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  1. You getting those Elon Musk implants? Genuinely interested in your results.
  2. Good? It's winter, so we don't really have any right now - unless you know something I don't? Thanks for asking... I think.
  3. I do think there's something interesting about the fact that all the Lando Mods wanted to destroy it - while they were actively modding too. Where's Liz and Spike eh?
  4. Usually it was your co-mod that was the biggest problem... Sorry. Me. Like... three times. And I broke Lando once or twice because I just clicked random things in the control panel. In fact, there was a time I "coded" a Cartman (from South Park) 2 second audio clip play every time you loaded a page in Lando. FOMO was real back then too - and maybe still is today. I was such an ass - and maybe still am? But boy am I ever so grateful to many of you for being friends along the way. Sorry if I ever dropped the ball. Can I be Mod again now? (Where's Yogi?) kthanks. Also - very insightful about Rock. We're still friends on Facebook - had no idea about the developments. But I suppose that's to be expected when you leave a community only to seldom lurk.
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