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  1. She shouldn't have died in child birth anyways. She was supposed to raise Leia. Lucas couldn't figure out how to retain continuity from lines spoken in ROTJ. I think he thought he had written himself into a corner with the twins/Padme situation and came up with that bad idea. She didn't need to die on screen. A couple of lines of dialogue is all that was needed.


    "Bail Organa, my dearest friend. The Empire will come after me soon. When that day comes, I want you to take my daughter Leia and look after her and keep her identity a secret. She's safer with you than with me, as the empire does not yet know of your plans for rebellion."


    "What about your son?"


    "Masters Yoda and Kenobi sensed something special about Luke. They say the fate of the galaxy is tied to his destiny. They want to watch over him in secret. The emperor does not know I had two children with Anakin."

  2. I think it's funny that not only Han but Leia and her daughter are all glaring at Luke like he's a piece of shit, and he is calmly sitting there with his arms crossed explaining why he's all high and mighty.

  3. I don't know about the novelizations but in the films there is no indication that palpatine used the mind trick ever. I don't think there's any concrete evidence that he's even capable, other than "he probably can because he's so powerful"...proving nothing.

  4. I wonder what thanksgiving dinner would have been like for the Skywalkers. Padme invites her wealthy upper-class family. Anakin invites the Lars's because Padme tells him to. They all fly to coruscant, Padme prepares the space turkey with her mother who complains to Padme that Anakin doesn't do enough for her, as she points to him sitting on his ass in front of the TV instead of helping out in the kitchen. Anakin watches robot football games with the Owen and Beru, who are uncomfortable and a little frightened when Anakin gets pissed at the red team, boasting if HE had built the robots himself they would never have lost.

  5. Some of the "evidence" of the theory I don't buy at all. For instance:


    -Rey's saber fighting style matches Palpatine's. Ummmm stabbing forward in a straight line isn't much of a technique to go by.

    Fighting style is not genetic. This means nothing to me.


    -In the trailer the Palpatine's "scream from ROTS arrest scene" can be heard when Rey ignites the saber. To me, it's just a creepy sound added to give the impression to the audience that training her may lead to grave danger IF she falls to the dark side (which may be a misdirect).

    This means less than nothing to me.


    -"I've seen raw power only once before..." believers of this theory think this line was referring to Palpatine, and now Luke sees the same power in Rey, because they are related. Luke talking about the emperor like this doesn't make much sense to me. He's talking about Kylo and Rey. Maybe Snoke. I think this because these are the characters that are in the damn Trilogy! It's about THEM. There's no narrative reason to circle back and talk about Palpatine, not even for a little tie-in for Rey.

    This point is just wrong.


    -Her accent. Yes, now were talking. British accents in Star Wars are associated with Coruscant and affluence. The emperor came from an affluent family and spent alot of his time on Coruscant. Now it's not a perfect science and it's inconsistent, since Palpatine probably grew up on Naboo and Rey on Jakku (both natives have American accents) but the fact both characters have British accents nevertheless could be an indication they are related. Then again, maybe not because inconsistent indicators are inconsistent.


    -Rey being a descendent of Palpatine could be a possible explanation why she was stashed on Jakku, and why Luke is reluctant to train her. She was born of the darkside. Yes, valid points on all accounts.


    Despite the fact I think half of the evidence for this theory is bogus, I still think it's a pretty decent theory with what's left of it. I kind of like the idea of the hero being born from evil.

  6. In his defense, it must be much harder writing a prequel. It seems like you almost need to completely write all three at once to make sure everything fits and makes sense, with very little opportunity to course correct. You can't just wing it. For instance, if people hated Poe Dameron you can easily course correct because it's a sequel. you could write him out, reduce his role, change his role, etc. Now let's say hypothetically people hated prequel Obi-Wan. What are you going to do? You NEED this guy too much not just for the story, but for continuity with the original trilogy. You also have to contend with fan expectations for an already familiar character. If you screw up, it's far more damaging.


    Another example, amd with all due respect. Carrie Fisher sadly passed. Episode 9 hasn't begun production yet. You've got a sequel to make, and you've got some problems to contend with, with one of your lead actors unavailable to reprise a major role. You have options. Remove the character, reduce the character, tweak the story, recast the character, CGI scenes, etc. If (God forbid) Ewan had passed after AOTC...you're screwed. You can't write him out. You have less freedom to rewrite the story. CGI for such a prominent character like Obi-Wan would have been terrible even by 2017 standards. Recasting is almost a must, and that won't look good either. You're screwed.

