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  1. I dunno guys. You've got some shit going on, for sure, and I don't mean to belittle that at all. But you can't even understand. A couple times a week, there's a 10 year old living in my house, who is FORCED AGAINST HER WILL to TAKE A SHOWER a few times a week. This level of hardship she has to suffer, I'm not sure anything your kids are going through comes anywhere close to comparing.
  2. insert ice cube “it was a good day” gif here my boss is leaving for another position in the company
  3. He’s still got a long way to go in the ring, but maybe
  4. About time Johnny Gargano came back, but they gotta fix his shitty ass theme and go back to the classic NXT one.
  5. I mean it’s cool, could be some fun matches, but it doesn’t do much for me. I watched most of WrestleDream and it was a good show, but couldn’t finish cuz it was going too long
  6. god I hope not when's that coming out anyway
  7. Absolutely. That's what made Discovery somewhat watchable. I'm totally fine with the Old/High Republic (what's the difference?) too, provided it has nothing to do with the Skywalkers/Kenobis/Palpatines/Fetts/Yoda.
  8. Honestly I think I do. I don't think he ever liked Trump, just used him as a useful idiot the same way McConnell and others who are too smart for his bullshit did.
  9. Thursday, September 28th Detroit at Green Bay Sunday, October 1st Atlanta at Jacksonville Miami at Buffalo Denver at Chicago Baltimore at Cleveland Cincinnati at Tennessee LA Rams at Indianapolis Tampa Bay at New Orleans Washington at Philadelphia Minnesota at Carolina Pittsburgh at Houston Las Vegas at LA Chargers New England at Dallas Arizona at San Francisco Kansas City at NY Jets Monday, October 2nd Seattle at NY Giants
  10. Matt Riddle’s gone! That’s the big one to me. A surprise that’s also not a surprise
  11. My guess is that’s the end of the main roster cuts for now, because the first NXT name has come out… Quincy Elliott Dana Brooke Mansoor Mace Brysoh Montana Dabba Kato Shanky Yulisa Leon Ikeman Jiro
  12. Shelton Benjamin Riddick Moss Rick Boogs Aliyah Elias Dolph Ziggler Top Dolla
  13. Thursday September 21st NY Giants at San Francisco Sunday, September 24th Tennessee at Cleveland Atlanta at Detroit New Orleans at Green Bay Denver at Miami LA Chargers at Minnesota New England at NY Jets Buffalo at Washington Houston at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Baltimore Carolina at Seattle Chicago at Kansas City Dallas at Arizona Pittsburgh at Las Vegas Monday, September 25th Philadelphia at Tampa Bay LA Rams at Cincinnati I'm unahppy with a lot of these picks
  14. Jesus Christ, last I looked the Cardinals were up 28-7. Probably their only decent shot at a win this year and they blew it.
  15. Reports have Jade Cargill leaving AEW and heading to WWE. Hell of a pick up. She may not be the best in the ring but she's got a hell of a presence and a shit ton of charisma. Just hope WWE can do a little better by the women than they have the last few weeks (which is still light years ahead of AEW). In addition to Nia Jax coming back, it seems likely in the next few weeks/month we should be getting Kairi Sane, AOP, and Carlito too.
  16. Thursday, September 14th Minnesota at Philadelphia Sunday, September 17th Green Bay at Atlanta Las Vegas at Buffalo Baltimore at Cincinnati Seattle at Detroit LA Chargers at Tennessee Chicago at Tampa Bay Kansas City at Jacksonville Indianapolis at Houston San Francisco at LA Rams NY Giants at Arizona NY Jets at Dallas Washington at Denver Miami at New England Monday, September 18th New Orleans at Carolina Cleveland at Pittsburgh
  17. Of course it should be, I wasn’t disagreeing or even trying to make a point on that
  18. Well no they don't HAVE to have to, but I think you know what I meant.
  19. The new republic being dumb is 100% the fault of JJ Abrams not having a single original idea and just wanting to do rebellion vs empire again. Now these in-between shows have to make it happen.
  20. I didn’t know IDW even had original books, but I’ve been out of the loop for a long time
  21. It’s hard to laugh when a guy gets injured. But this is fucking funny as hell.
  22. holy shit, is that the most new york jets shit or what??
  23. A crow shit on my arm today while on a walk
  24. Sounds like I’m making the right decision not watching it, then
  25. I love week 1. So fucking weird
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