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  1. Yeah, totally not the same scene. The lighting makes it obvious. In Rey's shot the light source is close. Kylo's shot the light is far away. Plus Kylo's shot looks like some **** just went down with fire and embers floating. Rey looks like she's in a place of safety.


    I want to see Rey and Kylo switch teams in the last act of VII. Rey gets tired of Luke's grouchy cynicism and Kylo gets pissed off that Snoke made him kill his dad. Have them both team up by meeting in the middle grey area in IX.


    What does "grey area" even mean? They use kewl dark side powers, but for good? They use diet dark side powers? What?

    Dark side gains access to force lightning, force choke, and horror. Light side gets stun droid, stasis field, and force heal. Grey Jedi can only use the standard force push, knight speed, amd throw lightsaber.

  3. If he is speaking about Rey, it sounds like he's encountered her before. Maybe as a little girl before she was shipped off to Jakku?


    Unless he's blowing smoke up Kylo Ren's butt, it seems unlikely he's talking about him. I just don't buy him as an elite-tier Force user and all indications are that neither does Snoke.

    If we find out he wiped out a temple full of Jedi using the force, burying Luke under the destruction in his wake that could do it. That could also be the moment Kylo refers to when he prays to Darth Vader Mask.

  4. "he's only seen that power once before. It didn't scare me enough then. It does now". I think Luke's talking about Ben here. There's implied regret. He regrets training Ben and he destroyed Luke's entire order, amd doesn't want to make the same mistake twice. I can't rule out Snoke simply to leave room for the unknown (we know so little about him) but I'm pretty confident it's Ben.


    looks like Ben is going to have a come to Jesus moment where he's to blow up the ship his mothers on. I can see that go both ways really, but I'm leaning towards no. It's a real convenient way to write Leia out of ep9 however. Tweak the ending of ep8 where he does in fact blow up her ship, then some other way to redeem him in ep9.


    Looks like Rey gets captured by Snoke. Looks like Finn gets captured by the first order. My guess is that's the cliff hanger. Perhaps in ep9, Poe rescues Finn, Kylo rescues Rey, turns to the light side, and defeats Snoke with Rey's help.

  5. Right...but I think his point was about his last name. It's like going into the witness protection program and they only change the first name. You're probably never going to be found, but to go through all that trouble and then keep the last name is just a stupid decision.

  6. This is 2017. You are not allowed to think a movie is okay. You are only allowed to think it it's a piece of garbage and you hate it, or you love it because it's the greatest movie ever and you're an asshole if you don't like it. There is no middle ground.

  7. As Lucas1138 said earlier, this might have to do with the loss of Carrie Fisher. That's a huge game changer for the story, and really the only thing that HAS changed since filming hasn't even begun yet. Yes, she chose CT to begin with, but certainly she can't be held accountable for creative differences creeping up as a result of this tragic, unforeseeable change of events.


    So, either he WAS a good fit before this act of god and now he's not (in which case her hands are clean) OR he never really was to begin with, but this gives her the perfect opportunity to get rid of him (thus washing the blood off her hands).


    Getting rid of CT seems to be the popular opinion, so it seams to be like a good move for Kennedy either way.

  8. Yeah...it's probably not going to happen. Just thought I'd throw it out there regardless. But that LOOK from Tyrion...I can't figure out what that means. Maybe jealousy. Maybe like..."this isn't going to end well for them". That look clearly meant something and I don't know what it is.

  9. Does anyone think Tyrion is planning on betraying Dany an Jon? After watching the finale a second time, certain scenes with Tyrion seem...out of place to me.


    After my second viewing I was less mesmerized by Jon's cute ass and noticed a very worried Tyrion as he watched Jon enter Dany's chambers on the boat. That look, combined with the facts that he seems less than thrilled with Dany's recent displays of brutality, and that he seems to have lost influence with her could be red flags.


    Tyrion also works out the fact Cersei is pregnant. Juxtapose that with his concerns this season about Dany's lack of royal succession...is Tyrion thinking there isn't much of a future on team Dany after all? Tyrion hates Cersei... but he loved his family, and that baby and it's (probable) father IS family. Did he work out a deal with his meeting with Cersei (that we didn't see) which betrays Dany and Jon? We do know that Cersei has no intention of honoring their deal, we saw that on screen; but what we don't know is if Tyrion is privy to or is in any way involved. His meeting with Cersei WAS immediately before Cersei's change of heart moment, and he DID have a worried look on his face later in the episode on that boat. I think there is more betrayal going on than what we've been shown in this finale.

