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  1. We expected a light snow storm, with nothing sticking. It's been going nonstop for about 12 hours now with varying intensity, and enough accumulation for the kids to do a halfway decent snowman. Pretty cool way to have our first snow in Washington, way better than what was forecasted. Hell if it keeps up all night I might not feel comfortable driving to work tomorrow.
  2. I’ll probably hbo max it in a month or two, whenever it drops there
  3. Glad I didn't switch that last game to New England, cuz I was very not confident in picking the Vikings.
  4. Yes. They're called the Republican Party. They aren't even pretending anymore, they're saying the quiet part out loud, and it's fucking ridiculous that the media and the Democrats aren't calling it out. Fucking pus sies.
  5. Thursday Nov 24 Buffalo at Detroit NY Giants at Dallas New England at Minnesota Sunday Nov 27 Tampa Bay at Cleveland Cincinnati at Tennessee Houston at Miami Chicago at NY Jets Atlanta at Washington Denver at Carolina Baltimore at Jacksonville LA Chargers at Arizona Las Vegas at Seattle LA Rams at Kansas City New Orleans at San Francisco Green Bay at Philadelphia Monday Nov 28 Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
  6. Thursday Nov 17 Tennessee at Green Bay Sunday Nov 20 Chicago at Atlanta Cleveland at Buffalo Philadelphia at Indianapolis NY Jets at New England LA Rams at New Orleans Detroit at NY Giants Carolina at Baltimore Washington at Houston Las Vegas at Denver Dallas at Minnesota Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Kansas City at LA Chargers Monday Nov 21 San Francisco at Arizona
  7. I had to use an ice scraper in my car for the first time in my life yesterday. That’s the extent of my winter sport activities.
  8. There’s a pun in there I’m not smart enough to figure out
  9. LOL sorry that’s not cool but hahahahahaha
  10. lol SEE JACEN you shoulda took me up on it
  11. Even if Trump doesn’t run third party it’s going to be an incredibly nasty primary between him and DeSantis. Whoever comes out of that won’t do it unscathed. For better or worse (almost definitely worse) Biden looks intent on running again. Despite almost no one wanting him to I don’t think any democrat would just to primary a sitting President. But after a really rough GOP primary I think he’s be in decent shape to win in 24, provided nothing terrible happens in the next two years. A whole lot of ifs in that statement I realize, but that’s really all you can do in politics.
  12. if jacen doesn't get the rest of his pics in before sunday he automatically picks all the opposite winners than me
  13. Yeah that IS my primary car doctor. First appointment. Only just got on this insurance a few months ago and in a new state, so
  14. The other day I finally agreed with Katie that it’s time to talk to a doctor to get on antidepressants and the earliest I can get an appointment is the end of March lol hope I make it!!! this has been a really rough week
  15. Thursday Nov 10 Atlanta at Carolina Sunday Nov 13 Seattle at Tampa Bay Minnesota at Buffalo Detroit at Chicago Denver at Tennessee Jacksonville at Kansas City Cleveland at Miami Houston at NY Giants New Orleans at Pittsburgh Indianapolis at Las Vegas Dallas at Green Bay Arizona at LA Rams LA Chargers at San Francisco Monday Nov 14 Washington at Philadelphia
  16. Darth Krawlie


    I haven’t even started yet. I’ll get to it!
  17. aw shit I didn't even realize I took over the lead definitely going something like 3-10 this week to make up for it
  18. Well sure I’d vote for him over Abbott too. But if you can’t beat Ted Cruz, no matter how close it was, you should be politically exiled. Stop taking up space and let some other Texas Democrat take a swing.
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