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  1. So, haven't been here in forever, but I thought I would stop by and say this is so awesome. Boyega is fantastic.
  2. Good to hear. And to be fair, the reviews are looking awfully similar to Watchmen, another Synder product. And I loved that one. Going into this with an open mind. Very excited. I haven't watched a trailer or an advertisement since the first trailer.
  3. Just when my expectations were SKY HIGH for this one, reviews are beginning to pull me back down to earth. (Pun intended.) Seems to be the definition of mixed reviews. But maybe that's a good thing?
  4. 1) I loved the finale two years ago, and I love the finale still. I am a big believer in the JJ Abrams "Mystery Box." I feel that what is inside the box isn't nearly as fantastic as what I imagine to be in the box. So, the fact that "Lost" never answered the "big" questions ("What IS the Island?" "What was the deal with Walt?" etc.) has really no effect on me. I love theorizing and guessing, but most of all I love being intrigued. And I have yet to see "Prometheus", but I am sure it is lovely! 2) I agree with Svenn: Charlie was spent. What was left to do with him? He sure went out with a ban
  5. That 360 degree shot of the Avengers standing in the city was ****ing AWESOME.
  6. I was going to say the same thing. He looks demented and ill.
  7. Picked this up on DVD. Good God, why don't more people watch this?
  8. That was really beautiful. Love this show. Especially the more sentimental moments.
  9. So, I'm thinking that NBC should end "The Office" after next season. The series finale can be Michael and Holly's wedding!
  10. Bahah. The snowmen head me in stitches.
  11. goes back to the future!

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