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  1. What worked really well for me: Poe's character this time around. He had a real great leadership arc thing going on. Hux's character this time around. He was funny! Wise direction there. "You think you got'em?" Mark Hamill as Luke. I had no idea this guy had that kind of acting talent in him. Luke as a crazy hermit. Very ESB Yoda-like in all the right ways. Speaking of which... Yoda! My little green friend. I love that little rascal. Stole the show. Luke's...little trick? Whatever you wanna call it. Great send off at the end too. Admiral Laura Dern. What an awesome moment she ha
  2. Good to know your eyes function properly. My ass doesn't right now. I'm quite buttsore.
  3. Just saw TLJ for the first time. I'm not in love with it as much as most everyone else. I have tickets to see it again with family Saturday evening; maybe second viewing might help. I usually list ESB first, but I'm feeling ANH more this time around. Those two are always a close call for me. ANH ESB ... TFA ROTJ ... TLJ ROTS ... R1 TPM ... Giving myself a 5 finger enema ... AOTC
  4. There is no god damn way Luke would think about murdering the son of his twin sister and best friend in his sleep. This is the man who redeemed his father who was the most notoriously evil person in the galaxy, killed countless people, and whom had no real familial relationship with. Fighting Vader and the Empire was Luke's reason for becoming a Jedi in the first place, but he put that aside when he realized there was a chance to save Vader. Ben was just a boy, his god damn nephew. Luke is not the type to instinctively murder someone, I don't care how many years have passed. He would neve
  5. Really? That is funny to me. It's obvious why it was cut. Let's blow up the moon that has the half-built death star's shield generator on it. You know, the thing preventing ships from flying inside the death star and blowing it up from the inside. Yes let's destroy that along with a dozen rebels down there that are trying to accomplish that very same thing, completing their mission for them.
  6. Luke dies I'm the first half hour at the hand of Snoke. Spoilers.
  7. I like watching so called "insider" youtubers who have asinine / insane theories (like Mike Zeroh). It will be hilarious to see the back-peddling after TLJ is released. Mike Zeroh! That guy is a weirdo. Awkward as hell. His content is a joke too.
  8. When do we find out that Ben is actually Luke's biological son? We gotta hit all the beats.
  9. In regards to there being one canon I have a comment. If someone were to ask me "did greedo shoot first?" I will always say "no he didnt". I don't care what the special versions say, because Han actually did that once, and then the stupidness happened and the current explanation shows Han's head twerk-dodging a blaster bolt from a bounty hunter sitting three feet away. I choose not to accept the stupid and I don't care if I am technically wrong since I WAS obviously correct for a very long time...then someone pretending to be a famous film-maker with tons of money did something really stup
  10. No I got the fan fic joke...I think. I was merely making (what I thought was) a more clever joke. Maybe that was just in my head though.
  11. Is this the guy who grades children's drawings?
  12. I'd love to see either Luke or Snoke force-lightning these little things. Lets see what kind of sounds they make then.
  13. I can't speak for everybody but I certainly don't like the Star Trek Discovery series.
  14. I just don't think my dude should be an out of control serial killer. He's a murderer, assassin, con-artist, all that good stuff, but you can't have a coherent plot with the main character decapitating people just because he wants to stick his fingers inside the neck-hole. He has to have at least enough control to channel his bloodlust towards his ultimate goal. He also needs to be street-smart in a Han Solo-esque way. My underlying point for the story was it took a dark Jedi to accomplish what the good Jedi couldn't. A Jedi (technically, anyways) who is better at being a Sith than the
  15. One of his crew should be a legit Jedi so there's a comparison. They could be very good friends, and bicker like an old married couple for the lols but more importantly to try and keep him on the straight and narrow. Or, perhaps this Jedi is a woman, whom he's constantly trying to mack, but she's a tried-and-true Jedi who shuts him down at every turn, reminding him of the Jedi code that he keeps breaking anyways. Stealing, smuggling, frivolous mind-tricking, force-choking, murdering Sith and framing a rival Sith causing chaos...that sort of thing. He out-Siths the Sith. Very Machiavellian
  16. A powerful Jedi who has fallen to the dark side, but has a serious bone to pick with the Sith. He was orphaned as a child by them, or they destroyed his home world or something. His training is completed by the Jedi but he's fueled by vengeance. The Jedi figure instead of ignoring him it's safer to train him so they can have some measure of control, but he runs off on his own, gets a crew together, infiltrates the Sith headquarters under the pretenses he's a fallen Jedi, but doesn't actually want to join them, he wants to destroy them. He (poetically) gets his ultimate vengeance and dest
  17. That depends on how Han's will was written out but I doubt he phoned his lawyer right before Starkiller and made a young girl he just met his beneficiary. Lando might do something that sketchy though
  18. This.Old Republic setting, focusing on the Sith before the rule of two. The Sith in numbers take over the galaxy, the Jedi numbers already ravaged by war, but still have a lot of fight left in them. They leverage the Sith's inherent tendencies to destroy themselves and save the galaxy.
  19. Precisely. That's why I love this picture.
  20. It's not nearly that complicated. Han: "whose scruffy looking?" pause, then screen wipe to the control room to talk about probe droids. Nobody cares about the "hitting close to mark" line or the "I guess you don't know everything about women" line. The announcement is nice but not entirely necessary. They just arrive at the control room because that's what they do. Not a super smooth scene transition anymore, but it hasn't been smooth since they made ROTJ and turned that it into a squeamish twincest French kiss. Or you know. End the scene a frame before she moves in for it. Easy
  21. One thing I would consider editing from the OT is Luke and Leia kissing. Lucas made about a thousand changes to these movies over the years, but THAT he was always okay with?
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