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  1. RAW moving to Netflix next year. I like it
  2. Haha. This almost makes me want to go to other Star Wars sites to see if they’re losing their minds over it. Almost.
  3. Makes Priest look like an idiot for not immediately cashing in on an injured Seth. I’m not sure what the plan is for him but they have what, six more months? I’d have Seth go over Punk at Mania with Priest winning the cash in after, but who knows
  4. I was thinking Kristi Noem or Elise Stefanik, but who knows.
  5. Nah, it’s not even her. She’s good for football, good for girls, good for the world. She’s an admirable human being and I know it. Blah blah blah. I’m tired of the fucking discourse everywhere I look, and the fact that you can’t have even the slightest opinion less than 100% sunshine and rainbows. It’s irritating as shit. It’s okay to be fucking bored of it all.
  6. A more loathsome pair I cannot imagine
  7. Nah, I don’t think he has a chance at that. I think Trump is determined to pick a woman this time
  8. I’m full on the Lions bandwagon, especially with the Bills out, but at this point I’m really just anything but the Chiefs. I rooted for them in their last few super bowls, but that’s just it—they’re turning into another New England and I don’t want that. Give me a handful years break first, then they can get another ring
  9. I swear to god if I have to sit through Taylor Swift for another fucking week
  10. Damn, I really thought the Packers were gonna pull it off there. I really don't want a Ravens/49ers Super Bowl.
  11. I love that bridge. Cabin's great too.
  12. But between him and Biden? Easy choice.
  13. Entirely possible he can just not wrestle for a bit and still be on TV, and won't have to give up the title. If it was ACL, it'd be over. He doesn't have a match at the Rumble, so if they really want Rollins/Punk at Mania, which they clearly do, it's still doable. Of course, if not, there's Priest at the briefcase.
  14. Saturday Houston at Baltimore Green Bay at San Francisco Sunday Tampa Bay at Detroit Kansas City at Buffalo
  15. I like flawed characters that know they’re flawed and even still cannot stop or change themselves. I don’t ADMIRE Rorschach, but I enjoy the character. “Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon.” Another example is Jesse Custer from the Preacher comic. Even when he knew Tulip didn’t need protecting he kept doing it, even knowing it might cause him to lose her, because that’s just who he was.
  16. Yeah. Haven’t really had too big an issue with it til this week but mostly I wanna know if waste management is ever gonna come pick up, they were supposed to yesterday and my recycle bin is over full
  17. 100%, Gen X is turning out to be just as insufferable (and more right wing) than the boomers are/were. I'm determined to not be like that.
  18. My phone kept telling me it was snowing. Heavy snow. While I was standing outside. Without even a raindrop falling.
  19. How dare you criticize Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!
  20. Yeah I wish they had cancelled school BEFORE I went to work
  21. January and August are shit tier months. There are five other months with 31 days and yet these two feel like a year on their own.
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