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  1. For me it’s more like too little too late. The franchise has suffered tremendously from not having one clear vision to follow, especially the ST. Had someone like Filoni been in this spot from the start, maybe it would’ve benefited having someone creating the path for everyone else as opposed to everyone just write what you want and we’ll make it fit somehow. Or worse, if we don’t like what you’re creating we’ll fire you midway through the production.
  2. Filoni has been promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Lucasfilm. I guess this now makes him the Triple H of Lucasfilm.
  3. I figured the answer to the Harry Potter one would be, "read the book," but you figure there would at least be something in the movies to explain this. Maybe that sideplot you mentioned about having to steal one and all that is too much to add to the movies and you don't want to get bogged down with those details. But we don't even get a single line explaining what happened to the one Hermione had in the 3rd movie, unless I completely missed it? After using it to save the day in that entry, they all chuckle along at the end when things are back to normal and then we never see it again. For all we know she put it in her closet and forgot all about it.
  4. I agree, but at least with Indy we knew this was the last film. I hate when a series adds time travel as a plot device for just that one episode and then it's completely forgotten about. Because when things go to crap in every subsequent episode, it begs the question, why don't they just go back in time to fix this? Good example is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  5. I didn't meet him per se, but I got to see him in a Q&A (along with Tracie Savage, who plays Debbie) after a Friday the 13th Part 3 in full 3-D screening at the TCL Chinese Theater. The love he has for the franchise and his pride in being a part of it comes right across. He does seem very cool.
  6. They effed up that flashback scene because based on the timeline, Jason should've been wearing the overalls from part 2. Larry Zerner, the actor who played Shelly and introduced the hockey mask that Jason takes, had the wherewithal to ask if he could keep the mask after the production ended. They told him no even though they had no idea how iconic this mask would become. And now it's lost to history. They should've just let him have it. He's a lawyer now by the way. There's also an alternate ending where Chris gets her head chopped off by Jason instead of that strange sequence of the mother coming out of the lake to grab her. Paramount also lost that.
  7. Which brings up the question. At the Battle of Endor, why didn't the Rebel fleet fly to the other side of the Death Star away from the canon? It began its attack on the side it needed to stay away from. Sure they thought it was not operational, but why even risk it?
  8. Yeah, part 2 is at Camp Packanak. Part 3 is at Higgins Haven, and so on. As you can see, I'm a real nerd when it comes to these films. The real trivia is only the 1st and 6th took place at Camp Crystal Lake, though in part 6 they had renamed it to Camp Forest Green. The rest take place in other locations around the lake area, then on a boat, outer space and Springwood.
  9. I actually think that's what made this one of the best. Jason as a deranged hillbilly who could be fought off for a bit was more intimidating because it's realistic. As opposed to the later sequels where he essentially became a horror muppet, shoot him in the face and he just shrugs it off. I think the first one started the gore. And ironically enough, the one character you don't see getting killed on camera is that same girl who goes skinny dipping.
  10. Yes, in the lead up to this movie all the interviews they gave and all the previews written made sure to let us know this trilogy was undoing the sibling connection. The randomness of Michael's stalking and killing was what made him scary. And as you said, that scene in H2018 between the teens was there to drive that point home to the viewers. And yet, Michael kills exactly the right people. All of the teens in that scene, all of Allyson's friends, end up falling victim to Michael. Not because he was stalking Allyson or Laurie and somehow they ended up getting in his way or he followed them to where they were going. He just miraculously found them all while they did different things in separate parts of town! When I first saw the film I remember thinking, what luck! Michael discovered the very house Allyson's friend is babysitting in. At least in the other films they had a reason for how he ended up in places. In 1978, Laurie goes up to the Myers house, Michael begins stalking her and as he follows her throughout the day he ends up stalking her friends since they were all together due to hanging out with Laurie. In H4 he runs into Jamie at the store, follows her and as the day goes on he ends up killing everyone around Jamie. In H5 he returns to Jamie's house, Tina and Samantha show up there, so Michael starts following them...
  11. I agree. Laurie in H2018 acts like all the sequels did happen. They even have that scene with the granddaughter and her friends walking to school where the guy says something like, she got away, he's incarcerated and she's ok now. I don't remember the exact line but he was basically expressing this same sentiment of, why are we making a huge deal out of one guy who killed 4 people decades ago considering all the other lunatics who have come and gone in our society? It's funny because the way she handled her PTSD in H20 was more believable than in H2018, yet in H20, Halloween II did happen. So she was doing better in H20 even though in that timeline not only were her friends killed, but she was attacked again after he murdered the hospital staff and was almost killed in the explosion herself. It gets funnier when you juxtapose H2018 with the other sequels. Laurie and Rachel (from H4) went through the same thing. Rachel the next year is doing just fine.
