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  1. Thursday Nov 10 Atlanta at Carolina Sunday Nov 13 Seattle at Tampa Bay Minnesota at Buffalo Detroit at Chicago Denver at Tennessee Jacksonville at Kansas City Cleveland at Miami Houston at NY Giants New Orleans at Pittsburgh Indianapolis at Las Vegas Dallas at Green Bay Arizona at LA Rams LA Chargers at San Francisco Monday Nov 14 Washington at Philadelphia
  2. Darth Krawlie


    I haven’t even started yet. I’ll get to it!
  3. aw shit I didn't even realize I took over the lead definitely going something like 3-10 this week to make up for it
  4. Well sure I’d vote for him over Abbott too. But if you can’t beat Ted Cruz, no matter how close it was, you should be politically exiled. Stop taking up space and let some other Texas Democrat take a swing.
  5. Beto can’t win Jack shit. Couldn’t in 2018, couldn’t in 2020, can’t in 2022.
  6. Now that it's raining nonstop, she's starting to shit and piss on the floor again. She gives us literally zero signs she needs to go, she just goes. Fucking kill me.
  7. I actively collect various toy lines from when I was a kid. I may not have big wars or stories going on with them anymore, but I'm just as happy every time I get a new one as I would be at 7. In fact, I'm going to a toy show this weekend.
  8. Thursday, Nov 3 Philadelphia at Houston Sunday, Nov 6 LA Chargers at Atlanta Miami at Chicago Carolina at Cincinnati Green Bay at Detroit Indianapolis at New England Buffalo at NY Jets Minnesota at Washington Las Vegas at Jacksonville Seattle at Arizona LA Rams at Tampa Bay Tennessee at Kansas City Monday, Nov 7 Baltimore at New Orleans
  9. That happened with us too. Submitted both kids info to the school at the same time. Eli got registered, not a word about Lyra until several calls were made.
  10. This phase is about establishing a new baseline before getting into all the crossovers again, like in Phase 1. It definitely feels different, with so many new characters and what feels like a lack of direction, but I don't doubt it'll come back together in the next couple years.
  11. I'm not but a lot of people are. I don't think Marvel's bringing in any new fans anymore.
  12. uh yeah big on Brad's side there called it quits after two hours and gave out the vast majority of our candy. I'd call it a success, though learned that next year we need more lighting for everyone to know we're giving out candy. we're at an awkward spot, we're on a corner lot, with a park on the side of the street our front door is facing, so the only other super close house is directly across the street. I was set up with an umbrella, decorations, a huge bowl of candy, and a playlist going, so we got some good traffic, but not as much as we could have had there been more lights.
  13. Best costume I’ve had so far tonight was Sauron, with Michael Jackson second. TBH I didn’t care much about costumes, kids of various ages having a wholesome time was all that mattered. Some might not have been dressed at all, but who cares.
  14. It’s 5pm and I’m on beer number four. Kids will be going out and I’ll be setting up shop to hand out candy. Planned ahead and took tomorrow off work cuz I’ve found going into that office with even a slight hangover doesn’t really work out for me.* *I mean it only happened twice, but it was enough. Workday drinking is rare anyway
  15. Honestly, most of them are crap. Just old wrestlers airing their grievances and having very biased, exaggerated, and factually incorrect memories spewed out in poor quality writing. But every once in a while there’s some gems. Nitro by Guy Evans is by far the best recount of the history of WCW I’ve ever read. Unbiased and looks at ALL sides of the story instead of just focusing on the writers’ pet issue. Really, thoroughly enjoyed it. Currently I’m reading There’s Just One Problem by Brian Gewirtz, former WWE writer and the Rock’s friend. Mainly, this is just fucking hilarious. Highly recommended to anyone interested in the creative angle of the business. You got any recs?
  16. It feels very very off to me that people are waiting to send me their improvement plan until after they get the results. That’s more telling me what you did instead of telling me what you’re going to do, WHICH IS WHAT A PLAN IS.
  17. Thursday October 27 Baltimore at Tampa Bay Sunday October 30 Denver at Jacksonville Carolina at Atlanta Chicago at Dallas Miami at Detroit Arizona at Minnesota Las Vegas at New Orleans New England at NY Jets Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Tennessee at Houston Washington at Indianapolis San Francisco at LA Rams NY Giants at Seattle Green Bay at Buffalo Monday HALLOWEEN October 31 Cincinnati at Cleveland
  18. We think she's about a year or so. The people we got her from had her for a few months (living in a condo, so no yard, and a newborn), and they got her from someone else who wasn't really taking care of her. There was also exactly zero medical records, so other than the fact that she's menstruated and therefore not spayed, we knew nothing about her. Fortunately she's a happy, healthy dog--she just doesn't know how to dog at all, other than being mostly crate trained. There's been some accidents, she chews on just about anything she can get her teeth on, barks at everyone who walks by (we live next to a school and a park, so it's a lot), and pulls so hard on the leash the kids can barely hold on. To be honest, I was perfectly fine not having a dog and would've been fine never having one. I'm a cat person. I'm fine with having one of course, especially since Katie and the kids really wanted one. I wanted one pre-trained, because I want to do as little work as possible with the dog, which clearly isn't gonna happen. That's the trade off, though--get a dog for free instead of paying exorbitant adoption fees from a shelter, then deal with all the untrained shit. We all had a hard weekend for a variety of reasons, and honestly a lot of our shit probably rubbed off onto the dog and that caused her to go ape shit too. Today was much better and I'm 95% sure we're keeping her. I'm still dealing with... I don't wanna call it PTSD because that's dramatic as hell and insulting to people who actually have it, but I'm dealing with SOMETHING as a result of all the change that's happened this year. It's not as bad as it was during the summer, but it's still there. Adding an untrained dog to it probably wasn't the smartest idea, but it's what happened.
  19. Yes. today I contemplated not keeping the dog after all
  20. Thursday, October 16th New Orleans at Arizona Sunday, October 23rd Atlanta at Cincinnati Detroit at Dallas Indianapolis at Tennessee Green Bay at Washington Tampa Bay at Carolina NY Giants at Jacksonville Cleveland at Baltimore NY Jets at Denver Houston at Las Vegas Seattle at LA Chargers Kansas City at San Francisco Pittsburgh at Miami Monday, October 24th Chicago at New England
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