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  1. Cruz is FAR more dangerous than Trump. With Trump, it'd be pretty much the status quo plus some embarrassing gaffes. I could see him getting the US embroiled in another war through his own incompetence. Cruz however... He would probably start World War III by deliberate action, because he believes it would bring Jesus back. There'd be no coming back from that.
  2. If this movie breaks the $1 billion mark where BvS didn't, expect Zach Snyder's 12 year-old fanboys to have a temper tantrum. They are already going nuts because the movie has such good early reviews.
  3. From my understanding, when everything is factored in, $850 million means Warner just BARELY broke even on BvS. Unless it grosses over $1.2 billion, and that is highly unlikely to happen. it will not be considered profitable to the shareholders. So yeah, WB is probably wishing they had dumped Snyder after Man of Steel by now.
  4. Funny you'd say that. I know very few conservatives in real life, but have some entertaining and seriously whacked out ones in the gaming groups I belong to. It's not a constant stream of political rants, maybe a drip drop of comments here and there, and when you click on their profile, it's pretty obvious where they stand. Now, they believe a lot of truly stupid (and factually incorrect) ****, but to give credit where it is due, a lot of them have good senses of humor and can laugh at themselves, which is more than I can say about the Portlandia crowd. I've been thinking about that a fair a
  5. No one is more outspoken than me on DC Entertainment being totally inept. This is definitely not evidence of that. I agree with this. The fact that they are doing reshoots to change the tone, rather than just doubling down on grimdark angsting, tells me that they know realize they were mistaken about what audiences wanted originally, and are making an effort to correct it. If anything, this is evidence that there actually ARE competent people at WB. Not many, but some.
  6. Time travel is fraught with complications. If you go too far back, you'd have trouble no matter who you are. The pre-20th century world did not have the standards of cleanliness and sanitation we do. Before the publication of Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle', the food was often crawling with bacteria, fecal matter, half rotten, ground up maggots and other things that people of that time could deal with, but our modern immune systems, a result of strict regulations on food safety, would not be able to handle. (Seriously. Read 'The Jungle'. it'll give you nightmares.) And then there is the flip s
  7. Don't worry. Like I said, the weird thing about Whovians is that whoever is the showrunner is the worst thing to ever happen to the show while they are actually in charge of it, and then a genius who was so underappreciated and should come back and take the show back over again once they leave. It's been that way since the Classic era, and will probably remain so forever.
  8. I agree that it's a positive. Mostly, I'm just endlessly amused at the possibility that WB is looking at BvS's reception, and is melting down over it. With luck, this will lead them to kick Snyder and Goyer to the curb, and appoint people who DON'T think that GRIMDARK angsting equals serious, legitimate cinema.
  9. Agreed. Marvel's best villains are Doctor Doom and Magneto, both of whom are tied up with Fox (Although with the way Fantastic Four bombed last year, maybe Fox will agree to give the characters back to Marvel, or at least come to an agreement like with Sony). Whereas DC has the Joker and the rest of Batman's rogues Gallery, Darkseid, the Flash's rogues gallery, Sinestro, Vandal Savage, Deathstroke, etc. Suicide Squad is a step in the right direction for DC, by focusing on their villains, which is where the real strength of thier universe is found.
  10. Not all, but while reshoots are not uncommon, the amount of money being spent is. 10 million is a LOT for a reshoot. Furthermore, they specifically stated that they are doing the reshoots to lighten the tone of the movie based upon the positive reception of the trailer, and likely the backlash over Batman v Superman
  11. Word is WB is spending $10 million on reshoots of Suicide Squad. Apparently, the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer contained pretty much the only funny moments, and BvS's negative reception has them worried. Hopefully, they are trying for a more Deadpool like feel to the film. One thing I suspect is that if Suicide Squad fails the same way BvS did, that's it for the entire premise of the DC Cinematic Universe.
  12. Benedict Cumberbatch is a great actor, but I wasn't sure he would be a good fit for Doctor Strange. Now that all the pictures of him in costume have leaked, all doubts are erased. I love Doctor Strange, and like Krawlie, this is the movie I'm looking forwards to most.
  13. I'm really not sure what this means. What is it about their approach that would diminish the potential of making a billion dollars? Avengers went for a feel that's similarly earnest, almost faultlessly faithful to the feel of the source material, and character driven -- and it literally made a billion dollars. Timm and Dini's material isn't exactly comprised of inaccessible deep cuts. Anyone, adult or child, could watch Justice League Unlimited or Batman: The Animated Series and gain a real appreciation for the characters. It seems to me that BvS went for a distinctly inaccessible approach by
  14. Especially showrunners. Every time there is a new showrunner, they get blamed for EVERYTHING wrong with the show, and are regarded as worse than Hitler. Then, when a new showrunner comes in, suddenly the old one was the best thing ever, and the new person is ****. I'm not denying Moffat's tenure has been mixed, and he is certainly trying to do too much, but he's far from the worse showrunner Doctor Who has ever had. I guarantee that once Moffat leaves, and the new guy comes in, the same people attacking Moffat now are going to be wistfully talking about how the show was so much BETTER when he
  15. Obsidian

