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  1. I can't wait to see this film. I think it will be a major hit
  2. The whole SAGA felt different in some way. I actually enjoy the saga better now with the addition of TFA. I seen the Marathon in the theatres
  3. Or NOT editing out when Leia kissed Luke in ESB. No one can't not cringe over that know. good point.
  4. Nice to see you still around. Sorry I never post much as I am just reduced to a lurker over the years. Frankly, I just don't like logging in sites. Good to see some of my old friends still around. ;-) Great time isn't it. 70 days until and actual sequel to Jedi.... 30 plus years......
  5. Since you're talking about the more recent DC screw-ups, I will hold back from beating you over the head with a rolled up copy of The Incredible Hulk #181. Like I said, even my beloved Marvel has tanked. SOME of the random Secret Wars alternate reality stories are fun-- but they aren't staying and the new status quo when they wrap is going to make so many people unhappy. I really don't get why the looked at DC's continuity bullcrap and thought they should try to outdo it. I haven't dropped so many books since the 90s! It is DC's chance now. Marvel is done, they are going with Star Wars a
  6. I saw the film and it was incredible. Amazing...............................
  7. LOL, but atleast he is back. I don't watch Arrow either. I do however like the back door relaunch of Constaine thouigh.
  8. word. And also, at D23 they announced the cast of ROGUE ONE - and Donnie Yen is among the cast. I have no idea how they got him. He must be a long time Star Wras fan cause I was for sure he was done with American films. Great day, and FINN with the classic saber
  9. Anyone seen the new poster for The Force Awakens?
  10. isn't that Porkins look-alike the GUY from the TV show Heroes?
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