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  1. I certainly hope so. Unifying the titles was stupid.
  2. Still haven’t turned on main roster WWE (beyond the Lashley/Ciampa match cuz I was hoping for Johnny) in years, but man, if it’s not Cody, the only person who should beat Roman is Sami Zayn.
  3. Apparently Netflix added an 11th episode today. We finished the 9th last night so that’s fun. I’m really enjoying it and actually find the slower pace refreshing.
  4. Genuine question here. Batfkeck machine guns down people and is a literal murderer. Bale Batman “won’t kill but doesn’t have to save” Ra’s Al Ghul. Both of these were fairly and correctly criticized. But Keaton Batman flat out tells Joker he’s going to kill him, and then ties a gargoyle to his leg, guaranteeing he’ll fall from the rope ladder to the helicopter he’s trying to escape on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any criticism about this, but how is it different? I will admit I might be remembering the details incorrectly, it’s probably been 20 years since I last watched it, but is it just nostalgia and the fact that it was the first non-campy Batman movie? Why does it get a pass?
  5. 100% yes. My mom has long convinced herself she can’t figure out any technology (aided by my dads insistence she can’t when his biggest reason is because he doesn’t want to pay for modern tech), and the dementia makes it work. My dad will call a place 700 times to ask the same questions—or if it’s shopping, call 700 places to get price quotes. He’s a little better than he used to be, he at least knows how to google now, but is still very stuck in the boomer mindset of decades ago while being convinced that having an off brand prepaid-minutes-only smart phone makes him current.
  6. Lol we got evacuated and no one knows if it’s real or a drill. Even one of the evac coordinators or whatever they’re called has no idea
  7. It was a pretty good NXT tonight. I haven't started watching RAW again yet, but happy to hear it's been really well received.
  8. I just wanna ride my motorcy
  9. lol was just coming to say that. what a weird way to do it
  10. I think they’re gonna split the titles back. Like maybe a triple threat, so Roman still doesn’t get beat for one of them. The best choice to finally dethrone Roman is Cody.
  11. I’m not EXPECTING Johnny to show up, but man I hope so A difference with Hunter’s surprise appearances is it’s all people who have been with the company within the last year or two. Tony’s bringing out indie and Japanese dudes you have to be hardcore locked in to know. I’ve watched only a little MLW but I don’t know who Mance Warner is, and he gets a world title match out of nowhere? Miro called this out on Twitter and liked a response that said he was treated better in WWE after all
  12. Jesus Luke and Eli really are the same goddamn kid
  13. We’re two in and I’m digging it
  14. I walked across a river. It was very nice.
  15. WHO THE FUCK WAS JOHN I'm not kidding. who the fuck was john zasldkje who joined and lurked and vanished
  16. Man Fightful Select put out an article how Hunter was looking to bring him back like two hours before the show, and suddenly motherfucker is there. What the hell. Wrestling is so fucking cool sometimes.
  17. it's pretty exciting you guys. by exciting I mean I'm sporting a totally awesome boner under my desk right now.
  18. My interests have moved on. I just don’t care much about this world anymore. It’s not just the end of GOT, it’s Martin’s disinterest/disdain/inability to produce, or whatever you want to call it, as well. Hope it’s a great show and people who DO still care enjoy it, though.
  19. nice subtle correction of PDT from PST figures you’d be thinking about the D though
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