  12. Not only that, but he makes his wife a stripper, LOL! I liked the idea because it was a remake. If it had been a sequel to the previous films then I would've hated it too (thus why I hate the Thorn cult stuff, trying to explain too much.) But since he was starting over with his own timeline, sure go ahead and add something different without straying too much into nonsense. It's also why I did like some of the choices he made for part 2. Rather than just have Malcolm McDowell play Donald Pleasance, he changed up Loomis to be a greedy, fame-starved a-hole. Rather than being able to cope together, Annie and Laurie's trauma drove them apart. Someone in a H45 panel did specifically say that when it came time to bring back Michael for Halloween 4, they wanted him to be another Jason. Gone was the stealth, slender "Shape" in the shadows. He now was the large, hulking man ripping bodies with his bare hands and tearing through police stations like a Terminator. That's the one thing about that movie I didn't like. Halloween Ends was a good story if it had been the start of a trilogy, not the end of it.
  13. Rob Zombie said he wanted for the first movie to have been two films. Had he gotten his way, Halloween 2007 would have been all about young Michael Myers as he kills his family and then goes through the years in Smith's Grove. The film would end the night he escapes. Then his Halloween 2 would've followed up on the Laurie story. In watching what we got, you can see how he would've incorporated his ideas into the films - adult Michael in his head still talking to his dead mother in his child state, discussing how he "found boo" (his name for Laurie) and his mom saying they could be together again. This also explains why Halloween '07 feels rushed. We get the young MIchael story, his escape from Smith's Grove and suddenly we're already at the point where he's killing Laurie's friends. I can see why the studio balked at this idea. They wanted Michael Myers and RZ was offfering up a story of a kid in a mental hospital. But in hindsight I think this would've been better than what we got.
  14. I just attended the Halloween 45 convention in Pasadena. Got to see all the panels, including the “surprise, John Carpenter decided to pop in and do a panel” one. I love 80’s slashers. I will never get tired of watching the original Halloween I-III, Friday the 13th 2-4 and Elm Street 3 and 4. Halloween III is way underrated. It’s got the same style, tone and look as the first two, not surprising since most of the same crew worked on the first three Halloween films, including the great Dean Cundey. Carpenter’s music is just as good in 3 but because it wasn’t Michael Myers it’s been forgotten. My preference: Halloween II (1981) Halloween (1978) Halloween III Halloween Kills Halloween 2018 Halloween 4 Rob Zombie’s Halloween and H2 …and I can’t stand the rest. The Thorn Cult crap, the Busta Rhymes karate crap, H20 just being a Scream knock off and the Corey as Michael Halloween Ends crap.
  15. I loved that cartoon. I remember as a kid I wanted them to make a movie based on that cartoon. But this is as close as we ever got:
  16. As weird as Ewan McGregor almost being the exact age Alec Guinness would've been had the Obi Wan series been filmed 10 years before ANH (since the series takes place 10 years before ANH).
  17. The ST was set up as a rehash of the OT. Well now Ahsoka is a rehash of the PT.
  18. HAHA!!! no kidding. Oh and also, Sidious explains if you control this World Between Worlds, you posess mastery over all existence. Going back to what you said previously that Disney is using these shows to "fix the ST," I think this is where all of that is headed. Somehow Palpatine returned.
  19. In the book Secrets of the Sith, Darth Sidious describes the World Between Worlds as a "mystical realm" that "connects all of time and space, creating a conduit between the living and the dead." Yes it's a book, yadda yadda, but it's Disney so to them it's canon. The way I see it, by describing it this way, they’ve created a cheat code where any character, even dead ones, can appear and interact with the living.
  20. She tells Anakin she won’t fight him and he says he’s heard that before and then proceeds to attack her. This is a reference to the Luke-Vader duel in ROTJ. If this was all just in her head, Ahsoka wouldn’t know about that.
  21. I thought they should’ve dubbed Eckstein’s voice to those scenes of the younger Ahsoka. They already used it in Rise of Skywalker. So might as well because now Ahsoka’s voice keeps changing throughout the saga.
  22. The movie that let it be known that Teela is a vegan.
  23. And the New Republic is right back to being the same old Republic. I didn't like seeing Mon Mothma look as weak and inept as Chancellor Valorum in TPM.
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