  7. I wonder why Obi-Wan and Yoda decided to just give the twins away to the Lars's and the Organas. Why didn't they just take the babies themselves amd raise them to be secret Jedi? That's how the Jedi had already operated back then; they snatched up force-sensitive babies away from their families like weirdos and brainwash them. This situation is special: one parent is a child-murdering psychopath and the other died, so who's going to complain? Just train them both from the beginning like you always have and you're all set.

  8. Because uhhhh

    The entire fleet was already too busy chasing like

    All the other ships and stuff.

    Like when a bunch of wide receivers all go long and stretch out the defense, sometimes the short pass opens up.

    Yeah that's probably it.

  9. I get what you're saying pavonis, it's still dumb. The star destroyers are moving. Either the ion cannon got really lucky with their paltry "several shots" or the escaping ships had a brilliant flight plan where they dangled themselves in front of the star destroyers to make the enemy fly into the cannon's crosshairs. But if they were that smart, they would know that they could fly around the walkers and safely shoot them in the butt.


    Face it. Here's the best explanation: it was merely time for the rebels to escape because that's what needed to happen right then, so they gave the rebels a deus ex super-weapon.

  10. Rey stole the Falcon from Unkar Plutt, who stole it from the Irving Boys, who stole it from Ducain, who stole it from Han. Come on Dana, you didn't really forget that exchange?

    "...who stole it from ME?" -Han

    We don't know who stole it from Han originally. Could be just about anybody.


    Memory wipes are canon? Only for droids as far as I can recall.

    In the movies yes, but Clone Wars and Rebels count as canon. Anakin learned of becoming Darth Vader, but that memory was wiped.


    It's a good theory, but it does not work with the established timeline. Rey was stashed on Jakku at least ten years before TFA, probably more like 14-15 years. The temple was still around well into Ben Solo's twenties.


    Also, Han does specify that the apprentice who turned against him was a boy.



    Maybe it was Luke, trying to kill all of the Knights of Ren.

    I hope not. That's so un-Luke-like.
  11. ...by accident when she was a child. It seems to explain many of unknown variables.


    -memory wipes ARE cannon

    - intentionally mirrors Bastilla Shan and Darth Revan both visually AND thematically

    -explains why Luke seems to be hesitant to train Rey in TLJ trailers

    -Raw power that Luke's seen twice (not Kylo and Rey, but Rey amd Rey)

    -Snoke seem to recognize her and has an interest in her (hologram scene)

    -Kylo seems to recognize her "so you're a scavenger?"

    -Luke seems to recognize her (strange familiarity, as described in novelization of TFA)

    -Explains why she was dumped on Jakku (perhaps even by Kylo himself)

    -if dumped by Kylo, explains who stoke the Falcon from Han ("...but who stole it from ME?!")

    -Kylo would have motive and means to steal the falcon right out from his father's nose

    -explains how Unkar Plutt has the Falcon (watch the girl, keep the ship for free)

    -sheds light on the rain scene from Rey's vision from this perspective


    A "student" destroyed Luke's academy. Han didn't say his son. We assume kylo did and Han was trying to save face, but it could possibly have been another. Nothing seems to directly contradict this, other than it's seems unlikely; however that's always the point of plot twists.

  12. Powerful enough to disable a star destroyer. What a great weapon. So...how do you aim it? It appears to be mounted in place. This is why the escaping ships fly away on the same dimensional plane, because you can't aim it. How stupid. What if the empire came from...I don't know ANY other angle other than the one the cannon is facing? The chances of hitting something (other than your own escaping transports) are less than beating a Nossikan at Domjart without getting shanked in the heart. I don't think I need to explain to anyone just how unlikely THAT is.


    Or...maybe it does actually move. Let's assume it does for a moment. Then, why not aim it at the indestructible AT-ATs marching toward you? They will fall over and explode if someone hits it when it's down. Furthermore, you HAVE speeders that can fly around and shoot these things in the ass. You don't need to fly right towards them through the line of fire.


    What is it with everyone in Star Wars and Star Trek flying through space on the same plane? In wrath of Khan, Spock comments that Kahn "thinks two-dimensionally". Dude...so doesn't literally everybody else. That's why ships always appear face-to-face even when exiting light speed/warp speed. The dialogue writers thought they were being clever. They weren't. They had no idea that they are as two-dimensional as Khan.

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