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  1. Why do we care about google calendar what am I missing
  2. Yeah, I get that, but it’s still crazy to brand ALL of worlders as enemies of the state. Does that mean Thor can’t come back?
  3. I’ll repost the steps to get into the game tomorrow as long as REESE remembers to post the zoom
  4. I was disappointed by the final episode but really liked the show overall. I’m surprised to learn it’s the worst reviewed marvel show so far. But to be honest, my standards for what I enjoy have decreased the older I get. I don’t have the time and energy to be pissed off or cynical about my entertainment all the time anymore
  5. This is in a facebook group, the main post is a guy asking for collectible shops along a road trip he's taking. Dathan clearly has nothing to contribute here, so why did he make this comment? You see this kind of shit all over the place online. What compels people to say absolutely nothing at all, when they could LITERALLY say nothing and be just as helpful?
  6. Bumping as a reminder, we're doing this on Friday!
  7. Yet another reason not to be interested in this. Filoni is a good storyteller, it's just his stories kinda suck.
  8. Should have been. Hopefully they have a plan for him, cuz he's over as hell.
  9. The people at this company can talk any minutiae to absolute death to the point that nothings ever finished. Gotta ask one more person, get one more bit of data, have one more meeting, have one more discussion, and on and on and on. Makes me want to blow my brains out
  10. Never forget, vanilla is delicious
  11. Yeah sure that’s probably fine why do I gotta decide this shit all the time
  12. To everyone, Indiana Jones is always gonna be the original three movies. I don’t think that was ever gonna change. But, unlike crystal skull, to me at least, it’s a nice tribute/tip of the cap. It was folly to expect it to be anything more than that, I think. Not that you guys were, but you know what I mean.
  13. Since this last one was spur of the moment with little notice, let's give people a little more time. Say, two weeks from tonight, the 21st? Or three weeks, on the 28th?
  14. Okay all caught up. Might be the best MCU show so far
  15. Same rankings for me honestly, and that’s really all I was hoping for.
  16. Key word was were. Half of them WERE hippies and leftists.
  17. Pretty solid follow up to the original three.
  18. With Priest winning the briefcase I definitely think it would've been more interesting if Finn had won the title.
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