorrow! EDIT: Well, that worked well. Downloaded and installing, too bad work gets in the way.
  7. I've got a scratched disc, so no luck for me anytime soon.
  8. So everyone getting the CE this week? Where's everyone going to be playing? Lindblum still? Not that I'm sure how often I'll play, but I am getting a copy and it would be better to be on the server with you all than to not be.
  9. Everyone in the world seems to be on Lindblum. Think I'll pass for now...
  10. Rabanastre was less crowded, plus I love FFXII.
  11. You all enjoying the open beta? I'm joining Mysidia when I start!
  12. I'm starting up with some of my staff over at RPGamer and will likely be getting the CE edition, too. So Seph, is it truly solo-friendly? I keep hearing so, but I just don't trust those telling me that.
  13. Oh I know I'm gonna play, but I don't think I'm going to enjoy it.
  14. I was interested, but the closer it gets the less I want this one... though I know I'll play...
  15. I loved Michael, true to form, working in the "that's what she said" into his fight with Jan.
  16. New code: 5689 5497 6724 8741 When it got serviced, everything got transferred, but I got a new Wii code. Everyone re-add me. XBL: FinalMacstorm (I might ignore you, because I haven't activated my XBL gold card yet.)
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