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  1. I didn’t notice him being off in any sort of way, but I could’ve missed it. He definitely had a lot of health issues that he might not be fully recovered from. I hear Rampage was stellar tonight, anyone watch?
  2. Well I won't say it was the best interview I've ever done, but I feel good about it. Minus the fact that it's 90 degrees and even with the overhead fan on I sweated through the whole thing, but fortunately that didn't show up on camera. I THINK.
  3. It's genuinely shocking how often this happens in foster families. Why agree to foster kids if you're such a piece of shit who obviously hates children?
  4. Same as you, vet, I'm going Rams. I wouldn't at all be upset if the Bengals win, though. I'm really hoping both they and Buffalo are able to get a title soon.
  5. My mom and grandma both have dementia. Fucking blows, man.
  6. Agreed on him not being on TV. That definitely helps. As for his interviews, I don't actually hear them because the last thing on earth I'd want to do is listen to a podcast, but I see them aggregated on every news site and twitter feed. I guess it's my own fault for looking at them.
  7. Bring it here, take it there. But I've definitely used them incorrectly. The one I have a hard time with is affect vs effect. I almost always end up changing it... then find out I was right the first time.
  8. I disliked Cad Bane being in this. He added literally nothing to the story. It was just FIloni trying to bring one of his cartoon toys to life, and I'm worried he's gonna keep doing it (as he already did with Ashoka, and who knows what else since I didn't watch and have no interest in any of the animated shows) in future Disney+ Star Wars seasons. Bad enough this show ended being more about Din and Grogu than Boba Fett. At least I can understand that, as they're the current Star Wars cash cows. But that has me worried too. Where else can they be shoehorned? Grogu was in the Jedi Temple during ROTS, and we don't know where he was between then and when Mando found him. Who's to say they won't find a way to squeeze him into the Obi-Wan show? Realistically I'm sure they won't, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he's in it. He's cute, he's fun, I get it, but I'm a little over it at this point. I really wanted to like this show. I DID like the parts of Boba with the Tuskens. Fridging them as a way to make Boba more mad at the Pykes was pointless, since he was already at war with them. Frankly, they should have been the ones to come in and help, not the Freetown people (though the Weequay was cool), especially with the fact that Vanth is still alive (another reason why Bane's appearance was pointless).
  9. I have fun when I watch AEW, but something keeps holding me back from liking it as much as I want to like it. Probably several somethings. Tony Khan himself is a big one, that's for sure. He spends too much time talking and works so hard to come across as the biggest face in pro wrestling. It's like every interview he does (which is several a week, it seems), all he's saying is "look at me, I'm the GOOD promoter, aren't I so awesome?" and it's kinda gross.
  10. The rancor was just about the only thing I liked. He was a good boy.
  11. I’m guessing. He’s NJPW contracted and has been appearing in Impact lately, so it would make sense.
  12. If not him Samoa Joe, but I'm sure it's Lee.
  13. Also, quick turnaround for me. Got an email from a recruiter to set up a phone interview on Friday. Just waiting to hear back time confirmation before I TEXT SOMEONE HERE WHO KNOWS ABOUT THIS COMPANY AND POSITION FOR ADVICE ON WHAT TO SAY/DO/NOT PANIC
  14. It's proof that rebranding can work, though. Everyone hated Clear Channel in the 2000s. They were constantly badmouthed. Then, they become I Heart Radio, have an app that came out early in the smartphone era, and you don't hear the shittalking they used to receive.
  15. so you're saying it IS because I'm unskilled and unqualified
  16. I hate this worker shortage shit. I've applied for dozens and dozens and dozens of jobs the last few months. Outside of outright rejections, I've only heard back from one, and that didn't last longer than 2 minute phone interview. Either I'm completely unskilled and unqualified for everything (not ruling out this possibility tbh) or companies are flat out lying about hos desperate they are for workers.
  17. Feels like that’s the way collecting goes. Soon as you get interested in a thing, the prices skyrocket.
  18. I like that they quickly ditched the Duke Hudson poker gimmick after how terribly it bombed, and repackaged him as more of a badass. 2.0 is definitely taking some chances, which is what developmental should be doing. Agreed that it's pretty hit and miss, but frankly, with main roster WWE completely unwatchable, at least they have something interesting going on in NXT.
  19. Yeah I goodreads. But I only read fantasy and science fiction
  20. Where’s Phil Hartman’s podcast
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