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  1. I do think there's something interesting about the fact that all the Lando Mods wanted to destroy it - while they were actively modding too. Where's Liz and Spike eh?
  2. Usually it was your co-mod that was the biggest problem... Sorry. Me. Like... three times. And I broke Lando once or twice because I just clicked random things in the control panel. In fact, there was a time I "coded" a Cartman (from South Park) 2 second audio clip play every time you loaded a page in Lando. FOMO was real back then too - and maybe still is today. I was such an ass - and maybe still am? But boy am I ever so grateful to many of you for being friends along the way. Sorry if I ever dropped the ball. Can I be Mod again now? (Where's Yogi?) kthank
  3. Huh - seems odd he'd want to cash out - considering how wealthy he already is. And given the family nature of the business. I have a harder time buying into him selling WWE vs. buying AEW. Welp - that's probably it from me in here. See you in another decade. Be well.
  4. I have a junk theory - with no real backing behind it - but, is it possible that all these releases, and subsequent re-emerging in AEW is the beginning of a long-con by Vince? Is it possible he's bought - or is going to buy - AEW? And we get the real invasion at some point down the track? Or am I just clutching at straws and thinking AEW is bigger than it actually is?
  5. Hey - I helped make this. I thought it was crap and was grateful to get free tickets. Strip away the scale and CGI it was just two guys fighting and the classic fighting tropes - just at a larger scale. Some really cool settings and ideas though. And let's just ignore the collateral damage.... With that said - it's pretty much everything you want in a summer action popcorn flick.
  6. Production is back up-and-running down here. Send me something!
  7. Boy I hope he truly hangs it up too. He already had some close calls for "has-been" moments, if not actual has-been moments. I'd hate for him to "retire" and then come back in a couple of years and be less than a shell of himself just to put some young guys "over" - which is essentially what he's been doing, anyways. Just let him.... rest... in... peace.
  8. https://screenrant.com/undertaker-retires-wwe-wrestling-2020/?utm_source=SR-FB-P&utm_medium=Social-Distribution&utm_campaign=SR-FB-P&fbclid=IwAR0rM6-UjjfLiu1E6Ja__fy2NFXQTkzqihBVPdwAnJQjIH8jxIA71Fgp7bU Wow - An absolute end of an era here. Just crazy that it's finally happening. I have no doubt there will be some official send off in due course. Interesting that he didn't go out looking at the lights too. Which I'm sure he's probably not happy about either. My interest in wrestling has been lackluster over the last decade - but I can't think of what would ever bring back int
  9. Post some inspiration and something we could adapt.
  10. All of the above is a fair and appropriate assessment. Casting will happen very soon - please feel free to take a seat on my couch....
  11. So that's the thing - the minimum threshold is $500k in most cases - and if we combine forces, I can access and allow that project to tap a 40% Producer's Offset - and given the strength of the dollar, we can add another phantom 25% on that. So, we could be hitting up to a 65% rebate in certain categories. I think you'll find we could make this work, sooner rather than later. Hell - we could start our own production company! Nightly Productions or Nightly Entertainment.... aaaaand now everyone will think we do porn.
  12. Seth - this has been really insightful to read from your point of view. Not that anyone would entirely care, but I'm actually on the executive/producing side of things in the entertainment biz these days, which Seth knows - and it is really interesting to see how the other half live, essentially. I'm fortunate to be on my salary with additional bumps when a gig rolls - ultimately this industry is very freelance in nature, so a salary is rare - and people are eager to meet with me and people in my team because of the power we hold. And you do quickly forget that these people you meet are peop
  13. OH yea. Geez - was that real? And then there was alternate nightly that you guys started too. Man... good times... sort of. Maybe.
  14. Well this thread is a trip. Didn't someone get jailed for kiddie stuff too? Friend of Maddox?
  15. Fond memories. Good peeps. Fine lurking.
  16. You say it like it was a bad thing. Also - Can I be a Mod? I have a solid track record. 5th times a charm, right?
  17. Oh man... reading through this thread was a bad choice and cringe-fest. Page one was alright. I thought 'hey... this must've been the period where I was half-decent and not too cocky' - and then I kept reading... and now I'm sad. I'm sorry for 2003-2006, you guys. Let the record reflect this.
  18. Long time lurker... the thing I view more often than not is the archives. I want to remind myself of the idiot I was and also fond memories of things like nAw (Wrestling stuff). Also, sometimes I want to seethe at past issues... I'm looking at you Yogi. Not that I should really get an opinion here - but I like the idea of 'vetted' members (1000+ posts) getting access to view - as I know there's questionable stuff in there. But, ultimately, I'd say it comes down to $$, right? Does it actually cost anything extra to maintain the archive or even the multiple forums? Or is this just rocking the
  20. OH come on!! As if they didnt have it coming/been asking for it for the past 12 years or so! You kidding me? We've liberated them. They're a million times better off now, even though it may not seem it, then they were when Saddam was dictating them. The only reason it seems that it's worse now is because of the fact that the reporters have the FREEDOM to report about it, whereas before the mass genocide was just kept a secret... Morons.
  21. We didnt arrest Iraqi civilians, the people in those prisons were the ones shooting at us... killing American troops... I stand by the statement I made!
  22. Bye KKBB I still love you in my dirty, dirty gay man way. See ya next time biznitch
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