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  1. HOLY HELL THIS PLACE!! I remember you... from a dream perhaps...
  2. I don't know I kind of like the destruction. It could add some serious depth to the story if they handle it appropriately in the inevitable sequels (looks like its going to be a pretty huge blockbuster). Is anyone familiar with the comic book Invincible? This EXACT thing happens at the end of the first major arc. At first it just looks like a cool set piece for super heroes to fight through-massive destruction, buildings falling, etc. but it turns into a major part of the story as it continues. Maybe the Snyder Trilogy? Is a story about Superman BECOMING the protector of humanity, with
  3. Regarding your spoiler, I think it was him realizing he just probably ended his entire race, not the killing part. I could be wrong. Also, Yes, Very freaking loud. Which I usually hate, but I just must have been in a really good mood or something because I was all on board for this one.
  4. I'm shocked at the critical reception. This movie f***ing ROCKS! Also, nobody has ever looked more like a superhero than Henry Cavill.
  5. The balls on the terrorist costume guy are absolutely breathtaking.
  6. I mock these people to their faces as well, but I'm sure they would be glad to know that an anonymous forum member on a star wars website is anonymously sticking up for their anonymous crazy assed thoughts. Anyway, someone just posted a picture of Paul Ryan with light shining down from above and a halo over his head. I just don't know how to copy images using the iPad.
  7. This one was particularly mind blowing... "For those of my friends who believe there is no difference between Obama and Romney, I'll give you a major one. Romney has made it the old fashioned way. He EARNED his money. While Obama has made his the modern way. Taking from those of us who have earned it, kind of like a parasite." 14 likes
  8. Third gem: "no major news network ever questioned obamas qualifications to be president. Dick Cheney had the GALL to say Sarah Palin wasn't prepared to be vice president. In today's political environment being a "dog catcher" is a good enough qualification as long as you can speak well, promise people things, and party like a rock star. The media is questioning Romneys finances? Are you kidding me? They want him to produce 10 years of tax returns? The same ***holes said NOTHING about Obamas associations, his radical past let alone didn't ask for his original birth certificate for almos
  9. This is where I would like to share with my Internet friends some of the crazy assed **** that my mostly college-educated, middle to upper-middle class, Midwestern, white friends and family post on Facebook... Feel free to comment on the particular status updates, share your own, or comment on the real point of this thread, which is: How in the holy f*ck can otherwise intelligent people be so ****ing crazy and uninformed when it comes to politics and what does that mean? To start us off, here are three gems from today: From a wealthy small business owner: "WE the patriots of America DE
  10. Day drinking is my absolute favorite. Then I like to go to sleep early.
  11. Hygienists don't "do the actual dental work", they do the actual dental CLEANING. Dentists do the heavy lifting.
  12. Made me laugh. In the middle of class. So, kudos. Also, Ness? Where tf did he come from? Boo!
  13. It was in response to Krawlies concern for keeping his girlish figure. And there is NO way that's my gayest post, btw.
  14. Couple points of clarification here: Guiness is ****ing delicious and LESS caloric than PBR (which tases like dog piss). Guiness 126 Calories, Pabst 144 - So, basically, Krawlie can go fist himself. Boondocks Saints is terrible, so, Duke can go help Krawlie fist himself. Ireland is a great place to go on vacation. It's like a bunch of friendly people who are just ****faced all the time.
  15. My heart was pounding during that chapter, it was great. So humiliating.
  16. Hurry up and finish! I wanna talk about: Plot build-up Climaxes Resolution Anticipation Expectations I'm getting more and more amped up for tWOW
  17. Wow Mandard, I feel like I usually agree with you, but we couldn't have more differing opinions... I thought it was great, on par with the first 3... Overall I loved it, and while it may have stalled a little, I think everyone is pointed in the right direction for what is going to be an epic final two chapters.
  18. No kidding. That was a shocker. This isn't really a spoiler so I'll just say it. I'm only around 550 in to the book, but I absolutely love how the bad guys seem to have over looked just how much people in the North LOVE the Starks. Martin is amazing, there is just this constant humming beneath the surface where the Northmen are just kind of going through the motions but deep down they are fiercely loyal to the Stark kids. Wylla Manderly = best new character
  19. Let me just drop in and tell everyone that the prologue is absolutely beautiful and amazing. Some of his best writing to date in my opinion... I'll be back in a few days. Off to Westeros...
  20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
  21. Not if they saw Thor. What is his superhero name though? Just curious...
  22. Brienne is absolutely, unequivocally NOT dead
  23. That's funny, I don't see any of them dying. It'll probably be something totally off the wall like Danerys or something! LOL
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