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  1. Meltzer, nowhere close to the most reliable news source out there, says it wasn't the allegations but the Hitler picture that did it. I'll wait for SRS to confirm, he's more trustworthy to me.
  2. Not sure what they do with the titles now but I hope this doesn’t screw Wes Lee over. EDIT: I’ve seen tweets from Lee’s wife casting doubt all over the accusations though. Who knows.
  3. I would absolutely wear a shirt of Snow Job's face with the text OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Nash Carter, who just regained the NXT Tag Team Titles, was released. Allegations of abuse, plus a photo of him as Hitler, surfaced over the weekend.
  5. I'd definitely prefer that to Body Massage, but I'll take it.
  6. Joe Gacy works for me because he pisses people off. His gimmick made the fucking cable news on its debut, and the man is committed to the gimmick. I don't know if it's the best use of Harland, who clearly isn't TV ready, but I'm on board with the modern day RTC.
  7. I’m pissed they’re hotshotting Bron vs WALTER on a week I’m not watching
  8. my bad I blame the stress of trying to donate half of my belongings to get ready for a move next month
  9. https://toy-wizards.com/2022/04/04/super7-g-i-joe-psa-collection/?fbclid=IwAR2RPhIjO1ZkU0MmlMVeFrSvx6-vUrj9EVlZNZ8OK1YGKI-CNmkbeqNDIEg These are legit, not an April Fool's joke. Pretty sure I need a Body Massage shirt.
  10. So which WM matches are actually worth looking up to watch? I hear Bianca/Becky, Sami/Knoxville, Cody/Seth, and the RAW Tag Titles matches were all really good. Oh and the KO/Austin segment. Anything else? I have less than zero interest in Brock/Roman.
  11. In the last few weeks, Ciampa has had several appearances on RAW, was in the Andre the Giant battle royal, dyed his beard, and got new theme music. None of those things would've happened if he was retiring. EDIT: just saw that you were a few weeks behind lol oops
  12. Watched a ton of wrestling this week and still not enough. My favorite matches of the weekend: Briscoes vs FTR (best match of the weekend) Biff Busick vs Jon Moxley X-Pac vs Joey Janela Josh Barnett vs Jonah Swerve Strickland vs Alex Zayne Jonathan Gresham vs Bandido Chris Sabin vs Jay White NXT North American Title ladder match Dolph Ziggler vs Bron Breakker
  13. GIgi and Jacey are nowhere near main roster ready anyway. Ciampa, Knight, and Bron all moving up I think.
  14. Both, likely. I think there's gonna be a ton of crossover. Especially since TK put most of the ROH belts on AEW guys last night.
  15. TONS of non-WWE shows this weekend! Planning on trying to catch any? Depending on streams I have several I'm gonna try to see at least a part of. Impact, Wrestlecon, GCW in particular.
  16. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=based
  17. The thing with Toni Storm is, she'll be flavor of the month, win a bunch of matches, then fade into the background and nearly forgotten, exactly as what happened with Ruby Soho. Granted I haven't watched much lately, but has Ruby even been on TV recently? Sure doesn't feel like it. The roster is too big and Tony Khan clearly likes playing with only his new toys for a little while before reverting back to his favorite ones.
  18. Do you ever watch anything besides WWE or AEW? I guess I'm mostly just talking to Met here, we're the only ones in this forum for the most part, but I'd love to hear from anyone else if they're around. I'm trying to branch out a lot more than I have been. My kids are a little less needy at this point so I have a bit more free time to watch things I want. On YouTube I watched MLW Battle Riot from July, and while at times goofy as shit and the tiny ring was annoying, I really enjoyed their version of the Royal Rumble. Someday Alexander Hammerstone is gonna jump to one of the bit promotions and can really be a big star. I haven't watched anything New Japan in a couple years, but I want to. I'm hoping to watch some of the G1 this year. I'm definitely interested. Their new IWGP World Championship has had some bad luck with injuries, but I like that they're putting it on talent that haven't been the top star before instead of defaulting back to the Okada/Tanahashi/Naito triumvirate. Haven't gotten back into Impact yet, but I'll get there. I'm a huge Jordynne Grace fan, and Christian being champ is exciting. I'll get there. ROH? I dunno. Following Grace has me interested in Jonathan Gresham (among others) but I just haven't turned on anything more than a few clips. So come on. Give me some wrestling goodness. Last week I was super down after all the NXT change news coming out, but I'm more optimistic now. I wanna see good shit and I'm super super SUPER not interested in tribalism or console wars over companies. I just wanna watch good wrestling. It's everywhere, in every company. Give me some.
  19. So if I do a search that has multiple pages of results, clicking to go to a different page gets me this I'm not trying to do a new search, I'm still on the same one. I shouldn't have to wait 20 seconds each time I wanna switch pages. FIX IT BRANDO.
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