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  1. Axis


    The last time I read it in full was probably almost 15 years ago (I'm re-reading it now for a book club), and as a teenager I was really into all the edgy humor. But, I don't think I can say here what really made me love the series, because it's a pretty big spoiler. I think it's the best reason to read the book and the thing that makes it a really significant piece of literature. When I read it now, I still think that thing is as potent as ever, and I enjoy the rest of it for the most part. Despite Steve Dillon's bad case of "same face" in his art, his stuff is very affecting and hilarious. E
  2. That's why when I read they were adapting Age of Apocalypse right after Days of Future Past it had me worried because the premise is almost exactly the same just with different characters and has to do with time travel and the ripple effect. And now the reports are they're going to do the Phoenix Saga for the next one, I honestly hope they don't but I don't know what else they would do. Besides Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past and the Dark Phoenix Saga what else is worth adapting? Grant Morrisons New X-Men run? But the tone is so different it wouldn't fit with the current incarnation.
  3. Even my favorite X-Men story of the last decade or so, Uncanny X-Force's Dark Angel Saga....which was ****ing magnificent....was a total retread of like 3 different X-Men storylines rolled into one. It's like what else can you do with these characters? How do you tell new stories when Claremont covered every possibility over the course of like 16 years and like 3 different books?
  4. X-Men stopped being interesting to me after a while. It's just the same thing over and over again, except it gets more dumb and convoluted every time.
  5. Apocalypse having the ability to control minds opens up a loooooooooooooooooooooooooot of plot holes. Also, it's never explicitly stated that that's what he's doing. Magneto explains to Charles his reasoning for joining up.
  6. SPOILERS Hey, remember that part where Charles just said "Peace out, bro." and let Magneto leave the mansion after he killed several million people? Good times.
  7. Ended up going with a group to see this one. I was fully aware of the fact of my own existance and mortality for every second of the two and a half hours. That's how tedious it was. The Quicksilver scene was like an oasis in the desert even if it made no sense.
  8. Who even are you?!!! It has to be one of the worst high budget marvel movies ever made! I dunno if we should be calling these "marvel movies." But otherwise, I'm with you. That movie is just downright hilarious. I'm gonna wait for video on X-Men Apocalypse, I think. These movies just kind of fail to give me the thing that I enjoy from X-Men stories, and that's long form stories in which characters and conflicts are built and deepened over time. Claremont's run on the series, which is the reason X-Men is considered superhero holy ground, is all about soap opera storytelling, whereas these
  9. ....a little bit....yeah. I'm really hoping that this is either FAR more skillfully handled or totally absent in the books.
  10. I just know they're never going to make a version of this movie that looks like the one in my head. They need to film this movie with cinematography, music, dialogue and virtually any other element they can incorporate that will make it feel like an 80's movie that takes place in the near future. It should feel more like Turbo Kid than Minority Report. But I know Speilberg is going to make it look generic.
  11. Oh, we're definitely a Deadwood household, so you'll periodically hear stuff like "fuck all of you, I wish I was a ****ing tree." "Wu. Swaygin. Hang dai." "Do not repeat back to me in different ****ing words what I have already said." "San Fransisco cock-sucka!!!" "You got seven kinds of cock-breath." "All right. You've had your fit of temper, now get the fuck back to your room."
  12. Axis


    Wow. Yeah. That was rough. The pilot was totally unfocused. Pretty boring in parts. Joe Gilgun's terrible Irish accent completely diffuses his charisma. Tulip's introduction went from fun...to totally, cartoonishly absurd. The dialogue wasn't much to speak of. I'm willing to strap down for the whole season to give it a chance...but, man. This was a pretty bad pilot.
  13. Axis


    It's interesting that you bring up Robocop and the remake. Robocop is one of my all-time favorite films, and I actually do think it's a near-perfect example of sci-fi, action, horror, political satire, and elemental myth. I refused to watch the remake out of principle because it seemed to be a cold, nakedly obvious cash-grab that's very much in the capitalistic spirit of what the original film is trying to undermine. There's a big difference here, though, between this situation and the Robocop situation, which is that there is no element of socially progressive engineering involved in the Robo
  14. Egh......there's a lot of really clunky, cringe-inducing dialog in that trailer.
  15. Axis


    So Preacher premiere's on AMC tomorrow night. Here's the trailer: It's based on a series I absolutely loved as a teenager, but have more complicated feelings about as an adult. I have to say, everything I've seen so far from this adaptation looks excellent -- particularly the casting of Joe Gilgun as Cassidy. While watching him on Misfits I practically yelled out at my TV "That's Cassidy!" So I'm very pleased to see someone else thought so too. Has anyone else read the series? If so, what do you think of what we've seen so far? What about people who haven't read it? What does this look li
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