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  1. I briefly dated a married woman once a long time ago. It was cool, for a while, then it got real dicey.


    Her husband didn't know about us, and she was still sleeping with him, even though though they were separated. Then...SHE GOT PREGNANT, and was going to keep the baby. I thought my life was over. She told me the baby was his and not to worry.


    I was like "No shit it's his. It has to be his, even if it's mine!"


    That was the end of that. A part of me wonders about the possibility of it being mine sometimes.

  2. Rick and Glenn have shown character growth.


    Rick is more brutal and pragmatic now, and struggles with his own sanity, where as before he would try to win paragon points by being a level-headed nice guy, while putting strain on the groups survival.


    Glenn is assertive, and capable enough to take care of himself and his wife and do what needs to be done, where as before he was naive and a bit of a coward.


    Maggie has shown no growth and is just there because bewbs.

  3. Hey Destiny! I'm alive and well thanks. When I graduated college my priorities changed and I just stopped posting I guess. I dunno.


    Anyhow, nostalgia and Star Wars brings me back.


    I recognize very few here now, although I suspect some are just using different screen names. For example, Shadowdog is definitely the PIEmaster of old I used to know and love.


    Chalcedony was a newbie about the time I blinked out of existence, but I still remember her due to her high post-per-minute ratio back in the day.


    Fozzie...are you Darth Krawlie? Or Brando? You've gotta be one of those guys!

  4. Benedict Cumberbatch has been seen on the set. He's not credited to be in the movie, and he denied being cast a long time ago. However, when confronted about his appearance on the set, he was asked again if he was to be in the film, he didn't deny it, and said no comment repeatedly.


    Add all that up, I don't know what the heck it means, but I would LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch to be in the film, or even a voice over for whatever Andy Serkis is playing.

  5. The Poltergeist: A


    Still a good scare flick after all these years. Just suspend your disbelief of the typical horror movie level IQ of the parents and it's very enjoyable. With a simple, yet effective storyline the poltergeist succeeds where it needs to in a horror flick without trying to do too much.


    The Poltergeist 2: D+


    Unlike it's predecessor, the sequel is boring and strange. Making Carol Ann some kind of clairvoyant is unnecessary and makes the story even less believable. This, in conjunction with a strange supporting cast and weird native American undertones makes the story stupid and confusing. The special effects were better than the first, at least.


    The Poltergeist 3: F

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