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  1. Yeah, honestly, it'd be as bad, if not worse, than Vince buying WCW. It's not gonna happen though.
  2. yeah, it really does we got rid of SO MUCH SHIT, and somehow we still have SO MUCH SHIT
  3. I think it’s both. NO ONE wants Vince involved except Vince, and the two sycophants he installed on the board. I hope the lawsuit kicks his ass, because I swear to god if they sell to the Saudis…
  4. Stephanie resigned. Vince is chairman of the board. Nick Khan is sole CEO. Triple H is still chief of talent and creative. I swear to fucking god.
  5. Darth Krawlie

    NFL 2022

    Oh man I bet the Lions REALLY regret that Carolina loss now
  6. Yeah I don’t know. I feel like I had a reason for picking them but I can’t for the life of me remember why. You’re right though, looks like I should’ve stuck with it
  7. Pretty sure my pick of Washington over Dallas was a mistake. Glad I caught it!
  8. It’s a mess of their own making. I love how quickly people are turning to blame the democrats for it too. No matter what republicans do, it always ends up being the democrats fault one way or another
  9. Vince forced himself back into the board and while he claims it’s just to help with tv rights deals and/or a potential sale, there’s no trusting him. If he forces himself back as chairman and takes over talent and creative again, I’m done for good.
  10. Saturday January 7 Kansas City at Las Vegas Tennessee at Jacksonville Sunday January 8 Baltimore at Cincinnati Tampa Bay at Atlanta New England at Buffalo Minnesota at Chicago Houston at Indianapolis NY Jets at Miami Carolina at New Orleans Cleveland at Pittsburgh LA Chargers at Denver NY Giants at Philadelphia Arizona at San Francisco LA Rams at Seattle Dallas at Washington Detroit at Green Bay
  11. Couldn't happen to a bigger collection of shitbags. I hope it goes on for weeks on end.
  12. I mean those are certainly helpful too
  13. Yeah just remove the game completely unless they decide to restart or play it again, in which case we can all pick again. Frankly I think they should either call the game a tie or just cancel it altogether, leaving the two teams with only sixteen games instead of seventeen, playoff seeding be damned. I don’t even know how those two teams are even gonna be able to play next Sunday, let alone try to do this one again.
  14. No real resolutions, just the general try to be healthier thing, both physically and mentally. Need to eat better, exercise a bit more, maybe get on some brain pills, and figure out just what the hell I'm trying to do with my life a little better.
  15. do we even have admins anymore 123 not it
  16. GOOD. The internet needs less cynicism, negativity, and snark.
  17. Seriously what is with all the anachronistic music. Crimson and Clover worked last episode, but The Beach Boys? Wtf.
  18. Thursday December 29 Dallas at Tennessee Sunday January 1 Arizona at Atlanta Chicago at Detroit Denver at Kansas City Miami at New England Indianapolis at NY Giants New Orleans at Philadelphia Carolina at Tampa Bay Cleveland at Washington Jacksonville at Houston San Francisco at Las Vegas NY Jets at Seattle Minnesota at Green Bay LA Rams at LA Chargers Pittsburgh at Baltimore Monday January 2 Buffalo at Cincinnati
  19. Oh it's fantastic. Just imagine the contract he's gonna get somewhere else once his rookie deal is done. EDIT: well I guess I have to take that back. Didn't realize he'd already signed an extension.
  20. We have a few returns to make, less than in previous years, and it’s partially because certain family members (particularly my parents) finally actually bought things off the Amazon wishlist. They ask every Christmas and birthday what the kids want, and it’s a constant refrain of LOOK AT THEIR WISHLISTS and it’s a surprise every time. I’d blame my moms dementia but my dad should know better by now. I’m a big proponent of getting people things they want instead of things you think you should give them. Probably because since I became an adult, no one who buys gifts for me does this for me.
  21. He’s an incredible player but a big reason why he’s doing things like this is because he’s the only player on his team. It’s practically five on one every time the Mavs are playing. Not at all trying to take anything away from him, just criticizing team management.
  22. The bad screening thing was debunked by Mangold himself
  23. Goddamnit I changed my pick from Green Bay to Miami at the last goddamn second
  24. Neither, it's MyHeritage. Hopefully it's just as detailed as those two. also wait what did cousin roger do, is this like an arkansas kind of situation
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