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  1. I took karate for years when I was a kid and through my teens. Made it to first degree black belt. Loved it. I recommend it for anyone really, but especially young boys with lots of energy.
  2. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Picard is really really old. Data looks and sounds terrible. My two favorite characters. This pains me. Seven of Nine looks great, and she’s probably in this to counter-balance Picard and Data. Reduce the depression-factor.
  3. The PT was about a certain evil manipulating a predictable and complacent governmental system into submission. The OT was about people facing this evil head-on and defeating it. We dont really know what the ST is ultimately going to be about until its complete like choc says, but after two movies it appears to be about the remnants of a certain evil destroying and conquering the galaxy...
  4. In my opinion however, I believe the force is only ever interesting when the villains use it, or when secondary characters use it as a teaching moment for the protagonists. Its got to be about growth. This describes the success the OT had with it pretty well, and the failure the PT had with it. It was fun watching Luke fail and grow, it was not fun watching Jedi act as Deus ex Machinas moving the story forward. Rey is having a similar problem; she was the perfect Jedi from day one, so theres not a lot of personal growth. Finns character completes the same arc in two straight movies, so
  5. RLM has contended that Star Warss dirty little secret is that nothing will ever work outside the original trilogy because that was the fairytale and its been completed..something along those lines. Im believing that may be right more and more.
  6. Instead of listing specific movies and shows I like, Im going to instead list specific qualities/themes/thingies I like about them (because I choose to). I love movies where good people sacrifice their lives in battle to save others. I have a soft spot for that kind of heroism. I love movies that have philosophical themes; preferably as a backdrop. I love movies where the protagonists competency is earned and not so much a superpower granted. In this regard Star Wars OT qualifies, PT and ST do not. I love some love and sexiness in the movie. Nudity is nice too. I love mob movies
  7. Oh and Matrix Reloaded is actually good, albeit not great like its predecessor.
  8. Look whos talking is an amazing movie and was Travoltas best work.
  9. I know right? God forbid he just say yeah, I was against a wildly unpopular piece of legislation that forcibly yanked kids out of their community, and shipped them off somewhere far away-away from their friends, where they didnt know anybody...but thanks for not calling me a racist you damn narc. Something like that would have been a strong yet honest response. But...this is sleepy joe were talking here, who literally cut off his own defense and said no my time is up. You got that right old Joe!
  10. Harris tore your boy Biden a new one last night. She basically called him not a racist buuuuuuuuuuut...you we against forces busing, and she knew he couldnt say out loud forced busing was bad policy to that crowd.
  11. Well...the clear winner here was Trump. If the election were tomorrow, Trump wins re-election against all of them and its not even close.
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