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  1. Oddly enough, now that Rey has turned out to come from nobody and is not related to the Skywalkers, it means this family has been nothing but a damn curse to the galaxy. Three trilogies where they've done nothing but cause the deaths of billions. Anakin helped bring the downfall of the Jedi and brought tyranny to the galaxy in the PT. As Vader he continued to terrorize everyone in the OT, allowing a whole planet to be obliterated, among other things. Now in the ST Kylo one upped grandpa by destroying a whole system rather than just a planet. Even the Skywalkers who are supposed to be the heroi
  2. Will there be a romance between Kylo and Rey?
  3. Bombs dropping in space: Gravity has always present while on spaceships, so people always walk instead of float, things drop to the ground, etc. The bombs are INSIDE the ship, so they drop down. Large ships like the death star with hangars wide open to space which don't get blown out into the vacuum of space. ANH mentions a "magnetic field" which keeps everything inside the hangar while allowing something to come in (or go out) at the same time. Apply these two Star Wars logics and thats how the bombs drop out of the bomber wings.
  4. I just remembered the map from TFA. So...who made this god damn map now?? Did Max Von Sydow make it himself? We know Luke didn't make it and stuff the rest inside Artoo along with an egg timer anymore.
  5. Yeah these complaints are minutiae. While true, Star Wars has already established the rules concerning this. It doesn't feel wrong in any way. Unfair nit-picks.
  6. Choc: I did build Snoke up in my mind. He was just Palpatine 2.0 and I thought there was going to be something different there, or that the lore would be expanded upon. It wasn't. He's not a Jedi or Sith (we think) but what is he? Doesn't matter. He came from the unknown regions of space; that sounds incredible, so that's where it was built up for me. I thought we'd get something new and interesting there. Rey's parents being nobody is fine I guess. It just feels dull to me, but it confused the hell out of my wife. She is not really big star wars fan, and she had the hardest time
  7. Saw it a second time with my family, hopeful that my second viewing will change my mind about some things and I'll like it more. Nope. I think I actually dislike this movie more, because the plot holes are more apparent to me now. They're not just nit-picky plot holes, they are major ones: as in rendering the very plot of the movie stupid. My wife was confused, and the more I tried to explain things, the more I realized the plot holes. I went online for answers and instead found more criticisms. The most annoying to me is the fact that some ships have shields, some don't. The big-ass d
  8. Precisely. You could totally tell these two had very different visions. JJ laid groundwork for the series by giving little threads for his successors to follow and explore. Johnson just cut those threads either for shock value or because he wasn't about to explore anything that wasn't his original idea.
  9. Obi-Wan went to tatooine with a purpose: watch over Luke. In addition, this mission also served as a sort of penance for his failures, but at least there was a purpose. Watch over the boy. He will be a threat to Vader, and he knows this as said in ROTJ. He didn't train him however, not at first. He waited for Luke to make his own decisions, as per ANH. Perhaps his guilt prevented him from training Luke as a young age; due to his failures with Anakin he didn't have complete confidence in himself, or Luke for that matter. After all he's the dark lord's son, maybe training him isn't the
  10. No offense ZN, but your likes and dislikes confuse me. They are all over the place. Not that they have to make sense to anybody. Opinions are what they are.
  11. LDH you raise a good point with Yoda. It begs the question: what exactly can force ghosts do? What can't they do? Obi-Wan says they become more powerful than you van possibly imagine, but up until now all they've ever done is give advice. Another thing I've always wondered: is the force ghost the person individually, or is it like some collective force consciousness? For example, when force ghost Yods says "Luke move on, let the old ways die", is that YODA's individual opinion, or is that merely the force speaking to Luke using a medium he can understand?
  12. I'm not betting on it, but there's still a chance she could be a Skywalker. Kylo may have been lying. She may have been adopted.
  13. Yeah...this might be the best way after all. Just move on. No reason Poe can't take over the resistance now.
  14. TLJ vs. TFA I think TLJ had more great moments and ideas, but also more problems and things I just flat out don't like, but I think it's biggest problem is it dragged so much in the middle. TFA had good pacing. I think TLJ was a superior movie technically; I think it was a better crafted movie, but my opinion on it is that I like TFA much more (at least after one viewing). If I can get over certain decisions I may like it more later. I just didn't...like the feeling it gave me when I left the theater. I also enjoyed all the questions TFA raised, while TLJ kind of squashed them all an
  15. I don't thing they will circle back two movies to explain the Knights of Ren. But then again, maybe episode 9 takes place far enough in the future for Rey to train a few Jedi, and have her and these handful square off against Kylo and the rest of the knights of Ren.
  16. Luke's totally returning as a force ghost. "nobody's ever really gone," and "see you around kid" hint at that big time. I'm surprised Lando wasn't in that TLJ casino! That's totally the place Lando would hang out. I'm kind of glad he wasn't actually. That whole story thread is the part everyone's going to fast forward through. Since were now fresh running out of OT characters, I think the odds of him appearing go up. Lando's probably loaded, and the resistance needs resources! For carrie fisher, they might repurpose footage from TLJ for critical-only scenes, preferably unused footage
  17. ...and of course he didn't. Which is funny in it's own right.
  18. The last time a Skywalker murdered a child he became Darth Vader and resulted in thousands, if not millions of deaths. Murder bad. Diplomacy good. If that confrontation ends in the same result, as in kylo still goes bananas, at least you could say you tried to do the right thing instead of being an a55hole, and are justified in taking him down. Plus I'm generally not a huge fan of child murder in my movies. Although I have been known to make exceptions.
  19. Yes of course it was, but what's the point then? The rebels on the moon aren't the real threat anymore. If the shield goes down you need to destroy the ships attacking the death star even faster now. Your priorities don't change. You have far more assets on that moon than the rebels do. You don't use a super weapon to take out mere infantry. The rebel ships alone are a higher priority, not to mention the number of people on them are probably more numerous than those on the moon, plus they hold more strategic value. What's better, taking out 20 infantry or a capital ship with speciali
  20. Yes he was wrong. That's the whole point of Luke's failure. Kylo does these things AFTER the kid wakes up with his Uncle, Jedi Master Luke all ready to kill him. He drove Kylo to the darkside. Luke was the root cause. I'm sorry, but if you're thinking about killing a kid, your nephew in his sleep, you're a horrible Jedi, a despicable uncle, and a terrible human being. Forget about meditating or working with him...let's just kill the little bastard. Luke's character deserves better than that. My point was RJ could have found another way of accomplishing the same goals without resorting
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