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  1. Its pointless to work out any kind of continuity because the franchise breaks its own in-universe rules from movie to movie. They even change the way time itself works too-so how can you work out how and why things happen?


    The terminator movies stopped making sense after T2, which only sort of made sense. Still great movie though, IMO. T3 was okay-ish, the rest I didnt care for. The Sarah Connor Chronicles I never watched.


    I want to get excited for this, but Im having difficulty.

  2. Also I liked him being "exiled". Jon likes it north of the wall, in fact just a couple episodes earlier he told Tormund he wished he was going with him. Bran knows this and kinda pulls a fast one on the Unsullied by "punishing" Jon by sending him North. Jon doesn't want the weight of his name or any of that. He wants to get away and he did. Now he can go North and become like a legendary figure...


    In case I wasnt clear, the problem I have with it is choice. It changes his character from a hero to...IDK a criminal or something. The fact hes happier there anyways is beside the point.
  3. I was expecting Jamie and Cersei to look more smushed.


    The high council to choose the new ruler was almost entirely Sansas family?


    Sansas north gets to secede from the 7 kingdoms, but Yaras Iron Islands dont?


    Tyrion: Who has a more interesting story to tell other than Bran Stark? Literallly everyone else on the show.


    Sansa shouldn't have gone through with Jons exile after Greyworms army left. Instead, she should have told Jon: You dont HAVE to go north...Im QUEEN of the north. In fact, you could stay here and rule the other six kingdoms as the true heir, as you were supposed to, if you wanted to.

    Point being he should have been given the choice to go north and not be banished there which...just sucks.

  4. I think that we should also consider that maybe Star Wars is hugely important in the West, but objectively really isn't that good.

    Objectively good film isn't the easiest thing to define.


    China doesn't care about Star Wars like we do in the West. If the point of this discussion is to ask why, then I'd say Tex gave a solid answer, but outside that, I'd ask why ask why? They don't care about it, and that's that. Executives at Lucasfilms determine their own marketing budget and decide themselves whether or not they are doing the best they could be.


    If the point of the discussion is how can Disney craft Star Wars into something that's more successful there, I've already said they shouldn't, and it wasn't obvious to me Choc that you didnt already agree that would be bad idea because you had proposed a "star studded casting" approach in an effort to "fix the problem". You're being intellectually inconsistent. I disagree it's a problem, and I think it's a mistake to change the winning formula. I will repeat that maybe casting a well known Chinese actor (and less known by westerners) may help a little, but it's not going to radically change the way the market feels about this well established franchise. I think Disney would be wise to adopt an "optimistically hopeful" approach to China, but not expect them to fall in love with it at some point. That's a pretty arrogant expectation.

  5. I think you're asking all the wrong questions. You're essentially asking how can they make a certain market like a certain product. You should be asking how can we make a product that a certain market likes.


    Stuffing a few well known Asian actors in a movie that the Asian market doesn't do well in may help a little bit, but it won't turn water into wine.


    Make a product for who your market is, not who you want them to be. That's what works in a free-market system. Doing otherwise runs the risk of either losing money or, worse, betraying your loyal fan base.

  6. You can't see the obvious and totally out of place anti-animal cruelty messages in TLJ? It was distracting and on the nose, and it wasn't interwoven into the story at all. It was distracting and pointless. It shouldn't have been there. In fact, the same could be said for the entire sequence. Like the social commentary within, it was forced, pointless, and contributed absolutely nothing to the story. It was irrelevant and exists for the sole purpose to exist.


    Having some social commentary is fine in SW so long as it's done I a subtle clever way, and is compatible wth the story. TLJ did none of this. If felt shoe-horned in...but without any real purpose or reason...OTHER than it was like a requirement by Lucasfilm or something, and RJ couldn't figure out how to work it in.

  7. For a movie I had little interest in, i actually liked it. In fact, I would be more interested in a Solo sequel than I am for episode 9. I kind of feel bad it's tanking at the BO.


    The good:

    Glover as Lando was amazing, as was Chewie. AE as Han exceeded expectations. He had good chemistry with the rest of the cast. The Cornelia stuff in the beginning was probably most interesting to me. Most of the fan service and references didn't feel forced. It was the kind of SW movie I've been waiting to see: a fun little movie that just takes place in parts of the unexplored SW universe, and (mostly) separate from the empire vs rebellion/Jedi vs sith stuff we've seen a million times. Polishes up the OT a bit: parsecs=distance, communicating with the falcon, Han's name pronounciation inconsistencies, etc. HAN SHOOTS FIRST


    The Bad:

    It dragged a bit in the middle. Felt a bit choppy throughout. Predictability (unavoidable). Lando's sex robot. The kessel heist free the droid slaves sequence. The "good guy" criminals. Didn't need to learn absolutely every thing about Han from OT. I hate the idea of Maul returning to the big screen post TPM.

  8. Loved it.


    It's a musical, not national geographic. It's not meant to be historically perfect. Great story, good characters, and the singing and dancing pieces were integrated well and didn't slow down the pacing of the story. Jackman was good, even Efron was good, however the singing and dancing are within his wheelhouse enough that it makes up for any lack in acting ability.

  9. Re: why don't they kamikaze the first order via hyperspace?


    1) the resistance doesn't have enough kamikazes

    2) kamikazes don't get paid enough and have lousy retirement plans


    Re: fractional refresh rates blah blah blah nerd stuff


    My brain interprets "fractional refresh rate shields thingies" to mean it constantly pulsates on and off at some unspecified intervals, so if you fly in quick enough you can slip in. The bigger problem is how do you know you are timing it right? Unless the falcon has some magical computer that just knows everything and can calculate...that, then Han was just rolling the dice. Like he always does. Excuse me: did. How insensitive of me.

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