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  1. Agreed on Vadic. She was a good villain but I don’t need to hear a 5 minute monologue every time she has something to say also needs more Shaw. He hasn’t done much the last couple episodes
  2. I am willing this to be good with all that I have. Haven’t seen any red flags yet!
  3. Also apparently I lied because I still watched NXT tonight, and it was a great show. I even missed Dragon Lee's singles debut, which I heard was a 5 star match, and it was still great. Nice to see things go well when Vince isn't involved. Gonna have to look up that Dragon Lee match though
  4. After the terrible booking of Roman/Cody, I didn’t watch. But from reading the results and reactions, it seems so
  5. There’s just no way they can’t have noticed the extremely negative online reaction to the news of the sale, to RAW, and to the reports of Vince being in charge again, LET ALONE the actual backstage reaction among what is now their own employees (independent contractors, whatever). They’ve completely lost out on Jay White and potentially other available and soon to be available wrestlers, and you KNOW there are going to be plenty of current talent, particularly women, who won’t even consider resigning now. Vince didn’t have to answer to anyone before, but he does now. I can only hope they actually pay attention to this and it’s not just another good ol rich boys club. But who am I kidding, of course it is.
  6. Pretty impressive how fast WWE went from red hot to ice cold. I’m gonna take a long break for now, which is incredible considering where I was at 48 hours ago
  7. Yep. I’m absolutely exhausted of the entire Anoa’i family
  8. I have no idea how an MMA company and a scripted entertainment company are supposed to “merge.” At least it’s not the Saudis, I guess?
  9. It’d been such a good show, and an absolute crock of shit ending. I’m so fucking tired of this
  10. Shane. Ugh. I just want to be free of the McMahons. EDIT AND NOW HES HURT WTF
  11. Jesus that powerbomb Asuka took on the floor hurt ME
  12. Big meaty men slapping meat!
  13. There are investigations ongoing in Georgia and I’m pretty sure somewhere else as well. This one just filed first.
  14. He’d definitely do better at tomorrows RAW, for sure
  15. I think the McAfee thing was done to set up Miz doing another open challenge tonight. I don’t know if it’s LA Knight, Lashley, or even Jay White that’s gonna answer it, but I expect another similar segment is happening.
  16. That was so good. Loved it
  17. My post Mania call up predictions: Bron, Kayden and Katana, Cameron Grimes, the Creeds, Pretty Deadly, Dragunov, Roxanne. Not necessarily all right away, but in the next 3ish months.
  18. Stand and Deliver has absolutely been delivering so far
  19. Also, if you're watching the Rumble, you should watch Elimination Chamber as well
  20. Ziggler's around but he's not significant lately. GUNTHER was known as WALTER in the indies and NXT UK. He's one of the top talents in the world right now. Go back and watch his match with Sheamus at Clash of the Castle--probably the match of the year last year, at least in WWE. I'm expecting his current run with the Intercontinental Title to break the Honky Tonk Man's record.
  21. Styles, Bray, and Orton are all hurt. Bray might be sick and not hurt actually, no clarity there. Omos sucks, but this is the match that, reportedly, Lesnar chose. He turned down matches with Lashley (he had a feud with him and they wrestled at Elimination Chamber) and Bray, and Austin was pitched a match but I don't remember why that was rejected. The internet wanted Brock vs GUNTER, but the latter would do better with some more build before that happens. The tease at the Rumble was good enough. But yeah, Brock wanted Omos for some reason. I'm not a huge Cody fan myself but he's massively improved since leaving WWE a few years ago. His time in the indies, Japan, and AEW really elevated his game. He's very worthy of this spot.
  22. Watched Bloodsport 9 last night but couldn’t really get into the matches that much. Ibushi vs Speedball was all right, as was Barnett vs Thatcher, but it wasn’t as good as Bloodsport last year Caught the first have of Impact/NJPW Multiverse United and enjoyed what I saw. Got too tired to finish though, so I missed the three matches I most wanted to see lol (Kushida vs Lio Rush, Kenta vs Suzuki, and Tanahashi vs Speedball) gonna watch ROH Supercard of Honor tonight and if I can, Joey Janela’s Spring Break
  23. I think it’s gonna end up being Lashley/LA Knight. Set up either in the battle royal tonight or one night 1… night 2 has one less match so there’s room still There are definitely gonna be some surprises. Don’t know what, SRS hasn’t reported any yet lol
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