    Dildo Militia

    I don't expect the true believers, those who supported the Dildo boys, to accept this, but this settles it for normal people. Ordinarily, I'm skeptical of the 'official' law enforcement claims when someone is shot, but considering that he had publicly stated that he had no intention of being taken alive, I was not surprised at this outcome, and had no reason to doubt that he left the FBI no choice.
  16. Fox News released a beautifully snarky response to Trump's boycott: “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings." Ah, Fox. I never thought I'd say this, but right now, I love you.
  17. Obsidian

    Dildo Militia

    I'm glad it's mostly over, although I enjoyed the show, and the fools they made of themselves. That said, while the FBI's strategy of giving these f**ktrumpets just enough rope to hang themselves with was solid, it still pisses me off because, had they not been white, the response would have been much different, and they would not have been treated with kid gloves, and the government would not have gone out of their way to avoid bloodshed. And this isn't conjecture on my part. In 1973, a group of Sioux and Cherokee affiliated with the American Indian Movement occupied the town of Wounded K
  18. FoxNews hosts were twisting themselves into contortions to try and claim it was an attack on Christians. Others were saying 'We'll never understand the shooter's reasons or motivations.' Anything to avoid confronting the big white sheet wearing elephant in the room,,,
  19. The main obstacle is acknowledgement. Too many people want to deny racism. They want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend racism does not exist, that it is no longer a problem. And as long as that occurs, as long as people refuse to admit the reality of racial hatred, racism will continue to be a poison eating away at our society. I agree the problem is too deeply engrained to ever go away completely. The status quo will remain such for the forseeable future.
  20. Ultimately, it was a soft defeat, since the former Confedereate states held much power in the century to follow (troubling presidents such as Kennedy and Johnson), while retaining much of its core beliefs sans slavery. That's the reason why I believe that Reconstruction ended too soon. Or, I should say, the mistake was that it ended at all.
  21. I know how some of the people here feel about the Daily Show, but Jon Stewart's opening segment the day after the shooting says everything I could possibly say. No comedy on this one. Just Stewart's palpable anger about the fact that we refuse to do anything to prevent these kinds of things:
  22. I don't know about that. Italy lost the war, and it's not remembered JUST for that. It still has it's history during Roman times and so on to be remembered for. Same for Japan. Despite their lost of the war, Japan is still well respected, and is known for far more than WWII. While Germany's loss no doubt played a part, I think it was the other things that really impact how the country is seen.
  23. I think part of that is, Germany is YOUNG. Germany as an independent, unified state had existed for less than 100 years by the time the Nazis took power. Before that, it was smaller states, or part of other countries like the Holy Roman Empire or Prussia. Consequently, unlike countries like England, France, China, which have been around for over a thousand years, Germany does not really have a lot of history that is definatively its own. Most of it's history was made when Germany was part of another country. There were no major, history changing acts to cement Germany into in the minds of th
  24. There are different interpretations of the Punisher, depending on the writer. With some, he's well-intentioned, geniunely motivated by the desire to better the world. With others, he's really no better than the people he opposes, someone who simply enjoys killing, and just happens to go after other killers. I think both interpretations are valid.
  25. Yeah, I'd go with an entire storyarc. With Punisher trying to stay under the radar, keep Daredevil off his trail. He feels he has to use extreme measures to clean up Hell's Kitchen, while this fellow vigilante, the one who took down Fisk, is investigating, getting closer and closer to finding him. Castle is having to continuously stay on the move to remain one step ahead of Daredevil. The entire season being Matt's hunt for this Punisher, as Castle tries to continue his war without getting caught. All while Fisk is plotting his return to power. This would create great tension for the audience.
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