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  1. I absolutely hate the phrase “quiet quitting.” It’s literally just doing your job and not the insane amount of extra work you’ve been conditioned to believe you have to do by shitty greedy bosses.
  2. Austin was a rare exception, honestly. There aren't too many other examples. Vince was always a control freak.
  3. The reason is Vince, and he’s gone now.
  4. Trying to breathe when we have the worst air quality in the whole world right now. Fun. Happy to be here.
  5. Darth Krawlie

    NFL 2022

    He should’ve stayed retired
  6. Celebrities aren’t dying any faster, we’re just getting older ourselves so the celebs are more and more directly influential/knowable to us so it feels worse.
  7. Great ending. Good way to get around literally having Feige appear
  8. Maybe it would’ve been more “decent” to leave it alone, but we’re talking about Amazon here. Why in the world would you expect anything decent out of them? The company, like all others, expiate for the sole purpose of making money, not doing anything decent.
  9. Thursday October 13 Washington at Chicago Sunday October 16 San Francisco at Atlanta New England at Cleveland NY Jets at Green Bay Jacksonville at Indianapolis Minnesota at Miami Cincinnati at New Orleans Baltimore at NY Giants Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh Carolina at LA Rams Arizona at Seattle Buffalo at Kansas City Dallas at Philadelphia Monday October 17 Denver at LA Chargers
  10. They are making another fantasy book series adaptation, the Wheel of Time. But as popular as that may be in fantasy circles, LOTR has worldwide name recognition. Mutilation. We're starting to sound like another former poster's line "the murderous hands of Disney" when talking about Star Wars. Let's relax a little. Your books are still on the shelf. You can read them every single day and completely ignore the show as if it never existed, and you'll be okay.
  11. It’s signed off by the family/estate too, not just a team of lawyers.
  12. LOL we picked it cuz it was an option for Eli before we found out he was a boy, and it was close to Lola, which is what the dog was previously called, but we rejected cuz we know a real life human girl child with that name as for breed… a mutt of some kind. I think there’s chihuahua in her but not sure
  13. Plus I mean, Tolkien wrote on the scale of centuries. Outside of the Hobbit, LOTR, and a handful of First Age stories, events take place so incredibly far apart there's not really any way you could make an enjoyable show out of that. It works in book form, but wouldn't on screen. Different stories for different mediums.
  14. Same thought about Jessica Jones. we watched this last night. It was fun, but left me a little disappointed and I’m not sure why. Maybe I just wanted more? Not sure.
  15. Too bad the Padres and mariners are both going out in the first round
  16. The new Daredevil hallway fight was pretty good hahaha
  17. Thursday October 9 Indianapolis at Denver Sunday October 9 NY Giants at Green Bay Pittsburgh at Buffalo LA Chargers at Cleveland Chicago at Minnesota Detroit at New England Seattle at New Orleans Miami at NY Jets Atlanta at Tampa Bay Tennessee at Washington Houston at Jacksonville San Francisco at Carolina Dallas at LA Rams Philadelphia at Arizona Cincinnati at Baltimore Monday October 10 Las Vegas at Kansas City
  18. Darth Krawlie


    Truth be told I’d rather know this than useful stuff. Real life is boring.
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