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  1. I've cracked the case. Lyra and Eli are playing right now and she says she's gonna be an NPC. After watching for a few minutes I ask her why was she doing that, what's the point of acting like that. She says "I don't know, why not?"
  2. As a big MCU fan, I really really agree with the first one. I'm super tired of snark. I can let the second one go more often than not, but I get it. Eli and I started watching LOTR yesterday and I'm excited by the fact that he seems really into it this time--but thinking about it, the only significant characters who die are Boromir and Theoden, and yet they're constantly talking about how there's no hope, evil will win, they'll all die, etc. I understand that's a major theme of the whole series, but for that to really hit home, more than two major characters should bite it (okay Gandalf dies too, but he also comes back so that doesn't count).
  3. I’ve said this one before, most recently in a Star Wars thread about Yoda: the mentor who knows everything the hero needs to know, refuses to tell them the most key and helpful details, berates the hero for not knowing what he couldn’t possibly know without being told, and then expects an apology and endless praise once the hero wins. Fuck Yoda.
  4. Thursday, December 21st New Orleans at LA Rams Saturday, December 23rd Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Buffalo at LA Chargers Sunday, December 24th Indianapolis at Atlanta Seattle at Tennessee Detroit at Minnesota Washington at NY Jets Green Bay at Carolina Cleveland at Houston Jacksonville at Tampa Bay Arizona at Chicago Dallas at Miami New England at Denver Monday, December 25th Las Vegas at Kansas City NY Giants at Philadelphia Baltimore at San Francisco
  5. Chocolate oranges are definitely still a thing. The kids stockings are already done, I just need to do Katie’s
  6. Thursday, December 14th LA Chargers at Las Vegas Saturday, December 16th Minnesota at Cincinnati Pittsburgh at Indianapolis Denver at Detroit Sunday, December 17th Chicago at Cleveland Tampa Bay at Green Bay Houston at Tennessee NY Jets at Miami Kansas City at New England NY Giants at New Orleans Atlanta at Carolina Washington at LA Rams San Francisco at Arizona Dallas at Buffalo Baltimore at Jacksonville Monday, December 18th Philadelphia at Seattle
  7. Typically that’s what I go for, but it always feels like not enough, so I end up getting something else dumb at the last minute. At least I have two more weekends to figure it out
  8. I need to start looking for stocking stuffers and I hate doing that
  9. Oh man I don’t even wanna j or how bad my picks were this werk
  10. joe flaccid lol what a weird ass week
  11. can confirm green spot irish > scotch and bourbon
  12. Thursday, December 7th New England at Pittsburgh Sunday, December 10th Tampa at Atlanta Detroit at Chicago Indianapolis at Cincinnati Jacksonville at Cleveland Carolina at New Orleans Houston at NY Jets LA Rams at Baltimore Minnesota at Las Vegas Seattle at San Francisco Buffalo at Kansas City Denver at LA Chargers Philadelphia at Dallas Monday, December 11th Tennessee at Miami Green Bay at NY Giants
  13. Oh my god my parents do the exact same shit with Amazon lists. Every birthday, every Christmas, it's a brand new concept. I'd give my mom a pass on this because of the dementia, but my dad, I swear to god... he works as hard as he can to make everything as difficult as possible. Just bookmark the damn lists, or add them to your profile, the way I've shown you every single birthday/Christmas since they were born. Also, I absolutely hate the idea of not buying someone a gift that's on their list/what they tell you they want, and instead buying them what you want to give them. The point of giving a gift is supposed to be about making the recipient happy. Buy them what they fucking want, then, even if it's something you don't like/care about. My brother likes video games and anime and table top games. None of that is for me. But it's on his list, and I buy him it because it'll make HIM happy. That's the goddamn point! This rant is only partially inspired by the fact that virtually no one in my life ever buys shit for me off my list.
  14. I try my hardest to not pay attention to anything on or about TikTok. I only have the app because my wife sends me funny shit on it sometimes, but I could go weeks without thinking about it once if it wasn’t brought up so damn much. This is one area I’m 100% an old man.
  15. Nah, I’m waiting for Severance to come back before re-upping Apple TV, but I intend to watch this then
  16. Henry Kissinger. About fucking time.
  17. Thursday, November 30th Seattle at Dallas Sunday, December 3rd Indianapolis at Tennessee LA Chargers at New England Detroit at New Orleans Atlanta at NY Jets Arizona at Pittsburgh Miami at Washington Denver at Houston Carolina at Tampa Bay Cleveland at LA Rams San Francisco at Philadelphia Kansas City at Green Bay Monday, December 4th Cincinnati at Jacksonville
  18. A perfectly fine, uncontroversial, purposely avoiding all the hot topics promo from Punk. Probably the right way to level set his return. The bombs, both from him and against him, will come. This is the first Monday Night RAW I watched the entirety of since... 2015? 2016?
  19. I more or less feel the same way. I get taking away big names from AEW when they can, but I'll be more interested when they can get someone who hasn't been in WWE before--Jade Cargill and Lexis King, for example, though the former hasn't debuted and the latter is an NXT guy so it's not quite the same. As for WrestleMania, yeah I'd be surprised if it isn't Punk/Rollins, but I'd prefer they do that sooner and convince Steve Austin to come back for Mania. He took back bumps on the floor two years ago and discussed a match with Brock this year, who's to say he wouldn't come back for another big payday match?
  20. Women's War Games was match of the night. I turned the show off when the copyright signature came up... only to open up Threads 5 minutes later and find out I fuckin missed it. LO goddamn L I'm still mad I didn't/don't really want Punk back, I think it'll be toxic overall, but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't dozens of matches/storylines I'd want to see, so here we go. Punk vs Seth at WrestleMania.
  21. Wednesday November 23 Green Bay at Detroit Washington at Dallas San Francisco at Seattle Friday November 24 Miami at NY Jets Sunday November 26 New Orleans at Atlanta Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Carolina at Tennessee Tampa Bay at Indianapolis New England at NY Giants Jacksonville at Houston Cleveland at Denver LA Rams at Arizona Kansas City at Las Vegas Buffalo at Philadelphia Baltimore at LA Chargers Monday November 27 Chicago at Minnesota
  22. I've been trying to remember, is it cuz of the Usos that Randy has been out?
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