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  1. Wow, I should have looked that one over before submitting it to Tank. Got a lot of typos in there. Ugh, I forgot to mention this. Anyone who thinks that "balance" means equal numbers of Jedi and Sith are just...I don't know. Well, I wouldn't say he threw them out the window. The vast majority of the movies are filmed in line with ANH (especially TPM which I think was the most Star Warsy film after ANH) and the Original Trilogy occasionally broke the rules too (particularly ESB). Though RotS went too far I think.
  2. Here's hoping she meets a better ending than Miss Kitty Fantastico. As crappy as that is, I understand it. They wanted to do a biopsy on Nikki last month when she had her liver problems. I simply didn't have the money to let them do it. Luckily she recovered on the medication she was given. But we don't know what was wrong with her, or if it will come back in a year or so.
  3. My vet told me my unnamed cat was too fat and should monitor what he eats better. He never quite understood that I've got 5 other cats and if I cut his food, I'd have to starve the other 5 to death (and he'd still be fat).
  4. More specifically, the deleted scene called "Farwell to Jira". It's the last one on the list.
  5. There's a deleted scene where one of Maul's probe droids finds Qui-Gon and Anakin when they were on their way back to the ship. Qui-Gon busted it with his lightsaber and they started running. That's why the two of them are running for (seemingly) no reason when Maul ambushes them. So, the original intent of the script was that Maul found Qui-Gon and that's what led him to the ship. Not the other way around. Trek has gotten plenty of criticism for using technobabble as a means for resolving a plotline (reaching a crescendo with Voyager). The better episodes only have the outside anom
  6. The Trade Federation did blow up their ship. They didn't exactly get their pick of how to get down to the planet. Anyway, the trip to Otah Gunga wasn't a superfluous special effects detour. The Gungans play an imporant role in the climax of the movie, and the resolution of their conflict with the Naboo makes for the surface of a happy ending to the movie. I think Tank has a point though. Back during ESB, Lucas and Kasdan made a point to think up a story reason why Luke and Han are out patrolling using tauntauns. The snowspeeders were still being adapted to the extreme colds, and wer
  7. I'd be here all day if I started telling all the cute stories of my cats. Nikki's giving me some trouble though. Not for anything she did, but she got sick last month and over the course of a day went from a lively kitty to looking for a place to roll up and die. After taking her to the wrong vet (who just told me she was constipated and gave me laxitives for a cat that wasn't eating or drinking) I got her to another vet who noticed that her gums and ears were a bit yellow. And, as we all know from watching House, that means liver problems. Anyway, Nikki got lucky. They don't know exac
  8. There is a huge drop in quality between the theatrical cut and the material they added to the DVD release. Is that where you were noticing the difference? Most of the added effects occured during the 2nd lap with Anakin doing things like passing the guy with the rear-facing camera, using the wall to flip over another guy, and recovering from the pod spin. As near as I can tell, the effects of the theatrical cut were consistantly near-perfect.
  9. It's funny, I agree... but part of me is annoyed the same way you were with the DIA WANNA WANGA line earlier. This great classic "alien" lines or sounds from the OT often get recycled pointlessly in the PT. The pit droid sucked through the pod engine re-used the Ewok-on-a-speederbike cue. Granted though, no one but people who've seen the film 34123245 times would realize that. Jeez, even I hadn't realized that one. Anyway, "Utini" was already recycled in ANH and is something that jawas seem to say when they get excited. It's the right general context. It makes me laugh. It gets a pass.
  10. Tank says: -- Maul's ship resembles Vader's tie fighter from the rear angle-- fun little nod. -- Maul's ship landing amongst the rocks, and his coming down the ramp is a scene taken directly from one of the proto-drafts of the original Star Wars. I think it was perhaps even THE first SW draft written. The script opened with a Sith Lord setting down on a barren planet in search of Starkiller and his Jedi Bendu sons. -- The probe droids are cool, but I have to wonder if there's some filling in needed here. They just fly off so I am making a big assumption that by now, the TF has turned over
  11. That's a totally different position. Though I agree that Lucas could have done a better job of showing instead of just telling, it doesn't mean the Tatooine scenes needed to be hurried in any way. They were only on the planet for one day afterall.
  12. You'd rather these scenes be rushed just because we know how it's gonna turn out? Doesn't make sense to me. The "how and why" is really the only reason to make the movies.
  13. For that matter, the Jedi would have separated the two as a matter of course whether she was a slave or not. It did help the story though. Having Anakin be Watto's slave made it a lot easier to set up the race plot.
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