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  1. Yes, and that brings me to something I noticed in the movie that I didn't the first time which is the misreading of the future by both Kylo and Rey. It happens earlier but mainly when Kylo is bringing her to Snoke. Rey tells him she sees his future perfectly clear, he will not bow to Snoke. Kylo basically says he sees her future and he knows she will join him. Ofcourse they are both are only seeing very small instances of the future and then using their own wants and desires to see what they think of as the logical and preferred future.


    And of course everyone was dead wrong. Rey said kylo won't bow to Snoke. It's the first thing he does when he walks in the room. Kylo said Rey will join him, she decides to leave. Snoke could sense people's intentions and still got cut in half. Luke pers into Kylo's mind and sees Kylo's dark future and he thinks about murdering him, which actually helps him along his dark path. Force visions aren't worth crap in this movie.
  2. I really felt that Johnson was killing the redemption arc in TLJ. He teased at it with their connection and sympathizing with one another, but ended with Kylo becaming the chief villain of the First Order and Rey the hero of the Rebels. Dismiss the 'closing the door' symbolism if you like, but it's crystal clear to me. They are done as any kind of friend, but they now share an intimate knowledge of one another to give more emotional weight to their next encounter (like Obi-Wan-Vader).

    Definayely, if you take it at face value, but in TLJ there were so many moments where I was expecting one thing and they did the complete opposite. So now I don't know what to expect anymore. I also get the feeling that Abrams had some general ideas about the story and Johnson went the complete opposite way with his vision. Now Abrams is doing episode nine now, maybe he'll re-flip the script back? I can't say for sure anything is off the table because these movies (so far) don't feel like they are part of one big vision to me.

  3. There is just nothing at all attractive about Kylo Ren. For as much as people complain about the Anakin and Padme relationship being unrealistic, it baffles me that people actually want Rey and Kylo to be a thing. He's just a terrible human being.

    Those abs tho...
  4. Threepio threepio threepio threepio threepio threepio threepio threepio

    Artoo Artoo Artoo Artoo Artoo Artoo Artoo Artoo


    Repeating the same word over and over becomes this cute pattern. Fascinating.


    Edit: he fixed it.

  5. Afterthought: BTW that missing box of a map was always a chuckle for me, People were all like yeah Luke is missing, he was looking for something and well there is this missing piece of the map here... nah... he probably didnt go anywhere near there. Oh well.


    Unless people were cartographing Luke's future hidden location before he even went there, Artoo shouldn't have had that map peice inside him, because he had already checked out and started his epic snooze. Since it's established that Luke didn't create the map himself, split it in half, and stuff part of it inside Artoo (along with the world's longest alarm clock) we can assume someone else did. Artoo was already napping at that point, and hasn't awoken since according to 3PO. So...there's no reason for him to have that map piece in the first place.


    Edit: the word "threepi o" censored?

  6. I think the story is in serious jeopardy without her.


    If Leia was always supposed to be absolutely indispensable to the story (Kylo redemption final act for example) where it requires something only Leia can do, then I say recast amd reduce. Add "in loving memory of Carrie Fisher" in the end credits. You're communicating "Leia was crucial to making the story the best it could have been, wish Carrie could have been here." Yes it will be jarring, but people would probably understand.


    If Leia's role wasn't absolutely indespensable, write around her: have her in the far reaches of the Kappa-Sitaro sector of space to rally support for the cause or whatever, and have Luke or Lando pick up the slack in the story or something.


    In short, it depends on how critical Leia was. If the story suffers without Leia, recast.

  7. I'd choose the option of there already being a romance between them.


    I also believe that we're seeing a similar bit of denial that we had all throughout the gap between TFA and TLJ when we heard time and again on this board that Kylo Ren couldn't come back from killing Han Solo. And then TLJ pops up and it's all about how conflicted Kylo Ren is and didn't set him on the path to darkness so much as shattered him.


    Rey already loves Ben. It's cooked into the dish. It may have been short, but they had their intimate moments together and for a brief time, he was the only person who understood her and what she was going through. She went on a mission to save him. Yes, she was hurt, but I find it difficult to believe that all her feelings will suddenly become null, no matter how many door she may have closed.


    Furthermore, death has rarely been the key to Star Wars. Killing Snoke did not free Ben. Luke's murderous impulse with Vader and the Emperor almost sent him to the Dark Side. His murderous impulse with Ben did send him over to the Dark Side. Mace Windu's decision to kill Palpatine cemented Anakin's path to the Dark Side. Even defeating the Empire through military means did little in the end, each Death Star/Starkiller Base destruction is followed by calamity for the good guys, even if it takes 40 years to make it happen.


    Oddly enough, Rose was right. The key isn't to kill, but to save the people you love. The key isn't to destroy the Empire/First Order, but to redeem it.


    So what's that mean for Ben and Rey? It means that she's resolved for now. But they'll meet again and it won't be as simple as a creeper and an unwilling girl. Rey's got her own set of emotional baggage to work through, including her own feeling of betrayal that Ben didn't turn back to the light as she'd hoped, and any confrontation between them will have to include a recognition that the two share a connection that she hasn't found with anyone else. How this settles, I'm not sure. But Luke's solution was to throw his lightsaber away. Before that, Luke's solution was to jump down a bottomless pit. He saved both his soul and the galaxy in doing so.


    Or at least it wouldn't be that simple if Johnson or a good writer/director were coming back. Abrams is such a superficial hack, epic strong Rey may come back and chop him in half with no conflict whatsoever. Crowd happy, but not getting why they feel so empty afterwards or why George Lucas is frowning during the events.

    For the record, I was in the minority in that I thought Kylo would be redeemed in 9. I detected a nice pattern from TFA: 7 was Han's movie, and he died, and set up Luke for 8. So I thought okay, 8 would be Luke's movie, probably die, and set up Leia for 9. Leia-instead of dying, would live and redeem her son and wrap it all up. I thought this because killing Han didn't make him stronger, it ruined him-Rey beat his ass. That got me thinking redemption arc (I don't care he was Han effing Solo) I still think that was the plan through TLJ...although without Fisher I don't know what to think anymore. Maybe Rey, AND ghost Luke could redeem him? They cant just kill him and be done with it like Snoke. That's too dumb. I think 9 is going to suck either way because they lost the actor who played the key character to redeem Kylo, the point of the whole movie and central theme to Star Wars.
  8. Ok, but now I am intrigued. What would Kylo be willing to sacrifice for? What does he want to achieve now?

    If Kylo has any soft spot at all, it's for his mother. He couldn't pull the trigger on her. But at the same time, he wants to "kill the past" and give the resistance no quarter, no survivors. so he probably DOES want to kill Leia. His character is beyond conflicted now, he's inconsistent.
  9. She shut the door on him. If she's going to be in a relationship with anyone (and I don't think she should), it should be Finn.


    I love me a little romance in SW. Finn and Rose....that whole thing is too dopey. Finn and Rey maybe could work, but it's kind of friend-zoney already. I don't see how Reylo could possibly work now, but I love the idea of two force wielders on opposite sides of the spectrum, tied together by the force, each trying to convert the other, they meet in the middle and find love, which stops the cycle of war and brings peace to the galaxy.
  10. I have to watch it a third time in theaters, and not because I actually want to. My aunt is flying in for the holidays, and we always see at least one movie in theaters, almost a tradition. My aunt is a star wars fan and hasn't seen TLJ. Sooooo...looks like Disney gets to stick it's hands in my pockets once more with this.

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