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  1. Thursday, November 2nd Tennessee at Pittsburgh Sunday, November 5th Miami at Kansas City Minnesota at Atlanta Arizona at Cleveland LA Rams at Green Bay Washington at New England Chicago at New Orleans Seattle at Baltimore Tampa Bay at Houston Indianapolis at Carolina NY Giants at Las Vegas Dallas at Philadelphia Buffalo at Cincinnati Monday, November 6th LA Chargers at NY Jets
  2. Die Hard no wait that’s not one
  3. Yeah that was pretty intense. Overall my wife and I are having a hard time following this. Feels like none of it really makes sense. We’re along for the ride though!
  4. The Chiefs lost to the fucking BRONOS???
  5. Honestly, yeah, the movie is fine. My complaint is really with the people who make liking Halloween and fall their whole personality, and act as if they're super unique for it. Those people are almost always thoroughly boring.
  6. Apparently an ambulance was called for a cardiac arrest. Totally guessing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being a heart issue caused by past drug use, and the arrest happened while he was in the jacuzzi, which led to him drowning.
  7. it's as basic a "spooky" thing as exists, and seems to be most perpetuated by the weirdos (not the interesting kind of weirdos, either) that post about how excited they are for halloween in fucking june or even earlier. super hard pass from me
  8. Here's something bad. Nightmare Before Christmas. And everyone who loves it. I don't like any of you.
  9. I’m just trying to figure out how to apply to be an NFL scriptwriter. I’d be booking a Detroit Super Bowl win for sure
  10. You're missing two games: Cincinnati at San Francisco, and Chicago at the LA Chargers. Thursday, October 26th Buccaneers at Bills Sunday, October 29th Rams at Cowboys Vikings at Packers Falcons at Titans Saints at Colts Patriots at Dolphins NY Jets at NY Giants Jacksonville at Pittsburgh Philadelphia at Washington Houston at Carolina (See ya, Astros!) Cleveland at Seattle Kansas City at Denver Baltimore at Arizona Cincinnati at San Francisco Chicago at LA Chargers Monday, October 30th Las Vegas at Detroit
  11. Today I was reminded just how much the 405 can suck. The real 405 in LA, not the poser one in Seattle
  12. He’s 2, and no, no changes. We’re in a week long trip right now, so I’m crossing my fingers some solitude will chill him out a bit.
  13. I’m on vacation this week and next so sorry about the poor formatting Jacksonville Las Vegas Cleveland Buffalo Washington Atlanta Baltimore Rams Seattle Green Bay Kansas City Philadelphia San Francisco
  14. Spanos wanted to leave and gave the city the shittiest possible options to keep them; which was basically the taxpayers pay for the whole thing while he jacked up ticket prices. Fuck dean spanos.
  15. No one in LA wanted the Chargers, and all the San Diego fans were (are) pissed off at the Spanos’ for leaving. It’s gonna take a miracle, like a Super Bowl win, for the Chargers to get a real fan base again.
  16. He’s otherwise acting exactly the same as always, just… meaner. Then again Katie says he was all over the cable guy who was here the other day, rubbing all over him, so who knows
  17. I’ve seen Halloween! But only the first one. The idea of all these continuities blows my mind
  18. One of my cats, who used to be very nice and friendly to everyone, has turned into a fucking asshole the last few weeks. Biting and hissing and growling constantly. The only person he likes is Katie, and even that's only most of the time, not all the time. Fucker's bit me twice today unprovoked, not showing any signs of aggression or discomfort beforehand. I love cats and this sucks.
  19. Thursday, October 12th Denver at Kansas City Sunday, October 15th Baltimore at Tennessee Washington at Atlanta Minnesota at Chicago Seattle at Cincinnati San Francisco at Cleveland Carolina at Miami Indianapolis at Jacksonville New Orleans at Houston New England at Las Vegas Arizona at LA Rams Philadelphia at NY Jets Detroit at Tampa Bay NY Giants at Buffalo Monday, October 16th Dallas at LA Chargers
  20. Oh yeah you know it'll only be about 14 seconds before they're defending against Jimmy and Solo. I really hope they go with Cody/Roman again at WrestleMania and not the Rock. I'm thoroughly disinterested in Rock/Roman when the title is still in the picture. Not that I'm especially interested otherwise, but I'd much rather it be without the title.
  21. FYI theres a credit scene on the first episode
  22. So far this season, I haven't picked a loss for: Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Kansas City, and the LA Chargers. I haven't picked a win yet for: the New York Giants, Chicago, Carolina, New England, Tennessee, and Las Vegas. Sometimes these trends can get really weird. I definitely don't think the Saints and Chargers are good enough to be undefeated.
  23. Thursday, October 5th Chicago at Washington Sunday, October 8th Jacksonville at Buffalo Houston at Atlanta Carolina at Detroit Tennessee at Indianapolis NY Giants at Miami New Orleans at New England Baltimore at Pittsburgh Philadelphia at LA Rams Cincinnati at Arizona NY Jets at Denver Kansas City at Minnesota Dallas at San Francisco Monday, October 9th Green Bay at Las Vegas
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