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  1. HAHA!!! no kidding. Oh and also, Sidious explains if you control this World Between Worlds, you posess mastery over all existence. Going back to what you said previously that Disney is using these shows to "fix the ST," I think this is where all of that is headed. Somehow Palpatine returned.
  2. In the book Secrets of the Sith, Darth Sidious describes the World Between Worlds as a "mystical realm" that "connects all of time and space, creating a conduit between the living and the dead." Yes it's a book, yadda yadda, but it's Disney so to them it's canon. The way I see it, by describing it this way, they’ve created a cheat code where any character, even dead ones, can appear and interact with the living.
  3. She tells Anakin she won’t fight him and he says he’s heard that before and then proceeds to attack her. This is a reference to the Luke-Vader duel in ROTJ. If this was all just in her head, Ahsoka wouldn’t know about that.
  4. I thought they should’ve dubbed Eckstein’s voice to those scenes of the younger Ahsoka. They already used it in Rise of Skywalker. So might as well because now Ahsoka’s voice keeps changing throughout the saga.
  5. The movie that let it be known that Teela is a vegan.
  6. And the New Republic is right back to being the same old Republic. I didn't like seeing Mon Mothma look as weak and inept as Chancellor Valorum in TPM.
  7. Someone dropped the ball on the order of the matches. The Rhea Ripley-Raquel Rodriguez match should’ve happened before the tag title match. When Judgment Day won and celebrated as the fireworks went off and were screaming that they had all the gold, it would’ve worked better if Rhea had already defeated her challenger. Instead it looked weird that they were acting like their night had been a huge success when Rhea was still at risk of leaving without her title. It’s also a testament to the weakness of the commentary team to not mention that at all when Rhea got involved in the tag title match. A good commentary team would’ve brought up the major risk Rhea took in going out there and bulldozing Owens through the barricade when she still had a title defense coming up.
  8. I just listened to a podcast about the original 1978 Halloween and they talked about this subject of, "if that was me..." They went through the way audiences criticize Laurie Strode for doing "dumb things" in that movie too. They likened it to people who react to horrible events on the news such as a mass shooting at the mall or at school by saying, "if I had been there I would've..." No you wouldn't. No one knows how they'd react to a situation like that until you're actually facing it.
  9. That was part of what made the early slasher films good. The characters actually acted like regular people and made for likeable groups. Alice did try to jump in the jeep but Annie's body was there. It made her hysterical and caused her to not want to get in it.
  10. Just saw this now that it's on MAX and I gotta say, meh. Keaton is the only reason to watch. All the other cameos are nothing more than cartoons staring blankly into space.
  11. Then again, don't most 80's adult comedies fall into the this-could-never-be-made-today category?
  12. I get the feeling Hoth was way worse than Antarctica.
  13. It was named in his honor. Also, I noticed when they rescued the prisoner witch whatever her name is, she was dressed like the Bride in Kill Bill, which in itself was inspired by Bruce Lee. Turns out the actress is Bruce Lee’s goddaughter. I had no idea. Nice touch there.
  14. Speaking of Aliens, anyone watch the 1983 Alien spoof, The Creature Wasn’t Nice (which was later renamed Spaceship and then Naked Space)? Starred Leslie Nielsen and Cindy Williams. I also loved: Moving Violations D.C. Cab 1980’s comedies were something else. Even the bad ones are rewatchable.
  15. I read a review that said, when I see Rosario Dawson in the get up I see Ahsoka, ditto for Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabine. But when I see Mary Elizabeth Winstead, I don't see Hera. I just see Mary Elizabeth Winstead in green makeup and prosthetic pig tails. I don't know what it is but Winstead didn't work for me as Hera and it seems I wasn't the only one. I'm also wondering if we will eventually see her and Kanan's son?
  16. Those were exactly my thoughts while watching this. Two Jedi kill a New Republic crew right out in the open and break a prisoner out of the ship...and no one thinks it's a good idea to alert Luke? The episodes play as if Return of the Jedi didn't happen and we are stil in the Rebels timeline. Eveything is hush hush and Hera and Ahsoka are doing everything on their own.
  17. So all the stories about this movie’s “bomb” status mention that the marketing budget is doing it in. From what I’ve read it needed to make closer to $800 million just to break even!?!? I’m genuinely confused as to why a movie would be made this way. What’s the point of making films that have to earn almost a billion dollars just to break even? Not make a profit mind you. Break even.
  18. Did anyone notice when that guy tells Ahsoka that Anakin spoke highly of her, you can hear Vader's breathing?
  19. By the way, something else I wanted in this film that closes out the series was a nod to Short Round. It’s always bothered me that we never heard anything about him again. With all the publicity recently surrounding Ke Huy Quran’s Oscar-winning performance and his reunion with Ford during the photo ops, I was hoping for a cameo from Short Round or at least a mention of what became of him.
  20. Well, dinosaurs don't exist in our reality but they sure look real in the Jurassic movies. But I do get what you're saying. It's not an Indy problem but a Hollywood problem. It's not that they can't do it. They just don't want to spend the time and money. They get the effects to just "good enough" status to release the film.
  21. Amazing when you think about how far technology has come in the last 40 years. Everything from computers to phones to cars to the internet and everything else. Yet films seem to be the only thing that has gotten worse. It would’ve been unthinkable if someone in 1981 had told us, there will be four more Indy films after Raiders of the Lost Ark with the last one coming out in 2023. But that movie is going to look godawful. The effects will be nowhere near as realistic as this Raiders movie looks. Our minds wouldn’t have been unable to fathom that studios can’t make movies in the 2020’s look as realistic as they did back in the 1980’s.
  22. Ironically enough because of Crystal Skull I went into this with zero expectations. And even then I still didn’t find it entertaining save for a few bits. Sidenote, the de-aging of Ford looked great, but they needed to do the respeecher or whatever that tech was that was used on JEJ's voice for Vader in the Obi Wan series. Ford, like Hamill and everyone else, doesn't sound the same in their 60's as they did in their 20's and 30's. It threw me off to see a young Ford talking in old Ford's voice.
  23. You’re not the only one. I second that motion. I liked “Wombat” too. She mirrored Indy’s development in the original trilogy — started off seeking “fortune and glory” and growing into letting go of the prizes to focus on saving her surrogate family. That said, I agree with the rest of your take. I put it right there with Crystal Skull. To quote Eddie Wilson from Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! It was not bad. "Listen, if I was in a bar and I heard you playing, it'd be nice being in there. Then I'd go home and I'd forget all about it. That's what not bad means."
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