  10. Bran=night king is a terrible theory.


    1). Plausibity. I mean...It's barely plausible. Bran needs to get "stuck" somehow while green seeing, and be warged into the the wrong person at the wrong time and get turned into the night king. Like...why would he do that in the first place? To...stop it? Wouldn't you warg the person HOLDING the dragon glass dagger instead of the tied up guy....aww screw it I thought about this too much already. The point is, he has no reason to do any of this in the first place, and if he did he'd probably end up Hodoring the poor guy. Maybe. I don't care.


    2). Pointless. Why this complicated turn of events? Why can't the night king just have green seeing powers? It doesn't impact the story any differently. So, he's a green seeer like Bran. He doesn't have to actually be Bran. Nothing changes. It adds confusion to boh Bran and the night kings character. It's not even a "cool" little plot twist. It adds a self destruct mechanism type of plot device where you kill present day Bran and the night king dies...which means they all die. You know, like what skynet tried to do to John Connor. Seems like a real cheat to me. The night king would have screwed up royally if he had actually succeeded in killing Bran in that cave.

  11. My new endgame theory:


    Jamie and Brienne bone before they have to go off to war. Brienne dies bravely protecting Sansa and/or Arya. She dies in Jamie's arms who promises to fulfill her oath to protect the Starks. Jamie grabs Oathkeeper, and does so, completely regaining his honor. The Kingslayer becomes the Oathkeeper.


    Arya & the Hound vs. Cersei & The Mountain. CLEGANEBOWL HYYYPE! Arya ganks Cersei all stealthy-like while wearing Jamie's face. This allows her to get close to Cersei and fulfills the Valenquoir Profecy in an unexpected way for the book version. The Hound defeats Gregore. Since he's undead now, and for extra poetry, he has to burn Gregore because...you know. Fire kill zombie good.


    Jon (and his cute ass) impregnated Dany, who is very much surprised by this as well as thrilled. Dany falls in love, learns Jon's identity, and has a westerosi-style shotgun royal wedding during some respite from all the fighting, legitimizing the baby. Jon later sacrifices himself to kill the night king because...that's what Jon does. Dany dies from childbirth because...that's what pregnant women do. The baby is healthy.


    Sam Tarly, one of the few survivors of the war, takes custody of Jon and Dany's baby until it's old enouh to rule, and writes his book "A song of Ice and Fire" at the Citadel, honoring his good friend's legacy.


    T H E

    E N D

  12. Ned Stark screwed up and paid for it with his life. Robb Stark screwed up and paid for it with his life and his mother's. Jon has been careless many times over the last couple of seasons, but he keeps getting saved and resurrected. When you let characters screw up time and again without consequence, it loses a bit of what made the show great in earlier seasons. That's probably the biggest flaw of the show in general right now. It's still great television.

  13. Do we agree that they would have been much better off making this season 10 episodes so that the writers wouldn't feel the need to box themselves in? I just feel that the character interaction has been great this season, some of the best of the series really outside of the perennially disappointing Sansa and Arya, but the plot has been badly mishandled and rushed and I can't figure out why they felt the need to do it this way.

    I think so. However if they stretched it out to ten, I'm not sure they have enough content to make ten quality/complete episodes. There's so much less source material available considering how far ahead the show is from the books.

  14. ^ well said Choc. If I could +1 this a hundred times I would. That's what makes the show great. There's no "these are the good guys and these are the bad guys". There's just people with motivations. Sometimes they do bad things. The pure good guys end up getting killed.


    I said Jamie was a decent guy on the wrong side, but you're right choc: from his pov he doesn't know that Dany is much better. Even the audience isn't in complete agreement about her, for the reasons you mentioned. Dany says all the right things, "breaking the wheel", etc, but that could be just politicking and rhetoric. What does that mean exactly, and how does she propose to do it? That's never been said. So not everyone watching the show is convinced.


    From Jamie's pov she is a girl with a claim to the throne and a huge-ass foreign army pointed right at him. An opponent, and one he doesn't think he can beat, and he is given no reason to think she won't use it to burn the world with it. So...he's kind of stuck.

  15. Random thought: Jon Snow gives Longclaw back to Jorah Mormont. Jorah refuses, hands it back to Jon, and tells him to pass it down to his descendants. This handing down of the priceless weapon amd the subsequent thought about baby-making is representative of Jorah giving Jon the green-light to bang Dany.

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