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  1. I had more fun watching it than I thought I would. It definitely wasn't GOOD, but it was fun. Hawkman and Dr. Fate were pretty good. DC movies do a better job of super speed than Marvel films do. I didn't read any other posts in this thread so I'm not gonna go in detail, but it was a decent 2 hour already been drinking kind of movie to watch. Comic people: was it supposed to be Blaze and/or Satanus that resurrected the bad guy and I just missed some dialogue or something? Cuz it sure looked like it could/should have been them. Again I didn't read previous posts so my bad. Also it's pretty hilarious thinking about how Henry Cavil Superman was in the credits and now James Gunn is about to reboot the whole DC movie universe. Very DC move. Reboot reboot reboot.
  2. TAMI IS VERY GOOD AT WRAPPING. maybe rapping too, but we didn't do that this time. maybe next.
  3. Tami’s coming over today and is gonna wrap my presents for Katie for me. All I have to do is give her drinks. This is a good deal since I was gonna give her drinks anyway and I can’t wrap for shit
  4. Thursday December 15 San Francisco at Seattle Saturday December 17 Indianapolis at Minnesota Baltimore at Cleveland Miami at Buffalo Sunday December 18 Philadelphia at Chicago Atlanta at New Orleans Detroit at NY Jets Pittsburgh at Carolina Dallas at Jacksonville Kansas City at Houston Arizona at Denver New England at Las Vegas Tennessee at LA Chargers Cincinnati at Tampa Bay NY Giants at Washington Monday December 19 LA Rams at Green Bay
  5. At a work lunch/team building/holiday thing. I still don’t know 80% of the people here. They’re not covering alcohol but I’m indulging anyway. Maybe a few in I won’t be such a socially awkward dipshit lol of course I will
  6. Lol metallica Silas’ death was pretty sad, though it would’ve meant more had it been Megosh. Unfortunately that actor passed away years ago. Kit is a really fucking annoying character. I’m not sure if she’s supposed to be or not but I really dislike her. She’s the only one I don’t like. lol Ted lasso owner as the woodsman. Bummer she died too
  7. Let’s not forget that Mangold directed Logan, a movie centered in a well known and loved character getting one last adventure and a well deserved send off. If anyone can pull it off, he can. Abrams would get the feel right, definitely, but not much else.
  8. Thursday December 8 Las Vegas at LA Rams Sunday December 11 NY Jets at Buffalo Cleveland at Cincinnati Houston at Dallas Minnesota at Detroit Jacksonville at Tennessee Philadelphia at NY Giants Baltimore at Pittsburgh Kansas City at Denver Tampa Bay at San Francisco Carolina at Seattle Miami at LA Chargers Monday December 12 New England at Arizona
  9. I genuinely hate reading about your family. No offense.
  10. The internet thinks any same sex friendship with decent chemistry in a show or a movie automatically makes them gay
  11. The grass not being greener thing... yeah I think everyone can relate to it in one way or another. I certainly can. Any big life change, be it a job or a move or a relationship or whatever, comes with a really big risk of that. No one bats 1.000 unfortunately. It's just... figuring out what you want to do about it, and HOW you go about doing that.
  12. The dog has started snapping at the kids, trying to bite them a few times a day, and getting more aggressive with everyone else. Barks at everything that moves past the window, even us, even when she watches us walk out the door. We aren’t keeping her.
  13. Because he has an R after his name. That’s literally the only reason.
  14. GET FUCKING HYPE looks awesome I can’t wait
  15. Darth Krawlie

    NFL 2022

    How many concussions did he have in his career?
  16. hursday December 1 Buffalo at New England Sunday December 4 Pittsburgh at Atlanta Green Bay at Chicago Jacksonville at Detroit NY Jets at Minnesota Washington at NY Giants Tennessee at Philadelphia Denver at Baltimore Cleveland at Houston Seattle at LA Rams Miami at San Francisco Kansas City at Cincinnati LA Chargers at Las Vegas Indianapolis at Dallas Monday December 5 New Orleans at Tampa Bay
  17. Yeah I liked it too. It’s fun and isn’t taking itself too seriously.
  18. Superman is already boring enough and now you guys wanna take away weaknesses. Let magic be a weakness instead of just a vulnerability.
  19. Yeah they cancelled school this morning and I’m gonna work from home. It didn’t end up raining last night but it probably will at some point today—luckily tomorrow is my usual work from home day, so if it snows tomorrow too maybe I’ll get really lucky and get to stay home Friday too lol. It didn’t let up at all last night, it’s crazy
  20. We expected a light snow storm, with nothing sticking. It's been going nonstop for about 12 hours now with varying intensity, and enough accumulation for the kids to do a halfway decent snowman. Pretty cool way to have our first snow in Washington, way better than what was forecasted. Hell if it keeps up all night I might not feel comfortable driving to work tomorrow.
  21. I’ll probably hbo max it in a month or two, whenever it drops there
  22. Glad I didn't switch that last game to New England, cuz I was very not confident in picking the Vikings.
  23. Yes. They're called the Republican Party. They aren't even pretending anymore, they're saying the quiet part out loud, and it's fucking ridiculous that the media and the Democrats aren't calling it out. Fucking pus sies.
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