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  1. It is Mon Mothma: Back when Rogue One was being teased I remember thinking it would be great to see a spy thriller type movie set within the Imperial Era. Looks like this show is gonna be just that.
  2. They showed the first two episodes during Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim in a theater set up for the convention. I have to say, I hadn’t realized how much I miss watching Star Wars in a theater. It makes a huge difference to watch new content in a theater packed with fans as opposed to watching it at home. Lots of cheering, clapping, laughs and there were even people crying when we saw Order 66. My one criticism of the first two episodes is the Inquisitors showed up on Tatooine just as the plan to kidnap Leia and lure Obi Wan out of hiding is set in motion. What an incredible coincidenc
  3. Anyone attending or watching Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim this weekend? Get ready for lots of teasers. The Andor trailer has just been released (along with one for Willow.) Also a new SW series starring Jude Law called Skeleton Crew.
  4. Chirrut Imwe was the blind guy in Rogue One.
  5. Something that’s very obvious in the world of sports. It used to be that your late 30’s was the twilight of your career if that. Now it’s still part of a player’s prime years. That said, to me the Clone Wars being so close in time to the OT is not that big a deal. What bothers me more is the Jedi being forgotten in such a short span. Characters in ANH gave off the vibe that it had been so long since anyone saw a Force wielder that people almost refused to believe they ever existed.
  6. Hayden will soon start getting upset that Ewan got his own show and will eventually attempt to take over Disney to satisfy his craving for his own series.
  7. "A feeling I have not felt since..." Disney is lucky that in ANH, Vader never finished his thought, leaving it open to whatever place and time they deem fit for Kenobi and Vader's last meeting.
  8. You’re correct. Obi Wan and Yoda clearly hear Palpatine call him Lord Vader. Go to 3:25:
  9. https://youtu.be/32N6ZMPm078
  10. We'll probably end up seeing more of him in the Ahsoka series than Obi Wan.
  11. He did change E.T. I also just read recently that Spielberg admitted making sequels is not his thing because he tends to relax. Aside from the Indy franchise, the only sequel he's ever made is The Lost World. He said when you make a movie, you're on edge because you're not sure how it's going to be received. In his mind every movie he was making might be a disaster. But when you make a sequel to a success like Jurassic Park, particularly in those days, you knew it would make money. There was no worry that no one would want to see it. So he didn't have an edge when making that film, and h
  12. You think maybe people just lose it as they get older and more successful? I wonder because Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is basically the PT version of that series and Lucas wasn’t as heavily involved with it as he was with the PT.
  13. That stupid bastard! If only he would've stepped aside and let others take the lead in making these films. We would've gotten a more coherent, better flowing trilogy without him.
  14. I just wanted to see what people's opinions here were because nothing ruins a conversation faster than someone who can't recognize the difference between best and favorite. Not saying anyone here does that, I'm speaking more in general terms. I've been in conversations with both types and the one who can separate the two types goes much better. It's like if Return of the Jedi is my favorite film, then it's my favorite to watch and that's the one I'll put on and enjoy more than the others. But I would never push it as the best SW film.
  15. This is what bothers me about all these stories/movies/shows that continued to concentrate on Tattooine. If everyone knows it's the go-to place for people to hide, then it's not really a good place to hide.
  16. I told my friends my favorite scene was at the beginning when the small time criminals see the Bat signal in the sky and start to wonder if he’s coming after them. They freak out when they look into the dark spaces of the city worried he’s about to jump out at them. Batman narrates something along the lines of, I can’t be everywhere at once. But what’s important is they don’t know where I am. The convenience store robber is so scared he even gets hit by a car when trying to stay way from the shadows. Just that alone made me think this was going to be good and it did live up to that beginning.
  17. It couldn’t have been. They were not in the temple during the attack. Yoda was in Kashyyyk and Obi Wan in Utapua.
  18. What if this show reveals who saved Grogu during the attack on the temple?
  19. I really really REALLY hope we don't see Ahsoka. Because for someone who wasn't around through the whole OT she sure would be appearing a lot everywhere else.
  20. That’s actually the biggest thing I’d love for this series to “fix” but I can’t see how. There’s no way around “your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn’t allow it.”
  21. Even worse, these are supposed to be the same Inquisitors we saw in Rebels right? And this series takes place before Rebels. So we won’t even see these mini-bosses meet their maker because otherwise continuity.
  22. I was really hoping we never had to see live action helicopter lightsabers. But looks like we are getting them. I hope they don’t use them to actually fly around like they did in Rebels.
  23. Hello there… https://youtu.be/TWTfhyvzTx0
  24. Curious, are you all ranking them based on your personal favorites or on which you feel are better films? I recognize the original 1978 Halloween is clearly the better film, but I still prefer 1981's Halloween II. So in my rankings I'd put it ahead of the first. I have a fondness for Friday the 13th Part III so I put it ahead of The Final Chapter even though that one is overall much better.
  25. That’s not a bad theory actually. TBOBF sure looked like that was the case budget-wise. It’s been reported John Williams returned to score Obi Wan. How much does he cost? Mando and Kenobi seem to be where the money is going. TBOBF felt like a side gig just as you said, to keep something on screen in the meantime.
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